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Here's To Life

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 31 May 2008 - 10:23 AM

Wow guys I really did neglect this blog! No matter how much I apologize, I'll just keep doing it. bluetongue.gif

So like, the view counter on my blog keeps shooting up every few days/week. Mainly because the people in my class or the people I know (OMG STOP READING THIS) in real life keep checking it for updates. My god, it's like the newest craze or something. Apparently, several people have read the entire thing. Someone said he read it all in like one sitting... can't remember who that was though, all I know is I got mega frustrated in my sorta way. _sure.gif

Where do I begin though? I've had so many exciting things happen in my life so far!!

I'm loving production so much. It's so great to just chill with everyone, practice, or just socialize. Everyone there's awesome and it's so much fun to hang out. I really love it. Oh and I get to dance in the ball scene on my off-nights so I'm freaking stoked as!! TheSmile.gif

Oh yeah, flicking through my whole blog (my god I write too much, I should cut down... it took AGES to read the whole thing) I remembered several interesting points. Like the ideas for my symphony... yeah. I've composed one part but I dunno how the hell it relates to my theme. I'll just make some stuff up or just make it a part of the whole story somehow. It's pretty mean though, I'm really proud of it but I'm pretty sure everyone's sick of it by now since I'm always rambling on about it. It's just so exciting!!

Oh and for the record, for all the people in real life complaining about not being mentioned in my blog before, I have in fact mentioned you several times. READ boys. Especially you, Souvik. bluetongue.gif

I'm actually really excited about my composition though. Mayall and Botting have been the biggest helps EVER. Some others can just go dig a ditch and crawl in there forever. I use plural when it's actually meant to be singular, so that I don't point out the person for fear of them finding this one day. Anyway, they just pointed out heaps of details so I'm all happy. Mayall's the biggest help of course. Pretty much I've composed the whole thing, I just need to fine tune it so that, to quote Botting, "it's so epic that no one else will be able to compete with it." biglaugh.gif

And no Adrian, I won't write part one! It's too much effort!!

Oh my GOD. We had like a week of exams and it was intense. Well, not really. I just like to over-emphasize everything. Well, Spanish was intense. I'm pretty certain I failed the writing since I only wrote like a page and a bit and we were meant to write like 180 or so words. The line spacing was huge and my handwriting is massive. Oh and don't even get me started on English. I had to cram the morning before tutor class because I didn't bother doing anything on it. Yeah... so I worked out some stuff thanks to Sean G and Lillis and then we had English first period...

Oh dear god, the questions weren't anything I'd looked at or even knew about. So I sat there for about half an hour without writing anything on my page. Well, anything productive. I kept looking around the room which was amusing. I turned to Sean and he kept making a cutting-of-the-throat gesture to show how screwed he was (holy crap he got like Excellence or something despite it all) and Raj was just laughing in his oh-my-god-I'm-screwed way. So I just drew pictures at the top of my "plan" sheet until I got inspiration for writing which was to write the introduction!! And that was easy because you don't need to know anything about the book for that, all you gotta do is take apart the question and explain what it means. Otherwise, I wrote crap all. biglaugh.gif

YAY!! Something exciting though, I FINALLY got my Captain of the Arts badge, since the first time they gave it to me, they'd spelled my name wrong. I'm so stoked! Although now I'm actually doing stuff for the position... uhh... like moving a bucket of artichokes from the Music Dept. to the staff room... or working out the format to print something onto a CD label... or send notes around to find people...

OMG. Something HILARIOUS happened on Tuesday. So I like went to Music first period because I didn't really wanna go to Maths since it was boring. Mr. Botting made me go see different people around the school and deliver a message regarding a performance the next day and all these instructions, so I got their class info and went around talking to them... luckily at the last person, I managed to stop myself just before entering the line-of-vision of the classroom. Why? It was the class I was skipping!! My god, closest call EVER. So I just texted John the message instead. bluetongue.gif

And RockQuest regional finals on the 20th June, I'm so excited!! biglaugh.gif

Best news ever though? I GET TO KEEP THE BUNNY BAG FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!! I'm so stoked!! I have yet to break the news to my mother though... I don't think she'll be too happy. bluetongue.gif

WE WON OUR SOCCER MATCH?! I know, it's amazing. We played against the Hillcrest Development team or something and we actually won. Even Logan scored! No offence or anything, he's actually getting to be really good now! He used to like play rugby but joined our soccer team this year just for fun and had never played before. But GRR one of the opposition said something horrible! I'll probably go over it in another blog entry when I have a ranting moment. bluetongue.gif

OH MY GOD THOUGH. I could cry. We're in like the 5th division for soccer (apparently we should have been higher according to David and Mitch?)... and Nathan's team is in the 4th. AHHHH. MY LIFE IS RUINED. But. Norton's team is in the 4th division as well!! So maybe, I could make the excuse of going to watch their game when they play Morrinsville. It's GENIUS.

