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Movie in Progress!

Posted by Dragonman  Icon, 05 October 2011 - 03:19 PM

My summer ended up being rather uneventful as far as "opportunities" and "work" goes. IMAX was too late-notice and expensive of a venture for me to take on. Maybe next summer. I'll think of last summer as my final grasp of childhood and home, since it is likely I will be working in New York or CA for next summer, and after I graduate.

Now for something exciting! I am wrapped with principle photography for my short film, "SNEAKS". Quick synopsis: A teenage boy begins encountering a strange light traveling through his neighborhood at night. As he feels the distance grow in his friendship due to the trends of growing up, he attempts to chase after the unknown in the night.

The film will be no longer than 15-minutes, and I am currently editing a "rough cut" of the film. After I get feedback, do some "pickup shoots", and do some fancier editing, then I will have a "fine cut" or "picture lock." This means I can get into mixing the sound for the projects (the sound effects and the music), and do color grading, which is my specialty.

I will make another blog entry when I have the poster made. ;)

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