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Last Trip (In Flight)

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 10 June 2008 - 11:54 AM

Holy crap... so I'm like ACTUALLY going to Samoa in pretty much 3 weeks! Well, July 2nd to be precise which'd be like 3 weeks and... probably half a day. Close enough. bluetongue.gif

But I'm fully excited for it!! Apparently we're going for like 13 or 12 or something days and I thought it was only gonna be a week. Oh dear god, I'm going to have to apply for more leave and I don't think Rebecca (checkout manager) is going to be too happy. It'll be so freaking sweet though, since I plan on taking a heap of photos and then just chilling with everyone... and the gigs are going to be AMAZING. For those who don't know already, I'm going on a music tour as a part of my school jazz band and we're touring Samoa this year along with the guitar group at our school. It's gonna be even more awesome than Vanuatu!! biglaugh.gif

I still gotta pay the last $400 though. Thankfully, I've persuaded mum to pay the last deposit since I don't have enough money and it's pretty much due in now. Well, if I'd have stuck to my money-saving schedule I'd've (teehee 3 in one!) paid the whole thing AGES ago. But nooo I have to be a big consumer and spend lots of money... yeah... *cough* so like I have $40 in the bank. But it's pay day tonight so I'll be up like another $120 or so... lamecore! Well actually, maybe an extra $50 because they keep screwing up my holiday pay and I'm pretty sure I deserve some more of that. bluetongue.gif

But seriously, all these overseas trips are pretty much putting a huge dent in my wallet. Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong in 2005, Vanuatu 2006, Argentina 2007, Samoa 2008... and I'm pretty sure I went somewhere in 2003 and 2002... '02 might have been another Asia trip and I'm pretty sure 2003 was to Australia... holy crap, I think I'm just gonna stay away from them for a while. I kinda need to save some money for uni and not get caught up travelling for a while. eek7.gif

I'm really excited!! Me, Callum and Carl were discussing halls of residence during English on Monday and it was fully intense. We were like picking out which halls to go to and which would be best for our needs... pretty much it boiled down to us all complaining about communal bathrooms/showers and wanting private ones, and me complaining about electricity, private bathrooms and long showers. Oh, and we all rejoiced at the ones with internet access of course... so in order of what houses we want:

1) Cumberland House (for all you immature people giggling at the name, it's actually freaking sweet)
2) Te Puni Village
3) Victoria House

They're all around the $250/w range for self-catered single rooms so it's pretty much all good. They even have music practice rooms!! And the bedrooms in Cumberland have internet access!! You gotta pay for it yourself though, dang. Oh well, I can live with that!! biglaugh.gif

Oh, I'm also feeling extremely proud right now. I received this certificate from Diane which was to acknowledge my participation at the Young Leaders Conference held in Auckland a while back... what's even better is, I didn't even attend the event and I didn't even sign myself up for it. How cool is that?? Free certificate!! What's even better is, the people who went were Souvik, Wesley, Mitch and Anaru... and the people who got the certificates were me, Souvik, Wesley and Mitch. Heck yeah for replacing Anaru!! bluetongue.gif

I got training tomorrow at work for the new systems as a supervisor, it's gonna be intense as! Like, I had training as a normal operator on Saturday and even then it was pretty hard out. They don't have plu numbers anymore!! GAH. I'm so freaking screwed. My scan rate is gonna go down SO bad, since the touch screens are gonna be relatively slower to begin with, and most likely slower for a very long time... I mean, I just zoom with the buttons and now touch screens are just gonna take forever... AND OMG PLU NUMBERS. I pretty much know most of the plu numbers for the produce and other random things... how depressing is that?! All that effort gone to waste. sad.gif

On the bright side of it though, I'll be training with Rebecca (duty manager) and hopefully Michelle. And maybe even Callum so that'll be awesome fun, since our trainer should be Jess!! Yay!! biglaugh.gif

And just to remind me and never forget the moment forever, I had an awesome dream last night. It was pretty much the best and nicest and awesomest dream I've ever had in AGES, possibly years. I'm not telling anyone what it is though, it's super special. What I can say it did involve though was jumping, a several-storey building filled with gas, and self-sacrifice. Not necessarily involving all three at once of course. All the rest is a secret though. bluetongue.gif

And I miss you, Ariana. COME BACK. Well, actually it's more like I should, but still. I miss you heaps. cry.gif