~ Jonny

*Chessika's serving a regular customer*
Me: I guess I'll just help you pack, Chess!
Chessika: Aww, how sweet. Guess what? I was watching House of Wax the other day by myself. Bad idea, I totally freaked out.
Me: Why were you watching it by yourself? Why watch that movie anyway?
Chessika: Yeah she's pretty bad. Nah well I just had no one to watch movies with!!
Me: That's just because you have no friends! *giggle* Ooh what're you gonna say to that?
Regular customer: *to us* That's okay, I don't have any friends either!
Me: ... damn.

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Everything Went Numb

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 19 May 2008 - 11:00 AM

Yeah ignore the above. Well, don't ignore it. But like, ignore it. Yeah, I'm alive!! bluetongue.gif

Umm... where shall I begin about my life since the last post... OMG. First I'll start with some super super juicy gossip. Well, I call it juicy gossip, mainly because me, Tahi and James were pretty much gossiping about it all production rehersal yesterday. eek4.gif

So like, Tahi and Chris are both playing the roles of Hamlet. They're both meant to follow the stage directions and actions which Ms. Wynne-Jones tells them to do and like Tahi always does them. Once particular scene involves Hamlet hugging all 3 characters present on stage as a greeting. However, when Chris did the scene, he only hugged 2 of the 3, excluding one of the girls. Then, right after that, Tahi immediately whips out his phone and types in a message for me to read... according to Tahi, Chris won't hug Liz because she's a lesbian!! And he's hardcore Christian!! OMG. I was like shocked hard out!! And then James came along and we immediately HAD to tell him so we were just whispering and exchanging quotes for most of the time we were free. I still can't believe it, that's so horrible! sicka.gif

Umm anyway... aside from the biggest amount of gossip which I just had to share, I had a lovely weekend. We had the Super 8 Cultural Festival again and it was pretty good. Although I was still annoyed since OMG I still hadn't received my Arts Captain badge and I was like GRRR since I was attending the event as the Cultural rep of the school, yet I didn't even have a badge to display my title. How frustrating!! _sure.gif

But it was a really good weekend! We like dominated in the Kapa Haka section and the junior theatre sports. OMG. And we were dominating in senior theatre sports but then the Tauranga guy who was the MC (hosted in Tauranga... go figure, what a cheater he was!) wouldn't let our team change our physical challenge. So I'll like start from the top:

Our team managed to come second in Story Story Die (basically, you pick a person to rep your team and all reps have to continue along a story when pointed to and it changes person constantly, however, if you stumble or say uhh or err, you "die" and the last man standing is the winner - this is just to choose the order in which you go) but we only got 9/15 (3-3-3) in the first round. Then in the second round, our game was Change! and we completely carved up, earning a 15/15 (5-5-5) perfect score which no other team managed to get. We also earned best line of the night from it. Basically, Change! is where the team has to re-enact an historical event, however there is one person not playing who every now and then has to yell out "Change!" and the person speaking has to change their dialogue and what they're saying. Chris managed to win the Best Line award with this:

"We'd better be careful, they'll be able to spot us easily as they have primitive technology."
"Change!" "Sonar."
"Change!" "Radar."
Change!" "... good eyes?"

