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JGJTan Icon : (05 July 2018 - 10:07 AM) So this has been a while! It's @jgjtan and @leftyy here having a nostalgia trip. We hope you all have been having a great time so far! Miss you, be back in another 5-10 years. (Or find me on social media -- it's not that hard.)
MoldyRaven Icon : (07 November 2017 - 10:03 AM) Back again after 14 years! Good to see this still up.
X Zolon Icon : (22 October 2017 - 04:54 PM) Polo.
MA-53 Icon : (13 October 2017 - 09:42 PM) Marco
ticktockclok Icon : (08 October 2017 - 11:26 PM) Just thought of this place, and figured I would try to log in. I last posted 10 years ago. Hello to anyone out there - especially those from way back!
Res Icon : (06 October 2017 - 03:11 AM) As well as things can be, good to hear from you all :D!!! Much love all around.
X Zolon Icon : (05 October 2017 - 05:02 AM) Strange. I was thinking about it around the same time. Just didn't come back until now. Hope everyone is well.
Glammeress Icon : (16 July 2017 - 12:48 AM) Just thinking about this place, like out of nowhere. Hope everyone is well.
Rylkan Icon : (09 July 2017 - 04:07 PM) Not bad. Just finishing up grad school. Which means I am looking for distractions from writing. :p
Phieta Icon : (09 July 2017 - 05:06 AM) Still flying, so to speak. How goes with you?
Rylkan Icon : (09 July 2017 - 02:42 AM) I am even more amazed someone replied to this in less than a few month timescale. Hi! How goes?
Phieta Icon : (08 July 2017 - 09:43 PM) He does log into GW every month or so to retain leadership, so that's something
Phieta Icon : (08 July 2017 - 09:42 PM) There are several of us! Several!
Rylkan Icon : (08 July 2017 - 06:33 PM) I was actually hoping to get in touch with Cspace since its been forever. But it looks like our old leader is lost to the void.
Rylkan Icon : (08 July 2017 - 06:29 PM) In a moment of pure nostalgia, I remembered this site. Seeing any shouts from this year is insane.
asyluman Icon : (17 January 2017 - 02:45 AM) i only JUST started playing FFVIII
asyluman Icon : (17 January 2017 - 02:45 AM) woah are people still here
Phieta Icon : (13 January 2017 - 09:05 AM) Apparently I joined SeeD 14 years ago today.
Dragonman Icon : (10 September 2016 - 02:29 AM) Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven
x.. Icon : (13 July 2016 - 01:14 AM) idk. both of those are complicated questions.
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Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 11 October 2007 - 08:24 AM

Photos of Argentina are up!! Check them out on my Bebo at - just scroll down to my photo albums. :P

So I didn't blog yesterday because I went to sleep at 6pm and didn't wake up until about midnight and then crashed until 4am when I woke up and couldn't sleep. Yeah. It was a little crazy, but not dumb. DAMN. That would have been the ultimate blog entry title... and I think I'll change it to that. *changes* Well anyway, I needed the sleep, despite it being pretty erratic. Yesterday I just had a chillax veg day to recover from the "jet lag". Well, I was actually pretty sick so I had an excuse, unlike everyone else whom I saw online either through MSN or Bebo which was amusing. :D

I ended up watching the new season episodes of House, Desperate Housewives and Heroes which my dad got so I was pretty happy about that, and I got up to date with my Bleach and I downloaded (yes, I'm ashamed but I'll buy it as soon as I can and it's available somewhere close) the newest Nightwish album entitled Dark Passion Play!! OMG. SO EXCITING. But like, it wasn't as awesome as I hoped, yet still awesome. Still good as though, yet it seems kinda weird how they've shared out the vocals more. But it's still good, I ain't complaining... much. :P

Today was my first day back and school and MAN was I pretty much over it after the first 10mins in the morning before school. Me and Norton looked at each other and we were like "school sucks, why did I come?!" because that's what we felt like. Although I went to school today because we had Spanish first period and Mr. Matthews would have thrown a psych if I didn't turn up. And it was the most pointless lesson EVER because we watched a terrible video on the San Ignacio ruins... seriously, the cameraman should be shot. He would have gotten a Not Achieved under the NCEA system and would be given the sack immediately. The amount of times he zoomed in and out was just insane and he couldn't even keep a steady hand... *shakes head*

I ended up looking forward to Maths which I shouldn't have, because apparently Mr. Stowers got quite annoyed when he found out I was in Argentina because I decided I wouldn't tell him because if I did, he would have given me homework. So I went to Maths... and he was calm. Amazing! And he only had a go at me once, which was him telling me that I should be worried! AMAZING! But then he told me to attend the Maths tutorial at lunchtime so I could catch up on the notes which I missed out on so that kinda killed it. My god, I hate Maths so much. Mainly because I suck at it, but also because it's SO frustrating! GRR. The numbers never add up properly and then there's always some crazy formula to go with it to make it even harder. :X

Anyway, Physics was funny. Mr. Hardaker called out a group of people to speak with him privately outside and I was waiting for my name to be called out, since you could tell the list of names was of all the people who weren't doing so well in Physics. But then my name wasn't called out and I was sure there was some mistake, so I called out to Hardaker but he'd already walked outside. Then Narayan turned around to me and said that my name wasn't called out, most likely because I was dropping out of Physics. And it turns out he was right! The people whose names were called out were being told they "did not have the capacity" to continue with the Cambridge course next year and could only do the normal NCEA course. I was pretty much partying. :P

BUT OMG. Speaking of parties! Mr. Stowers told me to cancel all appointments and functions I had planned between now and Wednesday because he said I need to study hard out since our major exam (Pure Maths - worth 60% of the course) is on Wednesday. And I planned on being out all Saturday with mates since apparently there was a get-together for all those who went to Argentina! ARGH. I'm so pissed off, it was paintballing too. I do need to pass Maths though so I'll have to give it a miss this week and tell them to organize something in a week or two, whenever Labour Weekend is on. :(

