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We Will Fall Together

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 06 July 2012 - 01:45 PM

Inconsistently, I resort to blogging. My life is too ridiculous to be able to recount the past few months in just one entry. Honestly, I need to keep up this blogging in order to remind myself of all the insanity in which my life is filled with.

So the person from the last entry was a flop, and not in a pleasant way. Yeah, yet another point for my terrible track record of attempted-boyfriends in the past forever haha. Ain't nothing bad with it, but it's just quite amusing to see how much of a slut I can be. But luckily someone else has currently taken over the title for me! And so yet again, another blog entry of mine will be about a boy, only this time it won't involve (too much) feelings of attraction.

About... hmm... two months ago? Maybe it was two months ago, but I was casually out at bingo as per usual on a Wednesday night, when I met a guy at the bar. Now, what had happened was that he was coming to meet some of his mates whom were coming to play bingo, and they'd sat down and joined me and Tania because there were seats free opposite us (Courtney and stuff had left a bit earlier). So these girls were together, and Joe (for that is his name) was a little uneasy because he'd had to traverse through the upstairs beforehand and was worried because he'd never been in a gay bar before. We were all like oh you'll be fine don't worry just avoid being too awkward and just chill and it was all good.

So once bingo finishes, we head upstairs so I can finish my drink, but Tania had to go (as she does, since she's sane enough to not stay out all night as I tend to do every Wednesday). One of the girls ends up shouting me a drink, since her partner had won the last round of bingo and so we were all hanging out, chatting, and getting to know each other. So me and Joe end up just sitting at the bar and getting to know each other, and he found it nice that he could just chat with me like anything else and not be awkward (no homo, like, just not be a socially awkward person as quite a few poeple can be). So we talked about a whole heap of things, like about the bar itself (since I know the owners quite well), my life and interests (work, uni, teaching, and partying), his life (work, study, humanitarian aid, church, and partying), and just everything in general.

He goes out for a quick smoko break, I just chill at the bar and chat with people, and then he gets back and apologizes and said he was just talking with someone who came up to him out of nowhere. I then spot said guy, and note he was staring at Joe in the whole I-like-how-you-look kinda way, and I jest to him that the guy is interested in him. He's taken aback, and his friends crack up, and he's like "oh god really?", but then when his friends ain't paying attention he goes "no seriously, really?" and I swear it always happens, but next thing you know he's confessing his bisexuality and how I can't tell anyone (which I didn't of course). I mean, I really don't mind hearing this stuff at all since it needs to be said and someone needs to listen, but I just crack up because I swear it always happens to me.

Anyway, it ends up being that Joe goes off home with this guy at the end of the night, and before he goes he gets my number because he thought I was a cool dude and different from the rest of the people he's met, so that was a nice compliment. I text him the next day out of courtesy to say it was nice to meet him, and to hope that he had a good night (in a joking kinda way), but I got no reply.

The following week at bingo, Joe is there at the bar upon our arrival and there he shouts my name out and we do the whole man hug thing and have a quick chat. It was crack up because he was like "oh my god I was so drunk last week I am so sorry... also, I can't believe I remember you because I was so drunk!" and I was like "neither can I!" so we had a good laugh. I then forced him to come down to play bingo so we could catch up...

Turns out he didn't reply because he'd lost his phone the week before. In fact, he'd woken up the next day with no recollection of where he was, and woke up in only his jeans. Jeans. Like, not even any underwear. He then proceeded to ask me who the second person was that everyone said he'd been with. What? I was so confused. And then he told me how his friends had found out, because it turns out his smoko breaks after he'd had his conversation with me involved making out with the guy who was flirting with him... in front of his friends.

But y'know what took the cake?

"Oh so how was your week apart from that?" "Oh it wasn't too bad... I left my church." WHAT? So it turns out that after last week's events (which he'd never experienced before), he had the whole inner turmoil between his bisexuality and religious beliefs (not to mention the fact he was a youth leader and had an office in the church to do administrative things). And every week they have confession, and as a youth leader he is one of the first to speak. Oh dear. So he got up in church and said that he'd had sex with a man and liked it, then said he was bisexual, and just walked out the door. To cut a long story short, he ended up yelling down the phone at his church pastor when he called a few hours later to "help him through this problematic phase" and was subsequently kicked out of his church. What ensued after that was a week of drinking and going out with mates at the events which had just happened.