Anyway, so we were carving up at that point, but then the MC wouldn't let us change our physical challenge, when every other team got to. Basically, he said to Callum, "oh you guys'll be fine with this challenge, I mean you got a perfect score last round" and Callum was like "all the other teams got to re-draw, why can't we?" to which he replied with a "you guys'll be fine"... pretty much we were doomed. The physical challenge was to re-enact an interview backwards. Basically, you start with the exit and finish with the entry. Yeah... we ended up getting 7/15 (2-2-3) so we pretty much lost. Stupid bias MC... thank god Tauranga didn't win. angry-smiley-019.gif

Oh and debating was crack up! I'm saving the quote for the end of this entry. Basically, Adeel fired off a personal comment at one of the opposing speakers (unintentionally, he didn't mean it to be taken like that) and everyone gasped and I was like OMG! and I also managed to capture the moment on camera... as well as I zoomed in on the guy's face after Adeel said that and it was priceless! And apparently Adeel is infamous for uninentional personal comments, insulting several people in the previous debates. bluetongue.gif

Oh yeah, for the record, Anaru is pretty much USELESS. He didn't turn up to school on Friday and me and Mr. Sutherland were panicking like mad because we didn't know where he was and we were leaving at 11am. So I tried calling and texting his phone but he wouldn't reply. So then, Sutherland goes and calls his parents. His dad answered the phone and Anaru hadn't even bothered telling him that he was going on the exchange! So pretty much his dad said he'd take Anaru right then and hung up. This was at like 11am and Anaru was still AT HOME. UGH. He's so freaking useless.

And the best part? He texted Adeel a bit after that and told him that he would be late because he was just coming out of a meeting. Useless, even the teachers found him useless. He was dead weight on the trip, because we'd always have to wait for him and he'd never be in the right place and he'd just bugger off somewhere. Like when we were in a hurry and needed to get dinner before rushing to the school for senior theatre sports... he was too busy watching Home and Away in his motel room and didn't even notice everyone else leaving. So I had to run up and yell at him to get his butt out of his room, so then he slowly gets ready while still watching TV, then walks out of the place as if he has all the time in the world. We all pretty much hated him. Useless. sicka.gif

Oh and I couldn't attend the RockQuest heats because I had to go to production rehersals, LAME. Uhh... yeah... Callum's band... enough said. Picture this: Callum playing guitar and screaming and shouting every now and then into the mic, then all of a sudden he drops his guitar. After 5 seconds, he gives up trying to pick back up his guitar and just jumps into the crowd and starts trying to scare people. eek7.gif

3 Boys' High bands managed to get through which was exciting though!! Oh and NATHAN's band managed to get through. Well, I only say that because it's Nathan!! His band's music is something else. Not my forte unfortunately. icon_sweatdrop.gif

And I dunno if I wanna go to the social or not this Thursday. James wants me to go and he wants me to get the same outfit as him, since the theme is "fluro rave" and he's gonna be wearing like a haz-mat suit with fluro bangles underneath it, but I don't have anything fluro and I'm kinda lost as to where to get one. I should just volunteer to go as a prefect so I can go with him. bluetongue.gif

~ Jonny

*topic of the debate: implimenting a night-time curfew to lower youth crime*
Speaker 3: ... I don't know what Niel (meant to be Adeel) is on, or which region he comes from, but hockey most definitely isn't played at 9pm at night! (it actually happens and Adeel notes this)...
*finishes his speech* *Adeel starts*
Adeel: Before I begin, let me just say this. Judging by Speaker 3's physique, he is obviously not a hockey player.

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Feeling Good

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 15 May 2008 - 11:26 AM

So like, the war has died down now. We only had one yell-fest on the Tuesday night and after I won (good feeling, hell yeah!), mum didn't say anything else. And then I took the car to school and work on Wednesday. Mum's pretty much gotten over the whole driving thing but she still questions the bunny, not as much now, but still questions it a little. bluetongue.gif

I've got the Super 8 Cultural Festival this year and it'll be exciting!! It's not as good as last year's one, since Zing! was playing at that and omfg I really wish I could have gone. They're like, bloody mean. Like, the best. I can e-mail anyone the song if they'd care to hear it. It's really REALLY good but like, it's a sorta bad recording. The flute player only played once for recording because he was too lazy and had to go to an exam and he didn't practice. Oh, and the organ'd cut out every now and then. But seriously, the song is MEAN. I wanna listen to it now! *changes music*

Pretty much as the Prefect of Arts in the school now (ohhh yeah!), my duty as Cultural Captain is to organize accommodation and the timetable for the whole event, as well as organize cameras and whatnot. Fun fun. Although my mortal enemy, Anaru is going on the trip. I really hate him. Seriously, no one likes him because he's the biggest sycophant in the world who spouts out crap from his mouth whenever he speaks. Seriously, his nickname (although he's too much of a cow to deserve a nickname) should be Kapnos, for those who know and love Greek (Kapnos means smoke - a Greek politician was nicknamed Kapnos because he talked crap all the time).