Oh yeah, me and Callum went to Chartwell as we usually do afterschool when we don't have anything like work on. Holy crap Chartwell is small compared to shops and malls in Argentina. Like, it would have to be about a block or two, in total (all the shops) and a block in Argentina is 100x100m, it's insane. I miss Argentina *sigh* I don't have to shorten jeans when I buy them unlike here in New Zealand where the average height definitely isn't me. But I managed to buy The Mint Chicks album Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! since we were going to play the song of the same title for our Argentina band but pulled out an hour before it started because Tim and Bill couldn't play it. But the song's awesome so I bought the album because of that. And I bought the book Night Watch for half price at $14 because Whitcoull's was having a real awesome discount voucher week and I got it because I need a book to read (mainly to distract me from study) and I didn't want to wait for Callum then Cameron to finish reading the book. :P

Yay! Tomorrow's the last day of school this week, thank god it's Friday! I love Fridays. Although I think I have to go to Symphonic Band practice in the afternoon which'll be lame but fun... I think I'll just "forget" about it and go next week, I'm way too lazy right now. And I think I might go start reading Night Watch shortly after some "study" to show I've done something. -_-

~ Jonny

Schedule we scribbled on: Raves on a Plane! Featuring DJ Onny, MC Dougal and Ayrton "RAVE"ns-Clyde!

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Welcome Home

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 09 October 2007 - 02:55 AM

Gosh, it feels weird to be home. My nipples feel deprived as there's no Matty Cameron around to constantly grab them. Haha, jokes! Well, sort of. He does have a darn good nipple radar installed in his brain, it's pretty scary. :P

So it's great to be back in New Zealand again! I really don't know where to begin or what to say really. I had an awesome time but it's damn good to be back. It was super awesome and everyone was happy and excited at the start but towards the end, everyone was pretty much getting crabby at everyone (sorry Callum!!) and itching to see and hang out with other people. Really, you could see people who were the best of mates at the start of the tour end up hanging out with other people and hating each other yet still being good friends. I definitely had rages at others throughout the tour, none were very pretty. Some were even at Mr. Steel and Mr. Matthews, directly to their faces. :eek:

I took some pretty mean photos! Once I organize them, I'll upload them and post them somewhere. I won't post some photos of people just to be nice to them (even though they have no idea my blog exists) but I might if the photo is majorly awesome enough. Apart from Adrian. I ain't too sure if he still reads my blog and if he does... STALKER. ADRIAN, YOU'RE A STALKER!

We encountered so many funny things on the trip though. Even without leaving New Zealand, Callum found a vending machine selling "Nobby's" with the ever-so-stunning catchphrase "Nibble Nobby's Nuts!" which definitely earns hilarity points. Other interesting things such as a giant billboard with the word FAP on it and an ice-cream called Touch Me. We also managed to pass a police station which was a tiny little excuse of a building and Hernan, the best tour guide in the world. He says the most funniest things, one of which was a comment about the driving skills/tactics of Argentineans. "Does anyone feel like playing a game of Tetris?" :D

Speaking of terrible driving, holy crap. I now have respect for my mother's driving skills. People in Argentina are TERRIBLE. The taxi I was in one time didn't stop for red lights and kept on going and when he slowed down to brake (which was rare), he would put on his hazard lights and forgot to turn them off half the time. My host mum wasn't any better, she nearly drove on the wrong side of the road at one point and her method of braking involved changing gear to neutral (most cars in Argentina are manual, I never saw an automatic but apparently there are some but they're way too expensive) without slowing down and slamming on the brake at the last minute. And she completely ignored red lights and stop signs, even if cars were coming. :eek4:

Oh and DULCE FREAKING DE LECHE. My god. That stuff tastes really nice at first but after a while, it's so damn rich and sweet it's disgusting. I wouldn't mind eating it every now and then but seriously, it's EVERYWHERE in Argentina. You cannot avoid it. It's basically what the name is: sugar and milk. But it's like caramel and stuff. Nice but deadly. Nearly everyone was sick of it after the first week, if not the first few days. :P

Although it kinda sucked, because I went to Argentina with a cold and then lost it after a few days, but then gained another one the night before going to Mar del Plata and I'm pretty sick now. I bet I caught it from Matty, I knew I shouldn't have been with him the night before. I mean, whoops, you weren't meant to know that. Haha jokes! Although Matt's pretty dodgey sometimes, like REALLY dodgey and it's gross.

I made a heap of new friends from the class below us though. Like Sean and Cory and Hayden (already knew him before the trip though) and Edward and Matty and Patrick and pretty much everyone. Apart from Nathan, I tried to avoid him like the plague. Not soccer Nathan, creepy Nathan. He creeps me out. He looks like freaking Freddy Kruger and he has the evil stare to go with i. Seriously, there must be something wrong with him. Conversations with him make one shudder or just make one want to hit him or glare and his awful leather jacket and hat don't suit him at all. And that day while he wore his raincoat... my god, his stare could have made little children cry and be scarred for life. Oh and he has disgusting night habits. His room smells, enough said.

But the main lessons I've learned over the duration of the trip are these:

1) Argentineans will put anything on billboards, everywhere. From smokes to ham, they'll advertise it by streets, abandoned buildings, pamphlets and along the river bank. Oh and the kerb on the roadside.
2) Clutch your nipples in fear when Matty's around. Even if he's a few metres away, he's fast and can grab your nipple and get it 100% bang on in a flash.
3) Never go anywhere with only Mr. Matthews, there's a very high chance you'll get lost and/or get annoyed at his organization skills.
4) You cannot hide from Dulce de Leche. It's everywhere. If you try to avoid it, you'll end up eating without realizing until after having taken a bite.
5) Toilets suck in Argentina. There's a high risk you'll clog a toilet if you take a dump and you're from New Zealand. Seriously, on the 11th day me and a group of mates worked out we'd clogged about 14 toilets at that point in the trip.