So of course, to keep him company with what he was going through (as it was all so sudden), I ended up staying out all night with him drinking and hanging out and just chatting and stuff. But yeah... he's a very special boy, that one, as I keep telling him. His life ends up just as eventful as mine. We became pretty good mates after all that, despite only having just met each other, but I think it's because of our similar personalities and because he reminds me of him a few years back in some regards.

Anyways, so up until this week, we hadn't seen each other for a few weeks because of everything happening around us and in our lives and whatnot. So on the Monday night (when I was really drunk after having had leaving drinks for Courtney before her little holiday), I Facebooked Joe because he hadn't been replying to my texts and I just assumed it was because he'd lost his phone again (the 3rd week we went out, he ended up losing his wallet and hoodie... he loses everything, that boy). The next day I got a message telling me that he'd run out of credit on his phone, and was using his mate's phone to text and told me we should catch up and that I should call him. So we talked for ages because we hadn't caught up in a while, and then I went out for Tania's birthday dinner and drinks.

When I got home, I resumed my calls with Joe and by this time, he was all alone because his friends had passed out (they'd been drinking for a while) and he was the only one awake, so I told him to haul his {expletive antidisestablishmentarianized by Cspace} over to mine so we could drink together, since I needed a drinking buddy and we hadn't properly seen each other in so long. Late at night, he ends up stumbling around to mine and we proceed to polish off nearly 3/4 of a bottle of vodka between us, on top of all the alcohol we'd consumed prior to this. It was fantastic because we got to catch up on everything which had happened in our lives, and I found out that he'd be moving to Australia next month (that {expletive run over by Cspace}) because he got a manager's job over in Melbourne. He wanted me to go with him, and I'd do it if I weren't studying and still had things to do in New Zealand, but I'll definitely go there after university (although he said he's only planning on being there for 2-3 years, but even then I've always wanted to move to Melbourne/Australia in the future).

Anyway, I end up waking up to Tania prodding me telling me that we've got work in half an hour, and I'm like where the hell am I? A quick look around takes me a while to register that I was on the couch... and then the vivid memories of the night before slowly make their way back into my head.

So we were just hanging out and drinking lots, and then all of a sudden we're just talking and then Joe slowly inches his head forward and kisses me. We ended up making out for a while after that, and then he wanted more... and then I suddenly had the urge to vomit. So I run out and end up being sick for quite a while (I don't know how long I was gone) but by the time I got back, he'd passed out on my bed. That was the last thing I remember, before waking up on the couch, and I really don't remember passing out on the couch at all. So I prod Joe awake, tell him I've got work and that there's a towel behind my door if he wants to shower, and for him to lock up when he leaves for work himself.

All through work I'm absolutely hungover and destroyed as anything, and when I finish I go home and have a shower... and then suddenly wonder why my forearm is stinging so much, and look down at it... turns out that Joe had decided to latch onto my arm for no reason with his teeth and left a decent enough mark. Wow. I didn't remember that at all. So when he gets back from his work, we're just hanging out (I'm panicking thinking everything'd be awkward between us, since I'd never thought about him in those kinda ways before and didn't know what to say), but nothing ends up getting mentioned. When we're outside on the balcony and I'm keeping him company while he has a smoke, I then remember about it and confront him about the mark and go "oh my god look what you did to me!", he then rounds on me and goes "bro, what did you do to me??" and tilts his head back so I can see his neck, which I hadn't noticed before... really deep bite marks. Neither of us remember anything, but we did remember earlier on that he found out that I liked to bite, and so we surmised that we must have bitten each other out of jest. Like, they weren't "dirty" bites, they were like normal I'm-actually-going-to-eat-you bites which you'd get from play-biting-without-the-sexual-connotations.

So we're tired as anything, and just hanging out for ages, and then he said that he had to go meet a friend later on way out in the suburbs. He then suggested that I join him for just one beer and a game of pool at the bar before he heads off, and I agreed since I'm always up to that kinda stuff.

The rest of the night later...

Jesus. I swear, I can't not go out without having to drink a lot or just party. So of course I get the whole "are you sleeping with Joe now?" question from the bar owners and bartenders, as they all gave us "the look" when we walked in, and I was like omg no and had to explain everything, since Matty the bartender knew that he'd crashed the night at mine, since he stayed at mine the night before because otherwise he'd have had to travel far to get home. It ends up that we stayed out for ages, and got pretty ridiculously drunk, and then I went home and said goodnight to everyone, and told Joe that I was off (since he'd found himself yet another target which I found amusing, since he ends up going home with someone every single time he goes to the bar) and he was surprised to hear I was leaving (we'd been joking about how I always say I'll look after him, and he ends up waking up with regrets and annoyance that I don't look out for him). I get home, cook some dinner drunk (kids, don't do this at home), sit down to eat...

