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Over the Hills and Far Away

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 26 August 2007 - 11:11 AM

... is where I was last night. More about that shortly since I'm trying to keep this in chronological order. :P

So I haven't blogged in ages!! I feel kinda bad about it but I haven't had the time to blog. I actually can't remember wh-- oh wait, yeah I remember what I did on Thursday. Turns out Mr. Hassall used me as an example to his previous Classics class... I knew he'd talk about it as soon as I showed him my achievement stocktake. His words were something along the lines of...

Mr. Hassall: Gentlemen, I'm sure you all know Jonathan Tan from the other class, delightful person. Now, Simon (Simon had his head on the table and looked like he was sleeping but looked up when he heard his name), I'm sure you know Jonathan. Do you think he would hand in an excellent Socrates essay?
Simon: Jonny Tan? Yeah I guess.
Mr. Hassall: He handed in nothing! But could he have handed in an essay worth excellence?
Simon: I guess.
Mr. Hassall: Of course he could. However he didn't. But don't think of him badly because of this, he is a delightful person. He is one of those people who would never talk behind your back and someone you can always trust.

Mr. Hassall is so awesome but I feel so bad by not handing in a Socrates essay. Damn my laziness. :P

Also I got my Physics results from the internal we did before. Not Achieved. Crap... Hardaker gave a speech before handing out the results, since it was just a rant about how NCEA can pass bad students and fail good students and said that those who got hardly any marks and "did not achieve", to be PC, deserved to fail, and those who missed out by one mark deserved to pass. The paper had two parts to it, an explain (knowledge about the theory behind stuff) area and a calculation (correct calculations) area. I missed out by one EXCELLENCE for an Excellence pass in the theory (holy cow)... and I missed out on one Achieved for an Achieved pass in the calculations portion. So basically I failed, since they take your lowest grade and use that as the final grade. I'm so annoyed at that. But Mr. Hardaker apologized and even wrote "Sorry Jonathan" on the front of the test paper so that made me feel better. Oh well, we don't get a re-sit so I just lost 3 credits. I ain't that upset over it though, since I only failed by one mark due to the crappy NCEA system. :P

And something amusing is going on by where me and my mates hang out at break times. There's a wall by where we sit (it actually has significance... the caretaker told us the wall has a history about a guy struck by lightning and the wall is in a zig-zag shape as a monument to him) and there was one side which had a loose brick (again, history behind that - truck backed into it making that part unstable). So now another group of people who sit beside us (also friends with them as well) and my group have combined our powers to tear down the wall. And I'm surprised at how fast it's going down... there was only one brick loose and from that, we managed to take down most of the wall until we got to one nasty bit which had two rods going up at an angle making it hard to take down. Not even the use of Physics thanks to Souvik and Mitch (talk about torques and stuff) could bring it down. :(

That is, until Won Seuk came along and used his karate powers to just kick it down. Although Ms. Moffit caught him before he could take it all down (it was on a terrible angle after he'd gone all martial arts on it) so she had a rage and told him to go away and when he got back, someone had finished it off. Although no one seems to be doing anything about it since the caretakers and teachers know yet no one's stopping people from busting it down. We think they want it removed so they're getting us to do the work for them. I got a picture on my phone of it before Won Seuk went mental at it... ignore the phallic imagery according to my mates. :P

Posted Image

On Friday, me, Carl, Callum, Cameron and South went to see Day Watch, the sequel to Night Watch and the second in the trilogy. It was on for the International Film Festival in Hamilton... at first I didn't want to see it but Callum talked me into it and after watching Night Watch, I had to see it. Holy. Crap. It is THE BEST film I've seen in 2007, period. The plot was brilliant and the cinematography was AMAZING. Me and Callum couldn't stop talking about it once we got out of the cinema and went home, it was that good. I'm really looking forward to the final movie... Night Watch was so great. It's also good because we started our movie-watching for the International Film Festival by hitting a high note. Hopefully the rest of the films we watch are just as good and we're closing with Priceless which will be good as! :D