So yeah, Argentina was great and I'll post pictures later on when I upload them. They'll most be just ones I think look really cool so yeah!! :P

~ Jonny

Hernan: Here you can see Argentinean drivers to the right. Does anyone feel like playing a game of Tetris? Driving here is a lot like that.
Mark: But Tetris has rules!

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So Long, So Long

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 19 September 2007 - 11:46 AM

I'll miss everyone!! And I'll miss blogging!! Tonight's the last night of sleep before Argentina and I'm excited as!! :)

Packing. GAH. I can barely fit everything into my bag and I had to take out heaps of stuff just to fit what I currently have in there at the moment. It's so lame... I'm going to hate wearing the same set of clothes all the time. I'm so glad I'll be able to buy heaps over there though... but now I wish I had heaps more money so I could spend more in Argentina! :(

Oh and I can tell where I get my paranoia and precautious nature from. My friends always think it's funny how I carry around strange objects and tools like screwdrivers, craft knives, needles and thread and sellotape in my bag. Oh, and a stapler. They always reside in my pencil case and seem to serve no purpose, although every now and then they're needed and I happen to have them. Although it was annoying today because Carl ripped his pants while practicing the rendition of Battleheart and I had no way to mend it.

a) My needle and thread was in my other bag
b) I'd run out of staples
c) When Carl tried using my sellotape... it turns out there was like 1cm of it left.

But I've had plenty of times where my tools have been needed. Many teachers have asked for a craft knife or screwdrivers and I'm immediately there, or maybe someone needs something mended like sandals, so I'll be there with my sellotape. Seriously. But trips are worse. I think of all the most trivial things to take, such as a light, a compass and all these random bottles of medicinal liquid. People always take the basics but I'm always one tier up and take extra...

And it's all because of my mum. She taught me from young to be very careful and to realize that anything can happen. So while packing, she decided that I needed extra disposable wipes, antiseptic cream, lip balm, an extra bottle of sunscreen, back up soap and shampoo, aloe vera for sunburn and a brand new mini sewing kit. Oh and a swiss army knife kinda thing which is pretty cool. But seriously, precautious, anyone? Yet I was one step ahead and had half of those things already, yet I still have to take them "just in case anything happens". I have doubles of heaps of things scattered all over the place just in case something gets lost and it's insane. :eek:

I hate being paranoid. :sure:

Oh yeah two awesome things happened at school today. First was during Physics. We had soccer prizegiving last night but I was too lazy to go and so were some others, despite recieving awards and stuff. So when I got to school, I found out that out of our whole team of like 14 or so, 2 people turned up: Lillis and Mitch. So when our team was called up to recieve our certificates, they went up feeling bad and Mitch was nervous, because he couldn't see Hardaker but then spotted him at the back. And Hardaker's jaw dropped and was shocked and he had to give a quick speech about the team. Wow. So when we got to Physics, he was immediately like "Thank you for coming last night, Jonathan. David. Cameron." and we tried not to laugh since he was having a good laugh over it. Next year our goal is for no one to turn up. :P

Second was during Music. I got Mr. Botting to mark my test since I wouldn't be there tomorrow so he started the NCEA paper and got really tired after a while. I was worried because according to him, Auryn only got 5 Achieveds and you needed at least 7 to pass. So he started marking... and I didn't even get the first question right, apparently I half-answered it since I needed to write down what was in the bass as well, but I know for next time. Some I amazingly enough got right and I ended up getting like 10 marks, 8 Achieveds and 2 Merits which is pretty crap in my opinion but I managed to pass!! Two Merits off a Merit mark though which stinks. :(

And then he went onto the bursary paper and just gave up because the marking sheet was missing and he was getting a headache from thinking. So we hunted down the marking sheet and ended up finding his son's paper from like 2001 so we used that as a marking schedule since he got 18/20 and had the corrections in it as well. I ended up getting 17/20 and I was annoyed because I didn't beat his son (like, best bassist for his age group in New Zealand - plays for heaps of jazz bands and was even invited to play with the Roger Fox Big Band) but Mr. Botting was amazed I passed both papers pretty decently. So he marked that as a Merit/Excellence since it's borderline Excellence or right on it, since he was having trouble converting to NCEA. So he gave me a Merit overall for the two papers and I'm stoked as!! It was hell as hard. :sweat:

Ahh and I'm still trying to decide whether or not to take my iPod along. I'll be kept entertained but like I know I'm going to lose it or get it stolen, serious. I'm pretty much the embodiment of the word clutz. :P

I CAN'T WAIT. But I'm so freaking scared. I can see why Adrian's "sh--ing [his] pants" as he said, since he's scared of theft and whatnot. Oh and BILL. Omfg. I'm so annoyed. Bill still doesn't know some of his bits for our band and we're leaving tomorrow!! He better have it all sussed, otherwise we're going to scream and die and colllapse and yeah.

Oh and yes I'm taking a paper bag, thank you Conor for thinking about it. It should remedy any hyperventilation I experience during the flight. :P

I'll miss everyone!! I've still got my phone with me so you can text me if you like since I'm on a roaming thing, but not too often because it charges me as well as mum's credit card! I'll be getting a local sim card over there (hopefully anyway) so I'll use that to text y'all! MISS YOU HEAPS!! :cry:

~ Jonny

Mr. Hardaker: I felt like a right old dick standing up there with two other people representing the team, and I had to talk about how committed you guys were to the team.