And then there's a ring at the door. Joe ended up coming home and so I scooped him a bowl of pasta and we ate and just chilled out for ages and then went to sleep. He was so shocked because he had the opportunity to get with a guy, but turned him down and decided to return home to me instead. So of course he was wallowing in self-pity and made it his goal to make up for next week (which I cracked up at). Anyways, it was a good idea, because luckily we didn't wake up as sick as we did the night before, but both regretted it and blamed each other because we weren't meant to have such a hard night out. It was pretty fun though. The (not-so) crack up evidence of the previous night was the fact that Joe lifts up a jacket and goes to me "is this yours?" to which I reply "no..." and we discover that Joe had mistakenly taken someone else's jacket home ON TOP OF his own one. So we end up panicking and laughing out of panic, and then we go to work...

But it hurt to put my apron on. So I go to one of the girls at work, "hey, can you see if there's anything wrong with my shoulder", to which she inspects it when I open up my shirt and she screams out "OH MY GOD" and makes me panic, so she takes a photo... yet another set of bite marks, only this time it pretty much bruised so hard that it appeared I had been bleeding as a result of the wounds (for that is what I shall call them). Again, no recollection of what had happened, but it seems that Joe had decided to bite me even harder this time. So again, once work finished for the both of us and he came home, we both had no clue, and this time it was only me with the marks.

Actually, it was crack up. I had just gotten out of the shower when he rang on the door, so he comes in while I'm in the process of trying to locate a shirt, and he's like "Hey Jonny ho-- what the hell is that??" and I was like "YOU IS WHAT IT IS" and he was like "oh... *awkward laugh*"

So we ended up NOT going out last night thank god, but I had a birthday dinner to attend so I ended up going out while he got to enjoy going home and resting and not actually go out at all. {expletive run over by Cspace}. Although it was actually nice to catch up with him, and it was really nice to have a friend who would just go out on a whim with you and just drink as much as you would and enjoy the night...

The thing is, we're quite similar in a lot of senses. I dunno, it just seems like it. And its crack up, because his whole attitude reminds me of like my good as mate Nick, as in his non-chalant attitude towards everything in general, and how he can be a complete {expletive antidisestablishmentarianized by Cspace} sometimes (in the nicest respects, of course) but get away with it because of his charisma. Of course, we weren't able to avoid all the comments by everyone thinking that we were together, which had to vehemently deny constantly. I mean, if he weren't leaving to Australia and we both liked/expressed feelings for each other then I'd totally try and date him, but even then I don't think we'd be a good match. We do enjoy each other's company quite a bit though, which is rare in a lot of senses.

Omg. It was so bad as well. So on Thursday when I'm at work, I pop into the offices to quickly see Tania before I start work, and I mention Joe in passing (because I'd forgotten about the fact I'd cooked food the night before, I discovered leftovers in the morning which became lunch)... her immediate reaction to that was a sly smile, and she then asked "are you two dating now?" in a cutesy sorta way. I immediately said "no, we're friends, what makes you think that?" and she replies with "oh, well I've never seen you with the same person two nights in a row" and I was like "oh my god I'm not a slut!" but she honestly didn't mean it in that way (since I don't usually spend two nights or more in a row hanging out with the same people, let alone have someone stay over two nights in a row). The crack up thing was that if I didn't have the dinner, we'd have probably hung out last night as well... well, we did when he came to pick up his stuff, but I mean like going out/staying in and staying the night.

It kinda actually sucked last night. I really did miss his company which was quite strange. It was weird not having to share my bed and bedroom with someone else, but then again now I can attempt to clean my room from the remnants of our week together, which turned my room into even more of a bomb site. I ended up just drinking a bottle of wine by myself after going out for dinner/drinks and chatted with some of my online mates while I looked back over the past two nights. Pretty much wallowing in a Joe-shaped void of emptiness. But it's okay, he's going to be at S&M's (the bar we frequent and where I play bingo) next Wednesday, so if I don't see him before then (which is kinda strange, because I really do want to hang out with him before then in a non-sexual way) at least we'll see each other soon.

And that was my week with one of the craziest friends I'll ever have. I haven't felt like this since my first year of university.

~ Jonny

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