So I was going to stick him with this other guy who is pretty much another person no one likes, but unfortunately the junior debating team got pulled out so he isn't going. Drat, I was hoping to make Anaru's life hell. sad.gif

And it was so funny! I was like organizing how many cameras I'd need to get off of Mr. West for filming and I was like "I'll need two, however do you think I'd need three? There's three events going on during this one time slot, however I'm thinking I could possibly dash between two events - the Music event and the Debating event", to which he replied with a "who the hell wants to watch debating on film?!" so I'm only taking two. bluetongue.gif

Ooh and I get to wear the sexy blazer. Well, it's not sexy. It just looks really nice and flash, since it's part of the "No. 1" uniform of our school. I'd wear the blazer to school all the time, however, since I'm not part of the top three leaders in the school (Head, Deputy and Sports... seriously, Arts should be up there as well!), I can't wear black pants. So it'd look really ugly if I wore a black blazer, white shirt, tie... and grey pants. EWW. Yuck. Oh {expletive hax0rd by Cspace}, I need to polish my shoes. Bloody hell I completely forgot about that. sad.gif

And I need to pack my bags!! It's so exciting. And production rehersals are sooo much fun. Like, we get to socialize and stuff and just chat, but we get HEAPS of work done on the scripts. Ms. Wynne-Jones is definitely more organized than Mr. Leach... and it was SO funny. Me, Casey and Chris were discussing how we had to improvise and change part of the script in last year's play to actually make it enjoyable for us all. bluetongue.gif

OMG. It's really freaking sweet. I'm like part of the Service and World Vision Committee in school and I'm going to be doing the 40 Hour Famine this year. Well, I won't say what I'm doing aside from the food famine, but it'll be fun. And it's so sweet!! I'm pretty much using my powers of being known, liked, social and wearing a bunny bag to my advantage in getting sponsors. I started getting sponsors at the start of lunch and within 15mins (I was too lazy to continue so I stopped after that to go play cards with my mates) I'd raised $58.10. Yeah, that's freaking SWEET. So I'm gonna continue with trying to get sponsors and I'm gonna aim for random people in Tauranga when I go to the Festival tomorrow. Or, I'll just target other people going on the trip. biglaugh.gif

Actually, I think I'll go target people at work or something, or target my work mates after I come back. I'm sure they'll be kind enough to donate some money... grnwink.gif

~ Jonny

Ms. Wynne-Jones: Okay guys, I want you to huddle here and then start saying your lines.
Tahi: *huddles* Never make known what you have seen tonight.
Everyone else: *monotonous and synchronized* My lord, we will not.
Ms. Wynne-Jones: NO I don't like that, it sounds like church!

Edit: Actually, scrap the whole thing. By saying one word, I'm pretty much now scared for my life at the moment and I have no idea if I'll survive the night and live to go to school tomorrow. If no one hears from me in the next... *thinks* 3 days, then know I love you all and something tragic has happened. I'm actually serious about that. One word: Mum.

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Some Unholy War

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 12 May 2008 - 10:28 AM

{expletive ninja'd by Cspace} yeah let's start this war! I'm honestly in one of the happiest moods in the world right now. biglaugh.gif

I guess it'd be strange, but I'm really happy because I'm fighting with my mum and it's really fun!! Well like, I guess I'll start from the top... and err, yeah, I apologize for my previous post, I was a little emo. bluetongue.gif

So I'd been hiding the bunny bag from my mum because I knew she'd be all {expletive Chuck Norris'd by Cspace}y about it and start getting ideas and all that crap, so I just avoided showing her it as long as I could. But then she saw it on Friday which was pretty unlucky... and immediately got angry. Well not angry, more like confused, upset and angry. "What the HELL is that and WHY are you wearing it?!" Great one mum, knew I could always count on you to support me in whatever I do. TheSmile.gif

She ended up yelling at me afterwards for taking a bag shaped like a bunny which "isn't a school bag" which you'd take to school. Well, honestly, any bag can be a school bag and I'm pretty sure I can take it to school, I've been proving that since Wednesday. Anywho, we had a lovely argument about it and she just got really annoyed. She would have yelled more but we were in a hurry to get to school/work so she didn't say too much. Well, ask too much, but she did say some quite silly things. And some pretty stupid things. And things she shouldn't have said. eek7.gif