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The Conversation

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 16 September 2007 - 09:52 AM

Yay Argentina in four sleeps excluding if I decide to sleep on the plane! I've started packing and it's really fun, although I'm having a hard time trying to cut down on clothes to take. So far I've decided on 5 t-shirts (one long-sleeved), 3 shirts with collar, 4 long pants (includes jeans), 2 shorts, one spare white dress shirt and black pants (we'll be wearing our blazer to Argentina - thankfully we can change out of it on the plane but we gotta be in it once we hop off the plane), sandals and normal shoes. Oh and swimming togs (I really like my togs, mum got me them last year and they're REALLY cool, like stylish and stuff and it looks good as), a rain jacket, a hoody (eugh...) and a jacket. And heaps of socks and underwear, along with two towels. So yeah, I dunno how the hell everything's going to fit in the tiny bag they gave us. :P

But what I'm really annoyed about, is the fact I'm going to look like a typical AMERICAN tourist. Everyone keeps saying I'm such an American, but I'm not! I haven't even been to the place in my life (yet I really want to). Apparently it's to do with my accent and my use of "Americanisms" such as "ain't" and the fact I spell everything with z's instead of s's (thankfully I spell "colour" and "favour" right). And Callum also says it's to do with the way I dress, since I usually always wear a dress shirt unbuttoned over a normal t-shirt whenever I go somewhere. And the clothes I'm currently wearing... are very American. Like, I usually wear black and stuff but I decided that for Argentina, I really don't want to come off as a goth or something so I hunted through my whole wardrobe for non-black clothes. I came up with 2 shirts and a pair of pants, excluding my shorts (one's a faded black, or an off-black). :sure:

So I decided to sort out cool-looking styles with the non-black clothes and I came up with a nice one... but it makes me REALLY American-like. Like, we have to take at least one pair of BLUE jeans. My god, I hate blue jeans. I used to hate jeans until I discovered how cool black jeans look so I wear them, but it's hard to wear blue jeans... but I admit, what I'm currently wearing looks pretty cool. Although I'm still deciding on whether red or white is a better t-shirt colour, currently it's white. So I'm wearing blue jeans, a white t-shirt and an open light-blue collared shirt. It's bad... Callum said all I need is to wear a backwards baseball cap and it'll be complete. I REALLY don't want to come off as American when I travel there... and then mum found some jerseys and shirts in Nick's cupboard. Great... I could really do with some baseball jumpers and shirts to make me less American. :sure:

Anyway, the reason for the title of my entry today is a conversation I was over-hearing while eating dinner between mum and a family friend who decided to come over to hang out. Well actually, I'll just mention a different conversation before the real one. Kenneth (family friend of mum and dad's, they went to university together) was talking about how people these days lack plenty of knowledge about other countries and/or their history, and used an example of a quiz night he went to recently. He was disgusted that no one could answer (apart from his group) about what was the northern-most capital in the world. I immediately just blurted out "Reykjavik" (capital of Iceland) and he looked at me and said no one knew that. I felt so proud. :P

But the conversation. Mum and him were talking in Chinese half the time so I really couldn't be positive, but the thing is after being around my parents for so long, despite not knowing how to speak Chinese at all, I can usually understand what they're talking about without realizing. So they were talking in Chinese... and I just suddenly thought "Jo-Anne?" and it turns out it they were talking about her. So I listened and then realized they were discussing how hard some things must be for her...

Y'see, Jo-Anne has been a friend of ours for years and years from when mum went to study Nursing and her son's a pretty good friend of mine (his name's Jacob... funny how I know quite a few people with the name Jake). She has it tough because she raises Jacob alone, yet her job demands that she works erratic hours sometimes and he is usually alone at home. She doesn't get along with her mother very well and she has a habit of drinking quite a bit making things even harder on herself, since Jacob can't stand it and in a way it has an influence on him. He goes out with friends of his quite a bit late at night (last time I was with him, they were playing ninjas on the streets and the local golf course), he drinks every now and then and he's even done drugs. He's only told me these things because we've been so close for ages and in a way he looks up to me as a role model (he's a year younger than me).

We've been mates since we were like 6 or 7 and I always remember doing things and he'd always follow me around. I remember I used to hate it but after a while I realized it was because he didn't have someone to look up to, as his mother used to always be out working, so I relaxed and we became good friends. :)

I'm just really worried for him now, since he can be easily influenced due to a strained relationship with his mother. He loves her yet sometimes he hates it, because one night she might just be ridiculously drunk and she'll lash out at him. He always cares for her though, yet sometimes it's too much and he'll just run away for the night. Me and mum saw her in one of these moods when we went to visit them at the start of this year (they live all the way in Napier now - used to be Auckland). She was completely off her face and she ended up lashing out and both me and Jacob for a little thing and my mum got pretty angry at her (they're good friends too, but what Jo-Anne did was absolutely stupid and she's never EVER yelled at me before - she was nearly in tears about it when she sobered up in the morning) and talked to her for the whole night. That was when Jacob pretty much poured out a lot of his thoughts to me and I realized that his life is pretty unstable at the moment.

What's worse, his mother is thinking of sending him to a boarding school, since trying to be a mother and providing for the family is getting to be too much for her sometimes, and he's really scared about it. I'm worried, because I don't think he'll survive in a boarding school. He used to be a bad kid when he was younger but now that he's mature, he's pretty good. I mean, the only reason he tried drugs was because his friend pressured him into it, and he got really scared once he tried it and immediately contacted me. Teenagers will be teenagers I guess. But he knows not to do it again... I hope. :(

But that's one of the reasons I really want to go visit him during the Christmas holidays. Me and mum always go to Whangamata with them since Jo's mother lives there and we just hang out at the beach for a week or two with them. I want to see how he's doing and just pray that everything's okay and that he hasn't done something stupid.

I feel burdened with knowledge. I know so much about some people in my life it hurts a lot. I want to do so many things to help but I know that if I try to intervene, it'll collapse and there'll be no way to fix it. So all I can do is subtly influence when possible...