~ Jonny

*listening to my iPod during Spanish (Botting's looking after us)*
Matt N: Jeez Jonny, what a rebel.
Me: Well it's not like Botting cares. I'm actually working and it blocks out how boring this essay is.
*I take out the earphones and put 'em on my lap*
Matt N: Knowing your luck, Robinson'll come in right now.
*Robinson ACTUALLY knocks on the door and comes in straight away*
*me and Norton just stare at each other in shock-horror*

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I Have Friends In Holy Spaces

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 05 June 2008 - 11:30 AM

So pretty much Captain of the Arts is like the best job ever. Well, even if I wasn't it I'd most likely be doing all the stuff I currently am doing anyway, I wouldn't be surprised. bluetongue.gif

It was HILARIOUS during Spanish today. Well actually, I'll start with the most amazing thing first. So I got to class first and came in and greeted Mr. Matthews in Spanish and one guy in his tutor group was just hanging back for a bit still talking to him. Turns out that's the guy who's from like uhh... well, somewhere in South America. Anyway, so Mr. Matthews suddenly talks in Spanish, queue Callum to enter. Then I reply in English and he talks back in Spanish (making fun of me of course - the Spanish guy laughs in amazement at how he calls me "Chino"), then I reply again in English. Then all of a sudden the Spanish guy like suddenly asks why I don't reply in Spanish (also at Mr. Matthews) so then I say "it's too much effort and it'd take forever" and like he just nods and Mr. Matthews goes onto explain it all.

So then Mr. Matthews tells us that he's sick and that today we'll have a reliever since he'll be going home and we just gotta do the work... all the while in Spanish. Then when he walks out for a bit and the Spanish guy leaves... it just hits me and Callum.

Holy crap, we could understand everything Mr. Matthews said. That just freaked us out to the max. Seriously. All we gotta work on is replying back in Spanish. eek7.gif

Anyway, my job as the Arts Prefect! So Mr. Botting ended up being our reliever and he has no clue about Spanish and he just tells us we've got work set and gets cracking on his Music marking. So I'm just listening to my iPod and making an attempt at the work... then all of a sudden out of nowhere...

"Tan! Are you doing any work?" "No." "Have you got your car out here by C block?" "It's out by Argyle... why?" "I need you to run a very important job for the Music department." "What's that?"

... "we've run out of coffee!"

So I got to skip out on Spanish and the start of English to go buy coffee and fill up on petrol. It's so hilarious, the note reads as follows: "Jonathan is running a very important errand for the Music/Arts Dept. - Thanks, A Botting - Newspaper for Arts Page" and down the bottom it's got "start me up" written on it, so I'd remember what type of coffee to buy. biglaugh.gif

Oh, and after texting Wesley (it's so hard to read his text messages!) and forgetting to reply until ages later, I might be able to get out of class to go to Girls' High and arrange whatever he has in mind, since he knows I've got connections there. bluetongue.gif

OMG. I think Ms. Wynne-Jones had her super psych today. She was going nuts at us because we kept on talking and in the end told us off and said that we were here to put on a show, not to socialize and kept getting all angus. It didn't help when people kept on acting silly... me being one of them. There's this one bit where Claudius yells in shock and tells everyone to bugger off and we're meant to bugger off and just either file out or go off-stage. So I like screamed high-pitched (quietly of course), flung my arms about and just ran off... she went ape and told us off for it. I don't think she saw me but she told us off for being silly and doing what I did... so someone else in her line of vision must have done it as well. But I'm fully going to do it on the last night of production. biglaugh.gif

Oh yeah... so I haven't told my mum about the bunny still. And she's been telling me to return it and I was meant to "return it" tonight but I freaked out since I was trying to figure out what to tell her... in the end once I got back from rehersals, I was like "uhh... Erin wasn't there... she uhh had dance..." and she just pouted and started making those "aww you're so cute" sounds to it like you'd do to a baby, only replace the word "cute" with "hate" and replace the cute hand gestures with a threatening/kerb stomping motion.

GAH. I've been sitting here for like 15mins now trying to remember this really awesome quote I was going to use in today's entry but I bloody can't remember it since I forgot it as soon as I was about to type it out. I'll just have to use something else. cry.gif

~ Jonny

*regarding this week's PostSecret*
Me: And there was that guy who mails his secrets on a sweet potato! Last week it was a banana!"
Callum: Yeah that's just weird.
Carl: How'd he do that?
Callum: He covered the potato in stamps, wrote the address on it and then his secret. I don't see how they didn't get bruised or squashed.
Me: The mail might have cushioned it. I mean, it doesn't matter, it's all sweet.
*everyone groans*
Callum: That's it, get out of the class.

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