So then when she gets home (I get home before her most of the time) she proceeds to go ape{expletive hax0rd by Cspace} over the bag. Honestly, it's a bag. None of the teachers care about it. So she argued that the teachers are teachers and that they only say nice things about you. I then said "you're my mother, you're meant to support me in my actions or give me good reasons to not do things" and then explained that the teachers are usually honest with me and tell me the truth. The only one who thinks I'm strange is Mr. West but then again he's like that with everyone, and he likes me more than most people anyway. But seriously, a lot of teachers actually have the initial reaction of "a bunny bag?!" then either say "that's really REALLY awesome" or "wow" and stuff. Like, they'd tell me "geez that's faggy LOL" if they really meant it, but shove it in as a joke because a lot of teachers tell me things honestly through jokes.

But not this time. Yet mum doesn't seem to realize that and thinks it's just stupid. So the argument raged on into the night, then started up again Saturday night as it should have, which was quite lovely. It gives her time to try and come up with reasons for me to not wear the bag. So her main point was that it's not normal and that no one does it. My immediate retort was that having a school bag just like everyone else is practically conformity, and can also be seen as peer pressure. Sure, I've been told by a few guys (jocks of course, seems to be a trend going on here) that it's "LOLGAY" but I ain't really caring to be honest. But mum just ignored that and said it's not a normal school bag... and she's still arguing it. Or did, she tried to twist the conversation just before but I unknotted it and pretty much tied her up so she couldn't avoid the topic.

But anyway, she goes all nuts about it not being normal and again I fight against conforming. I could list all the points she made but there would be a trend of me coming up with an answer for everything. I might sound like a dick and stuck up, but let's face it, I love an argument and she's definitely losing.

So she just told me that I wasn't allowed to take it and that I had to take my "normal" school bag, which, prior to the bunny bag, was tinier than nearly everyone else's (damn you Adrian, your bag is so small it's freaking awesome) and could barely fit things in it. So I had a fantastic idea...

I had the excuse to take the car again because of soccer training afterschool and that I need to take my stuff there and back. So I just stuffed my bunny bag into my other bag which also had my soccer gear in it and mum saw me off (day off work, darn it)... but then she saw that I was carrying my books in my hand still. Crap. I was hoping she wasn't working today so it would have worked... but it didn't. She ran inside while I frantically washed off all the ice and frost on my car in hopes of beating her. She came back in a rage demanding to know where the bag was and I just got into the car saying "I've got my old bag, that's all that matters" and she went nuts. So we had a lovely argument again about the bunny bag and she ended up doing this:

"If you take that rabbit bag to school, you will NOT be allowed to take the car anywhere anymore. I'm going to take those keys off you and you won't have a car!"

Adrian reckons she think I'll get beaten up. But honestly, I wouldn't give a toss. And no one at school'd do that to me. It might just sound naive (too lazy to do the double dot) but it's kinda true, since no one is mean to me physically, unless it's a joke so it'd be light and in a nice way. And I even told her the only ones who care are jocks and that no one really gives a crap, but she just doesn't listen. Seriously, she thinks I'll catch AIDS or something. And she said something VERY inappropriate. I had ample time to retort but I was so shocked I didn't give my really good answer which I'd prepared in advance. Blast.

It's also funny, because while she was raging it up, she told me that I shouldn't even go around wearing that bag in public. Jeez, I've already been to school for a week with it on, as well as walk around with it on my back outside of school. Eeeeee-diot.

She also said she'd take away more privileges from me and that taking the bag isn't right. Bad idea. She honestly doesn't know me well enough. I will rise to a challenge and fight back even more dirty than my opponent if they try anything against me. So I just drove off because I don't really care. Threats generally don't work on me unless they hit some nerve, which are usually hard to dig at, because they're covered so well in preparation for the situation.