~ Jonny

*Sean and Liam are juggling a soccer ball*
Sean: Jonny, you should show us your juggling skills.
Me: I'm awesome as at juggling, I'll show you guys. One... two... THREE!
*ball smashes a window*
Liam: ... so much for juggling.

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Music Non Stop

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 12 September 2007 - 08:42 AM

... when I close my eyes. ARGH. I forgot to grab a dictionary of music today from the Music department so now I'm going to do crap in the exam tomorrow. I was planning on reading it tonight for italian terms but now I can't because I don't have one! I asked Mr. Botting if I could have my exam NOT in the hall because I hate the hall and I'll be done in like an hour and be sitting there doing nothing for another two. But then he said I wouldn't have any time (to read a book or listen to my iPod, that is, since I wanted to have it in the Music dept. so I could once I finished the exam) since the exam he's giving me is apparently real hard... he had this real happy smile when he said that. And he only smiles like that when he's about to do something nasty. :sure:

My god I'm hell as bored now just waiting for Argentina. I ain't gonna really study or do much prep for my exam tomorrow (last one!!) since I'll have 3 hours if I'm really that desperate and if it's as hard as Mr. Botting says. Actually, if it'll take me 3 hours then I wonder if Mr. Botting'd have an easy time doing the exam... :icky:

Eww we had Physics today. Spanish was a piece of cake and I went and bought Maccas afterwards (2 hour exams ftw!) since I had a gap between 11am and 1pm. Usually the exams are 3 hours but some are less than that, so I had to wait an hour for other people to come out. So I went and got McDonalds (no Cameron, I will not go to Burger King! It ain't close to Boys' High at all and I ain't driving all the way out to Hillcrest!) and came back and spotted David and Sean. Turns out their Accounting exam was only two and a half hours so that was all good, I just shared some fries with them. I also shared fries with Edward of whom I was talking to while walking from my car to the C block quad, and Brynn who was just wandering outside of class, since he's a Year 9 and in my tutor group. :P

But my god Physics was a pain. I picked up the worst paper to start off with first, since it was about Waves. Holy hell I've never seen more nastier questions. So after doing that in just under an hour (recommended time for that paper - 40mins) I got cracking on the others which weren't too bad... Electromagnetism was just stupid. The English used in it was a shocker and half the questions were terrible. The funny thing with NCEA is they try to apply all these questions (like Maths and Physics questions and stuff) to everyday things. So I enjoyed the paper as I read on a question about a lone electron sitting on the tip of an airborne plane. And then a poorly-worded question on god-knows-what, it was that bad. :eek:

So after having gotten out of Physics in one piece, I turned to look at everyone. Wow. I've never seen so many sombre faces in my life, even more than the Maths exam. Everyone's main whinge was about Waves of course, and then just random questions. It was funny as, me, Ross and Sean Jones were all sitting by each other. Sean then saw me and was like "Yuss I'm sitting next to Jonny!" and Ross was like "Hah I purposely sat by him!" and I was like "Awesome!! Now we can all fail together!!" and we high-fived each other. :P

But Hardaker wasn't helping in the exam as he always does. He kept pulling faces at me as he walked by where I was sitting and kept trying to glance at my test paper. :bleh2:

I'm so excited about Argentina!! And I'm keen as for some shopping, but I need to save up my money otherwise I'll have nothing at all. Gutted. I had to fill up some gas in my car and I can proudly say I am an expert at filling up petrol now. Last time I spent about half a minute trying to see why it wouldn't work with the guy at the counter watching me, and then I realized I had to lift it up. Afterwards, it took me another half to whole minute to see how to put the cap back on my tank. Turns out I was turning it the wrong way... :P

And GRR I'm annoyed. Sean O's GBA which he's letting me borrow for Argentina ran out of batteries last night as I was secretly playing Pokemon when I was meant to be sleeping. So I went to charge it... it uses an American plug. My god. I nearly had a psych. And we don't have any American converters in our house so now I need to steal someone's GBA charger for three weeks. I might ask Boris very kindly... he should part with it, since he said he'd let me borrow his GBA for Argentina before Sean gave me his. It's worth a shot anyway. :P

Far out I'm majorly bored. I need to find some more games to play... World of Warcraft is fun but I'm tired of farming for materials and running around aimlessly for quests and I'm waiting for Jake to play with me. I dunno why but it's hard to play Guild Wars now. The controls just drive me insane now since I keep hitting B and C for my backpack and characteristics, when it really should be I and K or whatever. And I click to swivel the screen and then I end up moving. SO irritating... :sure:

I might just go have a shower and then do some Music papers, I'm that bored. But I love Music so much. :)

~ Jonny

*while walking out of the hall after Spanish, we pass Mr. Kotze*
Me: *whispering loudly* Hi Mr. Kotze!! *waves*
Mr. Kotze: Aiyaiyai Mr. Tan, you're still here?? I couldn't tell because you weren't talking!

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This Fire

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 11 September 2007 - 08:49 AM

Holy crap, sometimes I forget how much I love some songs or bands... I was just all happy while singing along to "The Walking Wounded" by Bayside, then all of a sudden "Tir Nan Og" by Alcest came on and I just got such a surge of happiness inside and it made me feel even more happy than I was while listening to Bayside. I love Alcest so much... I think I'm going to create an awesomeness playlist a-- OMG. And right after that... "11 Dreams" by Mercenary. *dies* I swear I'm in heaven at the moment... :D

Ahh I can't stop thinking about these songs now... I'm definitely going to create an even cooler playlist than I currently have up now. And I'm going to listen to it for ages and ages and never stop listening to it... and I'm getting all warm and fuzzy on the inside about it. :)

