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Posted by Goto  Icon, 10 December 2007 - 03:30 PM

Sleeeepy, I should start going to bed earlier. bluetongue.gif

It's been a fairly uneventful week, enjoying not having to do too much. Getting pretty close to Christmas I guess, got no clue about what I want though. Well I guess I should probably pick up one of those charging stands for wiimotes, that'd be pretty handy. Trying to convince myself not to join the trend and buy a sword, it's not like I'd do anything with it anyway. I'm only tempted because of some of the geeky ones available. Stuff like Kadaj's Souba, Cloud's (mislabelled) First Tsurugi, or of course Zangetsu and Tensa Zangetsu. That's the site that Darkie got her viking sword from, by the way. The weird thing is that amongst all those swords and stuff they've got a BFG. eek7.gif

Catching up with a few friends on Wednesday, I'll have to try to swipe the rest of Gurren Lagann. I really want to see more of that. bluetongue.gif
Been having a lot of fun playing Mario Galaxy, truly a great game. I think I'm at 57 stars out of 120, only three short from the final boss. Still haven't tried about 20% of the levels though, and I suspect I'll be motivated to pick up all the stars, so it should keep me occupied for at least a while longer. If I had a complaint, it'd be how segmented the game feels. You're always following a very linear path to any particular star, and the game lets you know fairly well which way to go. I know it was a little like this in earlier games like Super Mario 64, but it's much more the case now. And although there's quite a few different powerups, they suffer from this even worse. You'll use the Bee suit a couple of times in the bee-themed galaxy, then almost never see it again. I think I used Boo Mario a total of once, which was in the Haunted Mansion-themed galaxy. It seems like they're introducing gameplay elements one at a time, but not really taking them further.
The gravity mechanics are innovative enough to pretty much sell the game right there, but it's a pity they didn't try to mix things up a bit more. Maybe they will in some of the later content I haven't seen yet, I really hope so.

In other news, I decided I'd try to learn Python, the programming language. Then again I said that more than half a week ago, downloaded everything I needed, spent an hour or two reading some lessons then haven't gone back to it since. I'm so unmotivated to follow through with anything. bluetongue.gif
It seems like quite a cool language, so I really should force myself to spend some more time with it. Like many other things, this decision was influenced by xkcd. bluetongue.gif

Night all.

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