Before then while waiting in town, we went to Netcafix (internet cafe) to muck around until the movie at 8.30pm and we had heaps of fun. I didn't realize it, but the Dream Team (just a group of regular Netcafix people, I'm friends most of them funnily enough but I don't know a few) practice their gaming skills on Fridays all night so I was really surprised when I saw Peter, Charlie and Thomas walk into the place. After gaming for ages, we went to Burgerfuel for dinner and took our food to eat outside of the cinema... and my brother came out of the cinema from the movie screening before ours (he saw Helvetica, a documentary about a font??). I immediately regretted calling out to him because I realized my friends still worshipped him because he has a moustache and is a movie fanatic. Turns out he's watched 6 films already (not as good as his previous year but still a lot) and he's got plenty more to go through. :P

Yesterday we had our last game of the season for normal soccer!! We played an amazing match (thank god I didn't have to go in goal first half, Callum volunteered since I didn't want to do it) and it was great! We won 5-2 against Hamilton Christian School compared to our last match against them where we lost pretty badly. David got man of the match with his brilliant goal-keeping last half. So many times they would have gotten a goal against anyone else but David was a tank. His reflexes just made him deflect the ball so many times, the other team was getting so annoyed. But we could tell it was an amazing match because everyone on the sideline kept making "oohs" and "ahhs" and so many cheers and claps during the game. Although I got injured in the last 10 or so minutes. I collided with a guy as we both went for the ball and I cut my lips and gum. At first I thought it was ok so I just continued along and wiped my hand... and there was heaps of blood. I thought it'd stop so I kept going but every now and then I'd wipe my hand to clear the blood and eventually my hand was covered in it and Cameron was like "holy {expletive hax0rd by Cspace}" so I immediately subbed and all the parents gasped when I came off. But according to everyone I looked like a vampire since I've got pretty big incisors and blood was running down them and was stuck between my teeth. :P

And it was Lillis' birthday yesterday so we sang happy birthday for him at the end!! And we had a team photo!! So it was a pretty good start to the day for him. :P

During work (I won't blog too much about work, it sucked) Tim, Conor and Chris found me. I didn't answer their text messages because before work I was napping and then I couldn't text during work, and they only found me because they ended up looking for Lloyd since he works with me and they saw me instead. They invited me for drinks after work but I said I was working late to 10.30pm but they didn't care, although Chris had to be home by 10pm so it would only be me, Conor and Tim. So after work, I met them out on the hills outside of Huntington and we had a few drinks. I only had one and a half KGBs since they started before me and it wasn't fun drinking when the people around me were already drunk so I stayed sober and looked after them...

Conor was smashed. Wow. I'll never forget that, he's the last person you'd expect to drink. He's such a nice person (he's that really good singer I might have mentioned before) and you couldn't imagine him drunk... I realized after a while that he was exactly like me at Blair's party, minus the puking. Apologizing all the time and laughing and talking and doing the normal drinking stuff... I have a photo of him on my phone after he chucked up a few times. It ain't clear but it's amusing all the same. :P

So after relocating from Conor's puke (seriously, he needs to learn to digest his food as me and Tim said) to another hill, we had a few more drinks and then I decided to call them a taxi since Tim was getting tipsy/drunk (he's a tank when it comes to drinking... 24 standard drinks and he's still normal, as in slightly tipsy but still aware of his surroundings, compared to Conor's 6/7 and already out) and Conor was trying to be less sick by not moving and puking every now and then. Apparently he'd never been this drunk and they only came out to drink because they wanted to drink with "the legendary Jonny Tanked!" which was quite amusing in my opinion. During the day, Conor and Tim were deciding what to do for the day since Conor was hanging out with Tim for the day (Conor lives in Raglan). So they decided on their options which were "pick up some girls, find a party, hang around, go to the mall..." and then they thought of "finding Jonny Tanked!" so they asked Adrian for my cellphone and found me eventually. :eek:

So I got my phone out to call a taxi... but none of us knew the number. Uh oh. So we tried to think of ideas but then Conor yelled out "DIRECTORY 018!" and fell back into unconsciousness and I called the directory to get the number of a taxi company... three times for different cabs, since they were all engaged or not picking up. I spent about 20-30mins calling them and eventually got one to take them home. Jeez. And I had to use the cover for my mum that I was out at a party with someone called "Ashleigh Stevenson" (random surname called out by Chris at work) and that her parents were picking me up and dropping me off. Phew. Although I had trouble explaining the dirt on my shirt and trousers... I think she thought I got up to some dirty business but I told her we were sitting on the ground which was the truth, but I don't think she believed it. :P

Oh yeah, to anyone I know in real life who reads this blog, you didn't hear that Conor was drunk. He'll murder me if he finds out so just keep it to yourselves. :P

Anyway, today was pretty nice. I slept in for once which was really nice and me and mum went out to have lunch at a Chinese restaurant, Master House. It's a really nice place with good food and mum knows the owner from way back in the times mum took painting classes so they talked for ages while I ate. Then we went shopping afterwards (I saw Tahn, Sma, Liam and John in town which was amusing but they didn't see me) and eventually went to have some chips and a drink at Metropolis. Then we went to Pak 'n' Save to get some groceries but I didn't get to see Carl working which was a shame. But I am so glad I ain't a checkout operator there, I'd be working non-stop for hours until my break. They have the lowest prices of all supermarkets and everyone goes to shop there... there were trolley jams in all the aisles and the trolley bay had hardly any trolleys in it. They have to constantly fill it because if they didn't add trolleys to it, there'd be dozens of angry people lining up for trolleys. Seriously, from completely full to completely empty, I estimate it'd take only a few minutes at rush hour if they didn't try to fill it. :eek:

After arriving home, I just played WoW. Yeah, I'm pretty bad but it's addictive. And I've started Maths revision now!! I'm currently writing up all my theory notes into a brand new book so I can remember everything as I write it. Although apparently I have a calculus test on Friday so I have to speed up if I want to get to those notes on time, I'm only up to quadratics at the moment. :(

Tomorrow should be great, gonna see Jesus Camp with Callum and maybe a few others if they want to come tomorrow night. :)

And sorry about the long blog entry, this is what happens if I don't blog for a few days and everything interesting happens. :P

~ Jonny

Mr. Kotze: What is the derivative of a cubic graph?
Matt: A parabola?
Mr. Kotze: Correct. Now what is the derivative of a parabola?
Someone else: A straight line?
Mr. Kotze: Correct. Now what is the derivative of a straight line?
Cabbage student: Half a straight line?
*Mr. Kotze just stares blankly, then walks off to his desk shaking his head*

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The (After) Life of the Party

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 13 August 2007 - 09:50 AM

The one thing which sucks about going to a party and getting a little tipsy... people talk about it the next day at school. :P

I couldn't even walk far upon arriving at school when Tim comes along and shakes my hand for a job well done on Saturday night. And two other people waved to me and started smiling and they happened to be at the party as well. Seriously, people should have better things to talk about haha. :P

We had jazz band practice first thing in the morning so Tim decided to tell me all the interesting things which happened on Saturday. Turns out the dirt on the back of Tom's shirt which I pointed out during the party was from him and Sam having a bit of a make-out session in the garden... and afterwards on the sofa and again in the garden. Seriously, some people need to hold it in a little more. There wasn't as much to be embarrassed about this time... apart from the fact I was more or less drunk BEFORE the party even began. People keep twisting the story so I'm going to say it here for historical reference!