And I just had a funny conversation with Peter. He's "studying" which is quite not like him, or so I'd think anyway. But he'd study. Anyway, so we just were talking and then he mentioned how I'm going to Argentina shortly and I got all excited... but then I got annoyed because I'd miss the WoWathon in the holidays. Yeah... that's pretty sad. But it's addictive. :(

Fail song. "Ides of March" by Silverstein isn't as good as everything else. Oh wait, it's "Smile in Your Sleep", my bad. Actually, it's a good song, I take back my previous comment. All of Silverstein is good. :P

The Maths exam today was SHOCKING. I thought I was going to do pretty average since I could answer a number of questions, including some hard ones, but then I missed out a whole page on Calculus because it was just too much for me. I thought I got the rotation of a curve around a line to create a solid question right... but now that I think about it, I think I got the formula mixed up. Although it was a pretty good effort I must say, since I don't even have the notes on it and I only remember the formula from Sam mentioning it one time in class. :sweat:

Oh and I handed in two of my Music practice papers to get marked... I got ONE question wrong in the first one, achieving 95% all because me and the teachers were confused about one chord. I originally said Bb9sus4 or something but we were shakey on it since it was a weird chord, but then I changed it after the teachers started explaining some stuff... and it ended up being Bb9sus4. ARGH. And then the second paper I got 75% all because I mixed up one chord and that threw off four other questions. I hate bursary sometimes... :sure:

"Be My Escape" by Relient K is pretty good... but the list has been thrown off by "Fragile" by Lacuna Coil. I like the song but the introduction which kinda sounds Egyptian always makes me wince. I like the rest of the song though, it's really awesome. Actually, I like this song too. Just not the intro. :P

I'm SO tired though. I told mum Maths went bad and she got all worried, and now she wants me to study EVEN MORE for Physics because it's my weak subject, but I've already studied heaps for it. I can't exactly study 24/7, I'm not like that. :sweat:

Argentina is going to be SO AWESOME. Although Ashley just told me that Aerolineas or whatever we're traveling on doesn't have screens in the back of the seat... only one gigantic screen at the front for each part of the plane. Great. So now I might actually have to take my iPod along, although I'm worried I'll lose it or it'll get stolen or I'll drop it over a waterfall since I'm that clumsy. I might take my small 256mb mp3 player if I have to, although listening to the same songs over and over again could get really irritating. But we got our GBAs for Pokemon on the plane so it won't be too bad!! Actually, I'll probably just talk for most of the flight since I LOVE talking and planes and small places are best for talking. Although I'm claustrophobic and have trouble breathing while adjusting to different altitudes so I might be out of commission for the first 20-30mins. :P

And GRR. I'm so annoyed. I think I got home too late because I haven't seen Jake and I feel I need to talk to him! :sure:

Speaking of teddy bears, I haven't talked to Camille in a while. I think I'll text her tomorrow between my Spanish and Physics exams. :)

Gosh, there are so many things I want to say but I really can't say them!! *whinges* I've been whinging a lot more than usual which is fairly odd, I have no idea why to be honest. It's just really odd. Oh and I saw Tom during the Maths exam today!! Although I don't think he noticed me when I blurted out a "TOM!!" and walked past. :(

Oh. And I tried not to laugh when one of the answers I wrote for Maths was <3. Although afterwards I realized it was wrong and had to change it to <-3. :(

~ Jonny

*while playing WoW, I listen to other guild members talking*
Tams (leader): I'm so annoyed at Nick! It's our one month anniversary after getting married and he's celebrating it by PvPing. Without me!

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Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 06 September 2007 - 11:36 AM

My god, study is intense. It's a real thinker... I did two Music papers to hand to Mr. Botting tomorrow to see how I'm going and then I moved onto English study.

Wow. I think I've done some good study, since I finally realized what one of the poems we've been studying is all about. I decided to take the learning approach Mrs. Redpath used for Julius Caesar and A View From The Bridge on Tuesday and Wednesday (they were actually really good revision lessons, pity about the terrible poetry lesson) and applied them to the two poems I plan on writing about in the exam coming up tomorrow.

Everyone's doing Ozymandias since it's one poem we know in depth and everyone's studied thanks to the several lessons dedicated to the poem... not to mention the hilarious jokes used with quotes about Ozymandias which crop up all the time. But it's one of the ones I'm doing and the study notes I wrote for it just before seemed to help quite a bit... but not as much, since the main focus is human insignificance in time/history because no matter how much we try place our mark on the land, in the end we're nothing among the lone and level sands of time.

The second poem everyone seems to be doing is Upon *you guys are lame*... Yes, it is in fact about what's in the title. However, like Ozymandias, it deals with the idea of human insignificance, and yet again, it's one of the few we studied in class.

But I'm not planning on doing that one. I'm choosing The City Planners instead. And I'm so amazed and deep in thought at the moment because I think I've found the main idea the poem discusses. We established in class (yay for poems we've studied in class) that Margaret Atwood was trying to convey the idea that perfection was not that perfect, that it can seem like a fain sickness lingering among everything. The word choice she uses also helps to convey her opinion... and then I realized what it is about.

The loss of individual freedom.

No matter how much you try to hide all the imperfections, eventually they will surface as nothing is perfect. To be perfect, we will all end up having to be the same. Margaret Atwood uses words such as pedantic rows, sanitary trees and the rational whine of a power mower to show that everything is in control and orderly, it brings up the notion of suppression, that everything is calculated, logical and reasoned. There is no sense of individualism among these houses, only one body trying to achieve perfect, and any imperfections are covered up and hidden away from sight and appear as a bruise to those people. In the end, we will not have any control over our lives as we will conform to be alike, to be the "perfect" human being, at the cost of individual freedom.