Leaving home in a good mood, I had a lovely day at school. bluetongue.gif

And my brilliant idea of course. So she's going to take the car keys off of me so I can't drive, oh no. I guess I'll just have to get another car key cut before I return home so you can take them from me. So my idea is that I'll cut the key, then take it home, give her the keys and then keep the new one for myself. So when she goes to demand these keys off of me, I'll just say "you can't take something from another person without permission, especially if they own it, that's practically theft" and I know she'll make some horrible retort. Well, sadly the fight hasn't broken out yet. But it's a great example of what will happen, and I'm so proud of the idea. The key's just sitting on my keychain and it looks so good on it. biglaugh.gif

Man, I'm so bloody pumped. I haven't had a good fight in a long time. I honestly love these things. Just being able to come up with ways to undermine and break another person, to be able to plan a war, to be able to fight for what you believe in and crush your opponent in so many ways... it's exhilarating! I get such a good feeling inside just thinking about it!! I began planning today during school but I got sidetracked. Tomorrow's the day I begin my plans! TheSmile.gif

Dad's pretty much going to bugger off for a while because we're gonna have another huge fight. Either that, or he'll back one of us up, the other will get mad and angry at him, then he'll stay out of it. But I'm pretty sure he'll either bugger off, go have a smoke because he bloody thinks no one knows he smokes, or he'll take my side. I mean seriously, we're fighting over a bag shaped like a rabbit. Don't ya think it's a little OTT? eek7.gif

I can't wait to see mum's face on Wednesday when the car keys are sitting on the table, the car's missing, then I get home from work in the car. Ooh that's so freaking awesome. I'll even leave a note saying "gone to work, got the car, love you mum xoxo" so she doesn't think it's stolen (come on, I'm not THAT mean!). THEN she'll demand the key. Actually, maybe dad'll join in as well after that. MAN I love conflict. Actually, I love my family in the sense it's like a huge soap opera. I'd say... Desperate Housewives. My family being Bree's of course. grnwink.gif

~ Jonny

Mum: So tomorrow, you'll be putting your bike up on the car.
Me: No, tomorrow I'll be taking my bunny bag to school... then catch the bus home while wearing the bag in front of a lot of people, then come home.
*we have another huge argument, she then storms off*
*a little while later*
Mum: *calls out from her room* Can you click my back for me? (she really really likes it)
Me: No. Take away my privileges and I'll take away yours.

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Mad As Rabbits

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 08 May 2008 - 11:23 AM

My god, enough with the rabbit jokes! _sure.gif

So like, I've changed my school bag for the next three weeks. I've always wanted a smaller bag (I'm so jealous of people who have one since like it looks really cool, despite not being able to fit anything into it) and now I finally have one thanks to Erin who let me borrow it for a while!! It's in the shape of a rabbit and the only things I can it in it are my wallet, A Clockwork Orange, Harry Potter y la Biblia and my school diary. Oh, and my pencil case and my calculator. I basically have to carry the rest of my school books so I tie them up with a rubber band since they fall out otherwise. bluetongue.gif

The bag has caused... quite a bit of kerfuffle, I must say. I don't really give a toss to be honest, since a bag's a bag. People have had one of four reactions upon seeing it: "omg look his bag is shaped like a rabbit!" "hey, nice bag!" "what the hell?!" "what a gay guy" - the last two being my favourites for a strange reason. Well, I wore the bag for two reasons. The first being that I really liked the bag and asked Erin for it and said it'd be an awesome school bag... the second...

Well, I'm trying to just be me I guess. A lot of people say it's pretty much "a Jonny thing" to do that, and I guess they're right. I really just want to be able to prove to everyone that you can do what you want which makes you happy, which is something you'd do and not what anyone else does. Just be an individual! Don't give in and conform when people suddenly say "what the f-- you homo!" - it's just ridiculous. You shouldn't be criticized for doing what you like. I want to be able to encourage people to be themselves, show their own colours off, and don't give a toss about what people might say. Seriously, I could criticize them back just as much but I won't, because that's just downright silly. eek7.gif

And it makes me happy when I hear such positive comments about it. Mainly from people not in the "jock" category at school and in every other category. The jocks can just go fail at everything for I care. Well, no, because they're good at sports so they don't fail at something. But still, I don't really give a damn. People get happy, amused, whatever you want to call it when they see it. Most of the comments I get are "that's a cool bag!" and they're being genuinely honest. Someone I know even wants to get a bag like mine but of a different animal! bluetongue.gif

Anyway, enough about hating everyone and being different... well... onto hating other people for different things! Yay!

I've had a really annoying day to be quite honest. Mr. Matthews was being his unusual self like he always has been this whole year and ripped into me first thing when I got to class... after he got over the bag, of course. Well, I can't blame him, since I wrote about the holidays instead of the book. But to be fair, he did say to write as to how much you read/didn't read and why. So he just made me read the passage I read and then told me to summarize it, so when I didn't he just got pissed off and told me I was setting a crap example (freaking prefect, hate it a lot now because I have to set an example... but I prefer to set an example in alternative ways because conventional is just silly) and then ripped into other people who didn't do it.