During the intermission of the production, I took Tim downstairs since we'd been talking a bit before and I wouldn't tell him why I was taking him down there. I then opened up my favourite wine (Wither Hills Savignon Blanc) and poured us each a glass as a toast to a good performance so far and one for the night. We then walked out... but the wine fired me up and was so warm inside and when I turned to say something to him, we both knew and we went back and had another glass. After that, we went upstairs to continue with the show (still intermission) but as soon as I talked to Cory (he was showing me his music) he just sat back and said I'd been drinking. Now, I didn't realize that two glasses of wine had such a strong effect on one's breath... so I just covered my mouth and didn't speak for a while. But people overheard and soon enough everyone knew I'd been drinking but no one even mentioned anything about Tim which was SO annoying. So I just demanded for lollies from Matt to mask my breath but I needed 3 lollies to cover most of it and tested it on Tom (he hadn't heard about my drinking) after failed attempts on Hannah and Cory and it proved successful! :P

Just before my part I ran down to just have another glass (to warm up and get me pumped for my part) and then got ready for my part. When I went upstairs... everyone was waiting and watching for me to do my part. I got SO annoyed. I wasn't drunk, just slightly happy and people wanted to see this. Ashley was about to rip his face off and kept saying "I hope you don't forget your lines" and Cory and Tom were just peering from behind the curtains to watch me. I ended up remembering all my lines... but I couldn't stop smiling as I said them. I'm meant to be a bad guy with an evil expression yet all I could do was smiling. When I got off stage I ended up just laughing into Tom and then went downstairs... for one last glass. Then up for the bows and wow, I'm pretty sure I sang my heart out because I'd never sung that loud or proud at the performances, ever. :eek:

So after that we all gathered downstairs to remove our makeup and I offered Simon (main character) a glass as a congratulations for a job well done however he declined, yet I eventually got him to just have one sip but he wouldn't have anymore... so I just downed the glass. And Tim ended up taking me back to the changing rooms and offered me 2 glasses of his Cody's so I accepted those and downed them. But then I was having trouble putting the wine bottle back into my bag among all the other stuff and Callum (BLAME CALLUM) suggested that I just finish the bottle at the theatre so I don't have to carry it around. So I did. And then we went up to celebrate with Mr. Leach having shouted us pizzas...

And then it got a little hazy and I ended up at the party, dancing all of a sudden with people all around me and Brendan singing to me. How... interesting. I think I'll just leave it at that. :P

According to eye-witnesses, while still at the theatre, I opened up my second bottle of wine (Saints Chardonnay) and gave Mr. Leach a glass to drink and he fake-drinked to make me happy and then put the glass down and started laughing with Mr. La Marre. Also, Simon called for silence to say the speeches and it happened to be "perfect timing" when there was silence because I was mid-way through conversation and I just said, fully out loud without a care in the world, "I'm so awesome when I'm drunk" in hard out silence. How embarrassing. There's worse but I'm not going to say it here... :eek:

Anyway, jazz band practice was a nightmare. All the music and arts teachers were just cracking joke after joke about drinking and it got so embarrassing. I tried to point my finger at Tim to direct the flow of jokes at him but that backfired and made things worse so it was pretty bad. Some of them were just TERRIBLE, and as Adrian says, "terrible yet so awesome" which is actually pretty funny. The one I'm going to use as my quote ended up making me cry due to laughter. An example of a bad joke was "Ok, everyone turn to Reach Out, we're going to play that one next" "Or in Jonny Tan's case, Retch Up" *bah-doom tshh* "We could all do Zoot Suit Riot instead so Timjah could throw back a bottle of beer" *bah-doom tshh* Seriously, they were BAD. And I couldn't walk around the school without people I knew who were at the party or whose friends were there coming up to me to smile and give me a pat on the back with an embarrassing comment. :sweat:

I'm surprised I actually made it through the day without shooting myself. Even Shaun was like to me during Classics, "Jonny, how was the party? You were SO drunk" and I immediately just turned red and started making loud noises because he said it right in front of Mr. Hassall. I couldn't look at him for the rest of the period. :(

But one thing constantly itching at the back of my mind today. WHY THE HELL DIDN'T I JUST ASK FOR NATHAN'S FREAKING NUMBER? I'm so pissed off because I'll never see him again for a very long time, if ever, and I missed the opportunity to get his number. Even people at school were asking me if I got his number or not and when I said no, they were all shocked and amazed. GRR. I couldn't stop mentioning his name during class and break times and I was just constantly whining about wanting to play Morrinsville again during soccer practice. I'm so sad and desperate. I should have gotten his number...