And wow, I think writing this blog has helped me with my essay. Yay. I don't think I'm going to fail as badly now. :P

Anyway, aside from all things educational (especially Maths), I had a fun day today!! We had our Argentina meeting during interval today and I led Tutira Mai and Whakaria Mai, although I have no idea what the words for Tutira Mai are. But it was awesome fun and then we just dispersed and went back outside before going to class. Lunch was just fun since we sat inside. I basically did nothing and relaxed, as I watched Matt, Mitch, Narayan, David and Sean play cards and Souvik giving pointers to Cameron and Callum as they played Pokemon. Tahn, Sma, Sam, John, Liam, Carl and Blair decided to stay outside despite my best efforts to convince Blair and Carl to come upstairs (the others are just way too noisy haha but they're awesome anyway even if they got us kicked out one time!!). :sure:

Oh and we got our finalized lists for Argentina such as clothes and groups and stuff... I'm a group leader!! Even though we don't really do anything, I'm a group leader!! It's so exciting even though everyone else doesn't think so and just looked at me weirdly!! And I won't be surprised if I lead my group in the wrong direction and end up getting lost, Norton, Callum and Cameron think I'm going to end up in Canada. :P

Classics was awesome!! This isn't educational btw. We had to move our desks to D2 from A4 because of exams in the hall so we went to D2 to grab their desks to take to the hall (ours in A4 would be given to D2) but the teacher told us to come back in 20mins. So once 20mins had been up, we went over with our desks... but got halted by Mr. Robinson and told to turn around since ours weren't needed. But then as we went inside and put our desks down, he came back saying D1 needed our desks. So then we grabbed them and got out of the corridor... and he told us to take them back. We were all pissed off at that point and we nearly got back to class... when he told us our desks were in fact needed in D1. ARGH. He's so damn annoying. So we took them into D1...

It just so happened to be the Year 12 Economics class being taken by my tutor teacher Mrs. Weren (my tutor class is D1, w00t) and Carl and Mitch are in that class. Mrs. Weren then saw me and was like "Oh hey Jonny!!" and like the whole class pretty much knows me and I know them so I put my desk down and then sat on the same seat as Carl and stayed in Economics as he taught me how to get a Merit in the class... until I realized who was in the class.

"Jonny Tan. There's Aria chips!"

Crap. Campbell. He is SO irritating. I used to be good mates with him back in primary school but since I left to go to a different intermediate and he stayed (Hamilton West is a primary and intermediate school), we just never stayed good mates despite hanging out during weekends every now and then during the first year of intermediate. And he always likes to say that second sentence, since I said that line for a TV commercial I was in advertising my friend Bjorn's parents' product, since they own the whole Aria Farm business. Right after that he decided to say the most embarrassing thing in the world to me (others might debate whether it's embarrassing, many find it legendary and think I'm weird for being embarrassed saying there's nothing to be embarrassed about) and I just turned red-faced and quickly got up to leave. Mitch just looked at me and asked in an amazed voice if it was true, Mrs. Weren turned to look at me and the whole class just started making some comments in amazement and stuff. Josh (I think it was josh) just looked at me as I quickly walked out of the classroom back to Classics and said what I did was legendary but I blocked out everything else. Jeez. The past can really haunt you sometimes... :sweat:

That reminds me of something funny on the bus today. Me and Callum were sitting on the bus and just talking and there were these two guys who always are on it as well. Now they think I musn't have ears or something, but they always whisper and talk about me, especially this one guy. Anyway, today he must have had the guts to ask or something since they were discussing it at the bus stop while I was eating my sundae and Callum was drinking his milkshake, so when we got on the bus, I purposely chose the seat in front of them to see what would happen... then...

The one guy leans towards me and asks....

That guy: Are you gay?
Me: Why? Are you trying to hit on me?
That guy: *defensively* No! *quickly pointing to his friend* He wanted to know!
His friend: No, it was that guy! *pointing to a random on the bus*
Random: Wtf?

Jesus, some people are weird, yet I found that actually hilarious. It's kinda creepy though since I get hit on by guys quite a bit. Callum says I'm too camp. :P

Oh yeah!! We went to the Salvation Army shop (I felt so cheap walking into that store) to buy suits for soccer on Saturday. We bumped into Tahn and Liam on the way, whom we spotted because they were walking around with two chairs each, taken from outside of Mr. Leach's classroom because they were there and they felt like taking them. Tahn joined us in looking for stuff since he needed a tie. I ended up getting a tie and a jacket and Callum just got a jacket. The tie + jacket ended up costing $6 for me which was an awesome deal, although the clothes did smell like poor people, as I kept saying to Callum on the bus ride back. :P

Oh yeah!! Just for something quick which happens to be educational, I beat Mr. Botting in a Music paper!! At first I said the key of the piece was F major due to all the modulation being relevant to F major, but Mr. Botting said the C sharp (I saw that before but disregarded that due to the excessive use of accidentals) indicated D minor. In the end when I got to a question and told him it made no sense if the key was D minor, he checked the answers... and the key was F major. OMG. I was SO stoked!! Adrian kept telling me to be quiet though which was pretty amusing. Hopefully that proves to Mr. Botting I can in fact do Scholarship Music. :D

~ Jonny

Me: You should come play soccer on Saturday with us!!
Blair: Aww I can't, Dalyn's got this rowing fundraising event on.
Me: I bet you like to stroke his oar!
Blair: No, I'd rather enjoy raising his funds!