Then people kept playing with the bunny ears. My god, that freaking pisses me off. I could kill someone, honestly. I was actually tempted to fling the rubber bands in someone's eye and then just slap a few other people. Mr. Evans started talking about depressing things during English which got me started on thinking about random things. Kotze didn't really care about anything. Skerman... actually, I didn't see him much because I had to go to a music lesson. But I really can't stand some people in my History class, they freaking piss me off a lot. I know, I know, it's my fault for having a bag shaped like a bunny at an all boys school. They don't have to be ridiculous about it though.

And then Mayall started yelling at me and dissing me in front of the whole jazz band because I only did 5 or so hours of practice over the holidays. Fair enough, but others did less, LIED about it and he didn't care. I was completely honest and he just starts blowing his top off at me. I honestly felt like quitting right then. I'm decent enough and I did 5 hours of GOOD practice so I was all good, compared to people who did NONE, told him they did HEAPS and then sucked throughout practice. Freaking bloody honesty. I mean, being honest is what I always strive to be, even if it gets me in trouble, because I know that I have to suffer the consequences. That was like when Botting was ripping into the Year 12s yesterday, Hadleigh was told off for something on my behalf so I quickly put up my hand and said it was me, then Botting just brushed over the whole thing but told me off anyway. Pay the price for your actions, be bloody honest guys.

And production rehersal was pretty boring and pointless to be perfectly honest. Only one thing made it bearable but I can't say it here.

So pretty much, this is probably one of the worst days I've ever had. I've had low, but this tops low, because everything just kept on piling up one period after the other. _sure.gif

Oh, and joy. Mr. Matthews, being the unreasonable person he is right now, expects us to have our homework tasks completed by tomorrow. I mean it's homework, but our goal was for it to be done over the course of the week and we only really started it today. So now I have to read 2 pages of my book (harder than you think... I need a freaking dictionary heaps because the words aren't what we usually come across) and write a summary in Spanish about it. Stuff that, I'll just do the introduction. I don't give a crap if he yells at me again, I honestly don't care anymore.

Fun point though: When I see Erin, I'm gonna ask her where she bought the bag, because I want it to be my permanent school bag.

~ Jonny

Mr. Wilson: C'mon Jonny, go get the detention book then. Hop to it.
*aside to Mitch when I'm gone* He's actually really brave to wear that.
Mr. Sutherland: Only someone with such a high self-esteem could wear it.

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A Wish Full Of Dreams

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 05 May 2008 - 10:59 AM

Eww I forgot about this for a whole WEEK. Man, that's lame aaaaaaas. Sorry blog! I'll try not to neglect you as much! *gets a post-it sticker and writes "Don't forget to blog!" on it*

So let's see what has happened in the life of Jonny since Monday!

Well, uhh... it's hard to remember what I did. But I do remember something really awesome on Wednesday at work! I was like supervising and bored and stuff so like I'd wander around and find stuff to do, but it was kinda busy and crazy at some points. But like what made it a really awesome night was what Ashleigh was doing the whole time. bluetongue.gif

I put Ashleigh up in the express lanes since, now that I don't have Nicola, she's pretty much my only keyholder. Well, unofficial keyholder. But like throughout the whole night, she drew a series of nine comic squares about me on those little square post-it notes. Maaan. They were soooo funny and really cute but I left them at checkouts overnight. GAH. So pretty much they got binned and I've lost them forever. They were so freaking awesome and I was even going to scan them and put 'em on my Bebo page! *sigh*

Oh, and even worse, I got out-stalked by Ash. She was like "omg if you have a Bebo, you could put them up" and like I was like "omg do you have one?" and she was like "yeah!!" and so I said I'd find her on it. But then she was like "good luck with that, I only got it a few days ago so like it'd be hard to find me" and she said she'd find me first, but I thought it'd be easy so I took her up on the offer. WRONG. I thought I'd find her because one of my primary school friends is like besties with her (found that out ages ago one time when she came through work and I was like "OMG JADE" and she was like "OMG JONNY") but it turns out she hadn't logged on for weeks so she couldn't accept Ashleigh as a friend. So I pretty much got out-stalked by a girl. sad.gif