~ Jonny

Mr. Mayall: Woah woah, stop. Trumpets, you guys need to play louder in that bar, just blast it out.
Mr. Botting: Also, to the saxophones, after the 20th bar, the only person I could hear slurring was Jonny Tan.
*bah-doom tshh*

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So I Thought

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 23 July 2007 - 11:43 AM

So I was thinking of three things during soccer training today and I couldn't get them out of my mind which was really frustrating.

1) Wellington. Holy crap it'll be really awesome to go studying in Wellington. Wellington's the arts central of New Zealand and I plan on doing a double major for my Bachelor of Arts (darn them for not allowing a Bachelor of Liberal Arts) in Philosophy and Education. Not to mention me and Callum plan on flatting together down there and we're dragging along another friend of ours called Carl since he plans on studying Law and the uni there is pretty good for that. So it'll be really awesome down there!! But... I won't be surprised if my room's going to be the only clean one. We had this theory that the whole flat would be a mess and then there would be a little space around me and my room which would be perfectly clean. :P

2) Nathan. I wanna play Morrinsville again... he was really fun to talk to! And I'd only met him that day... Callum said I should have gotten his number haha but it would have been weird then. But now I'm regretting it rofl the convos with him were hilarious and he's a really nice person. :D

3) Wine. I realized that while freezing in shorts and a shirt that I felt like some really nice wine. I can't wait 'til I turn 18. I have this idea that as soon as I turn 18 I'm gonna hit all the clubs in Hamilton to celebrate... but I'll end up getting to school the next day with a mean headache and the club stamps all up my arm which I won't have been able to remove. Not to mention it'll be around exam time so I'll be sooo screwed. But Carl's gonna celebrate with me!! Grr I'm so annoyed he turns 18 like halfway through the year and I have to wait like 3 months before I can go out with him. :sure:

Today was pretty average I have to say. It was still a good day though, pretty humorous during Music. All the teachers were having a breakdown and it was crazy... All because the coffee pot was cracked. Mr. Sutherland began swearing and Mr. Botting abandoned his important HOF work and just broke down on the floor and couldn't believe it was true. So Mr. Sutherland hatched a master plan and ran out of the Music Dept. and Mr. Botting immediately went on TradeMe to hunt for coffee machines... then Mr. Sutherland came running back with a shiny coffee machine. He ended up stealing it from the Deans' office so all ended well once they threw out the old one. :P

Oh! We're doing formal writing for English now and we have to do a film review... so Mrs. Redpath is making us study Hot Fuzz!! OMG. Now I'm actually going to enjoy going to English!! And on Friday we got our Creative Writing results back and... I GOT EXCELLENCE!! I was sooo stoked. I should scan it once I get back... I'm proud of it so much. And I wanna see Callum's one since he got Excellence too and he said his was like film noir. What makes it even better is that only 6 students across our year level got Excellence which is real awesome. :)

Ugh and darn Mr. Hassall keeps using me as an example as a model student now. I just asked him one question at the start of the period since it had relevance to this Thursday's test (oh yeah I got A+ for my little test on Alexander - didn't get A++ because I lacked more detailed answers) on religion and he immediately used me as an example to the whole class of a student with a very good question and answer and then proceeded to ask me heaps of questions during the period. My god I want him to get back to using Aaron or Shaun or Lillis as a good example, he's applying too much pressure to me. :(

Anyway, I gotta pack my bags now. I'm lending Carl my copy of Harry Potter since his evil sister stole his copy and I had to protect him and Mitch today from spoilers people were talking about. And I know Carl would get EXTREMELY mad if anyone said anything so I gotta get it to him ASAP. Night night now!! :sweat:

~ Jonny

Mr. Kilkelly: I wish I was like you back when I was in school... you must have the most cruisiest timetable ever.
Me: Why's that sir?
Mr. Kilkelly: You're texting, listening to your iPod and sitting on the stairs. You do this everyday, 5 periods a week!

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