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These Are The Days

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 04 September 2007 - 10:46 AM

Y'know, I just realized, but it's really hard to remember if I've used some of these songs as blog entry titles already. So I think I'll change this one... since it sounds like one I'd have used quite a few times and I'll check afterwards. :P

Anyway, I'm getting REALLY excited about Argentina now!! Got something like 15 or 16 days to go (according to the countdown in our Spanish class) and today during Spanish we had a major discussion (more like major stalling of Mr. Matthews so we didn't have to do any work) about the trip and everything which would be happening. :)

Ashley went home and brought back a set of bags which we would each have and would use while over there. They're small. I couldn't stop complaining because I was trying to imagine how I'd fit all my clothes into that tiny little travel bag but Mr. Matthews said we wouldn't need so many clothes... but I'll need them since I can't stand constantly wearing a set of clothes for more than a day. And Callum did an awesome job strutting and displaying the travel packs along the catwalk in class, 10/10 performance. But I'm still annoyed because they're really tiny and I won't be able to fit everything I want to take, so I'm probably just going to do what I did (and always do when travelling) last year for Vanuatu and wear extra layers when going there and upon arrival, strip off all the extra layers and just either stuff them into my bag or just carry them in a plastic bag. :P

Oh yeah. Mr. Matthews must have been talking crap today or something, but I'm seriously annoyed. Apparently we have to pay an EXTRA $300 because "the dollar's dropped" which is pretty much bullcrap since last time. So now everyone has to pay an extra $300 for all the money which has been lost due to the changes in price and he won't even give us a letter to take home to our parents since "they already know" about it but at the last meeting, he said it was a possibility but unlikely to happen. So now everyone's getting pretty pissed off about it. :sure:

We had our Maori presentation practice today during interval for Argentina!! No one knows the actions to the Kamate haka and me, Callum, Norton and Cameron were the only ones singing the Spanish version of Whakaria Mai thanks to me having a copy of the words... in the end it was basically me singing since I was the loudest and everyone just turned around to watch me sing and it was pretty scary. :X

Oh yeah!! Something funny happened in Music today. Well, more like frustrating. So I'm doing practice for my harmony and tone recognition exam which is coming up shortly and Mr. Botting finally gave me a practice sheet to do... I completed it in half an hour. I think I blogged about it yesterday. Well anyway, he marked it today. I got one mark taken away from my total... ONE question wrong. All because they didn't physically show a key change in the piece towards the end, and even Mr. Botting said it was a nasty one, since the accidental added in the end chord progression was present throughout the extract and that was hardly obvious. :sure:

Basically I just got one mark wrong out of the whole test which was something like 40 or so marks... I asked Mr. Botting for my grade since I wanted him to write down Excellence... but he wrote down Merit saying "full marks for Excellence" and then walked away saying "Ahh I love being a teacher" and I nearly threw my pen at him. But he was just messing with me and told me it was all good. :P

And then he gave me another sheet to do and this time it was really annoying since half the terms they used I had to guess (thankfully I got them right) but at one question, I got really annoyed (hint: only read the next few paragraphs if you're a Music Theory freak like me) and had to ask him for help. The question went like this:

From the extract above, where it is marked x, y, z, identify the notes in the chord which are unnecessary. The first two were pretty much straightforward (x had the Emin chord, root position, with the missing dominant and two unnecessary passing notes, while y had Emin again but in the first inversion with another unnecessary passing note) however z was confusing. At a glance, you'd think the passing note would be disregarded, however it makes up the A flat major 7th chord, and generally you need to keep the 7th of the chord to display it. From all my theory knowledge and teachings, I've been brought up to keep the 1st, 3rd, 7th and 9th notes of the chord if I have to neglect others.

Now, z happened to involve A flat, C, E flat and G which forms the A flat major 7th chord. So I wrote down that E flat was unnecessary and went to ask Mr. Botting if I was right, however he said it seemed like the G was completely unnecessary, but I pointed out the fact it made up a 7th chord so he stopped and looked. Then he asked Mr. Chaplain (Music student teacher) what note to remove and he said the G, but then looked again and said the G made the 7th chord and that removing it would make it not sound complete, however the dominant (5th, E flat) was constant through the extract and removing it would cause a gap. So Mr. Botting went to his trusty harmony theory book to look for information about unnecessary notes...

Nothing. The book told us nothing. So now I'm stuck because Mr. Botting and Mr. Chaplain's answer contradicts my knowledge of theory. And then Mr. Botting told me to trust my Theory teacher more than him because he was bad at harmony. So basically I don't really know the answer and Mr. Botting's lost the answer sheet. But if I think about it, the G is only a passing note therefore it won't have as much significance on the chord, however you can't ignore the fact that the chord is on the first beat of the bar so the G has more of an impact. Argh... I love Theory because I'm good at it but sometimes it just drives me insane. :icky:

Mr. Botting said he'd help me out with it tomorrow and we'd look it up and discuss it all and then go over other important bits of Music. :)

Although he and Mr. Mayall were amazed at my ability to read and score out figured bass and told me that figured bass was unnecessary and only needed for girls, people who play harpsichord and for cellists of music from about the 18th century period. :sure:

I love Tuesdays though!! I don't have Maths on Tuesdays!! Although I got Maths first period tomorrow which'll be lame, Wednesdays are like my worst days, although I have Music between interval and lunch which is awesome and Classics after lunch, so it's not too bad I guess. :D

Oh yeah... I still haven't forgotten about him. Today David looked at me and with a grim look on his face, said:

"Morrinsville are in our division for 5 aside soccer."

YUSS. NATHAN!! Although I just have to hope that he's actually playing on Saturday. :P

It's funny, Carl cured my grumpy mood today by surprise hugging me and just whispered into my ear "Nathan!!" and I was all cheerful again!! I was grumpy because me, Callum and Souvik were having an intense debate on something like equality or something, brought about by South and Mr. Hassall during Classics which led to quite a nice philosophical discussion on morals and religion and whatnot for the last half hour of the class. :)

~ Jonny

*35mins of the period wasted by discussion about Argentina*
Mr. Matthews: Ahh yes ok now boys, you had homework from last night. Bring that out now.
Matt: *whispers to me in a panicking voice* Quick Jonny, stall him some more! Show us what you're made of!
Me: *hand shoots up* Sir! Uhh... what's the inventory actually going to be like now that we've finalized everything?
*no work gets done for the whole period as I constantly as questions for the rest of the hour*

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