And I have like this mega-big craving to watch a tonne of movies now. I like was over at Alex's on Saturday night (I might talk about that a little later on) and he like showed me his huge stack of DVDs he bought... a few of which were like Amelie and Twelve Monkeys and The Matrix which I was like "OMG!!" since they're like some of my fav movies (Amelie is my fav of course!). And everyone (he had a party that night) was watching The Matrix when I got there and we were all really excited and into it and it was INTENSE. Especially at the end, that was sooo awesome. But it was really funny because Hamish kept shutting everyone's comments down. bluetongue.gif

So I have like now got a list of movies I really want to watch... some I've seen already but I wanna watch them again. Italicized is I've already seen, bold is I really REALLY want to see, normal is just a "not as high priority". So in like alphabetical order (in accordance to my history of viewing the pages on Wikipedia - I haven't read the plot summaries, don't worry!)... actually, this is a freaking huge list but I don't care:

- 21 Grams, 27 Dresses
- Amelie, American Beauty, American Psycho, Amores Perros
- Babel, (The) Bothersome Man, Brokeback Mountain
- Day Watch, (The) Devil Wears Prada
- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
- Half Nelson
- (The) Italian
- Life is Beautiful, Little Miss Sunshine
- Memento, Moulin Rouge!, Music of the Heart
- Night Watch, (The) Notebook
- October Sky
- (The) Prestige, Priceless
- Rent, Romulus, My Father, Run Lola Run
- (The) Science of Sleep, Secret Window, Superbad
- Thank You For Smoking, There Will Be Blood, Twelve Monkeys

So like, I put any movie which started with "The" in other categories instead of T, otherwise the list of T's would be freaking huge. Yeah, trust me to do something like that.

Alex's party was fun. Interesting. Exciting. Plenty of words to describe it... and awkward. Yeah. And "wow" and stuff. bluetongue.gif

School's starting tomorrow and I'm sooo screwed. I have like heaps of assignments due in tomorrow or Wednesday and I haven't started any of them. Jeez, what a slacker. But seriously, some subjects can just get stuffed, honestly. In English, we've got so much to do it's just not funny. Other classes are cruising along one standard at a time, but instead our class has to have everything at once being done little bits at a time. Freaking ridiculous. One lesson we'll get stuck into something really great, then the next will be something completely different. Eugh. Cur-sed person who-shall-not-be-named (not Mr. Evans, he's the man!). eek7.gif

Oh and I still have to read Harry Potter and the Bible for Spanish... which is 262 words in Spanish and is pretty much a proper-sized reading book. It's not like it has big font and pictures or anything. *sigh*

But I'm gonna be REALLY cool on Wednesday when I go to school. According to Erin, we've got production rehersal tomorrow night so I'll see her then. And like when she was leaving the morning after Alex's, she had this really cool bag which is shaped like a bunny and the ears stick out from behind when you look from the front. So she's gonna let me borrow it to take to school on Wednesday and Thursday, then I'll give it back to her Thursday night when we've got rehersals again. I'm gonna be so cool. Well, pretty much everyone's going to look at me strangely but I don't care, it'll be great. Oh, and I'm gonna try grab a dancing part from Miss Wynn-Jones, even though she most likely won't let me. It'll be sooo great if I can dance on my off-nights. bluetongue.gif

And it's my mother's birthday tomorrow and I got reminded about that this afternoon... which I completely forgot about, since I always lose track of time during the holidays. If it was during school time I'd remember. So now I'm pretty much going to have to dash to the supermarket right after our warm-up soccer match tomorrow and buy a bunch of flowers to give to her. sicka.gif

The warm-up match is gonna be sooo much fun. We're facing Norton's team as a friendly game and Mitch is letting me borrow some boots, since I returned Souvik's ones to him last year since he's playing this year. So I'm gonna probably have to buy some boots afterschool on Thursday or Friday... but I was planning on going out on Friday night. And like, it'll be hectic Thursday because of production as well. FUN TIMES. My first week back is pretty much busy busy busy. bluetongue.gif

And I need to somehow talk to Josh tomorrow or later this week... AWKWARD. (this entry's quote has nothing to do with it btw)

- Jonny

Josh: Oi Jonny, y'know all that advice you gave me last night?
Me: Err... what advice? No?
Josh: Oh, well it didn't work. I'm pretty sure it made it worse.
Me: Oh, I should have told you. Never listen to advice from me, it's almost always wrong.

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