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Notes from the Past

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 01 September 2010 - 11:01 AM

It's been a while.

So... hello. I guess it's going to be hard to sum up over half a year's worth of blogging into just this one little post. I mean, I know I was awful at blogging in a continuous flow last year but I know I'll be better once I complete this entry. Once this is over and done with, it'll be smooth sailing from now onwards. Now, where do I begin...

New Year's started off with pure awesomeness. Hanging out with friends I hadn't seen in a year (well... a lot of them we'd hung out the month before due to holidays co-inciding... duh!) and just hanging fun like we used to. I definitely missed that. A summer where we could all relax, hang out, and enjoy life like it was a year ago before we all decided to part ways.

So, the first term in a nutshell.

Basically, at first I was worried about the papers I was taking. I decided to change my course of study to a Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Arts with majors in Musicology, Political Science, and History. I was taking a paper in Baroque Music where I knew nothing about that era in history, and I was taking Intro to NZ Govt. and Politics where I knew nothing about politics and current events, as well as NZ history which I'd taken two years ago and barely remembered anything at all. I was living in a flat far away from town, away from a lot of friends (but within a decent walking distance to others) and I had no job due to my application for transfer being denied from my manager for "taking too many days off" when she knew that I was a uni student living away from home, which she said she would accommidate for.

So basically, it was stress haven for a few weeks.

Luckily, life started to pick up. I began to realize I might actually have a change to pass uni, I scored a job at Bunnings (despite some intense interviews and worry with late calls... trust Nick!), and life started to get pretty awesome to be honest.

Oh, but I managed to "fracture" the thumb and middle finger on my right hand, which was essentially breaking the bones at the tips of the digits (and ruining my fingernails), due to a hockey accident in my very first match of the season. Spoilers abound, I haven't played a game of hockey since, despite having recovered months ago.

So I'm studying towards a music degree with a core practical paper in keyboard, and working at a hardware store with an essentially useless right hand due to being right-handed. Awesome. You won't believe how great I felt...

And then something wonderful happened at work, mid to late April.

I was working one Friday afternoon, and I was about to go on my break, when a young man seemed lost as to where to go, so I asked him if he needed any help. He replied saying he did, and my workmate Hayley said she would help, but I insisted on giving him a hand. So amongst the helpful hints on plaiting rope into a whip (for a costume party), there was a wee bit of flirting. As my workmate Dan noted, "Bro, you were flirting hard out. Did you get his number?" to which I can gladly say that I did.

How? Well, when I took him back to the registers and served him, along with his eftpos card he slipped me his own work card underneath. At first I was like "oh haha I think this is yours" to which he replied "no, it isn't" and it took me a moment before I clicked, and promptly went bright red in the face and got all embarrassed.

Since then, it's been an amazing four months with him. I honestly love him, and it maybe a scary feeling, but it's tremendously wonderful.

So, about my first term? Well, here's how my grades went!

MUSC235 Baroque Music - B+
MUSC254 Cross-Cultural Music - A-
MUSC266 Classical Theory 3 - B-
POLS111 Intro to Govt. & Pols - B

Okay, so I was super proud of all my marks (holy {expletive hax0rd by Cspace} I passed Politics and Baroque Music??) apart from Classical Theory. Basically, I had to learn my pieces and all my technical work within a week and a half before the exam. Yeah, totally not cool after recovering from broken fingers. Luckily I passed the practical assessment with a D (despite being a fail grade, so long as you attain 40% in practical, you'll pass the course but fail the module) as well as the aural test with a D (again, same criteria applies). Thankfully, due to awesome harmony grades throughout the term, it averaged to a B- (okay... so I bummed out on the tests with like A- and B+, but I was like super awesome in the assignments).

This term, my current standing grades for my courses are as follows:

CLAS105 Roman History - ??
HIST120 Global History - A
INTP113 Intro to International Relations - ??
MUSC130 Hildegard to Avant Garde - B+

To be honest, I'm actually doing pretty decently. I mean, I have to wait for the results for my Classics assignment, and I have yet to hand in my IR essay due in next week, but it's pretty freaking awesome. So uni life... is pretty great.

In terms of my job, I could never have asked for a better job. I'm actually not kidding. Working for Bunnings is probably one of the best things I could have done in my life to date, and probably my future for a long time. I only applied for the job because I was unemployed (and it was strange having no job after working for like well over three years) and my friend Becca told me I should apply, as my mate Braydon had as well, yet, it was probably one of the best moves ever. Not only is it fantastic life experience, but the people I work with have hearts of gold, and are some of the most fantastic people I have met in my life to date. No jokes, I'm dead serious.

One amazing thing though... despite having a ridiculously crap night (apart from the food) due to having to hang with Jem's ex - okay, I thought it'd be all good but he's a ridiculous "queen" and as many might note I'm not exactly a, comfortable with that in concentrated doses, and b, am used to {expletive Chuck Norris'd by Cspace}iness and horrible mean attitudes. Yeah. Anyway, the point of the story is...

Jem asked me to move in with him when my current lease expires!

So like, I've basically been living at his house for the past month in a row, and more before then intermittently. And by that, I mean at my house once or twice a week or less. Honestly, words cannot describe how excited and happy I am at the mo. I was glowing with joy today at work because we discussed moving in together last night and I couldn't stop thinking about it, but the fact he asked me today was just amazing. We're going to have a trial period of two months where I have to stay with him every night (like that's going to be hard!) until it ends, and after that we'll see how we feel, but to be honest I know that everything will be perfect. Well, not perfect maybe, but as close to heaven as one could imagine. I honestly can't be happier.

One thing though, is that I have to break the news to my flatties... it's going to be hard. I mean, I don't see that them often anymore. Eugh, that's fully another entry about me and my awful communication skills and maintenance of relationships with my friends... maybe... probably not. But I'm going to start up blogging again now that I've received motivation to d

~ Jonny

Jonathan (Baroque lecturer): -in the course of one lecture- "I wonder, if you could ah, bring out your banana first..." "...and that's what turns me on" "there he became a professional organ blower"

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