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Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 15 October 2007 - 10:34 AM

Today's actually been pretty awesome. I thought it'd suck but it turned out to be quite all right. :)

So I'd been "studying" last night because we had a practice assessment for Maths today. Studying meaning alt-tabbing Heroes of Might and Magic V every single time my mum'd come into my room to see how I was going with my studying. I think I stopped playing at like 9pm or something, I ended up doing some revision on functions and now I think I can do them. Yay for me! But I don't think the "revision" payed off somehow. :P

I had to catch the bus early this morning since mum was going to work earlier. It was raining a bit as well so I was torn between either taking my crappy umbrella or my good umbrella and funnily enough, my good umbrella is from the $2 shop, although it's big so it doesn't fit in my bag. So I was thinking about if I'd enjoy carrying it around all day and I thought against it so I walked outside... and it stopped raining! Yay, smart move for me. But it turns out the weather kept changing the whole day and afterschool it was so windy and raining every now and then so I regretted not taking it. :sure:

MAN. I was watching the rugby match during Music today and I got so annoyed. I wanted Argentina to win but I knew South Africa would since they're way better and I started watching just after half time when the score was 24-13 to South Africa. No surprises there. So I just stood there in front of the TV in the recording studio (I was meant to be looking after the Year 10s because Mr. Mayall was lazy and was copying over some work and didn't want to have to keep checking up on them every now and then) and got so frustrated when South Africa ended up scoring like another 13 points in the last 10mins or so. UGH. Oh well, Argentina hopefully will beat France again to be 3rd. I'd be cheering for New Zealand... but they're out and I don't think I want to rant about them anymore. :sweat:

So I ended up not going to the practice Maths test today because of our Spanish assessment 4th period. Cameron and Adrian got the Maths test to do over the weekend on Friday but I left school before Maths because I was pretty much dying. I didn't exactly want to see Stowers at interval since he'd probably make me do the test third period despite the fact I have English and Redpath would kill me, so I avoided him like the plague. So after the first period of our Spanish assessment, we had Maths last period.

Oh joy. Me and Won Seuk just sat there doing nothing for the whole period since we were the two people who didn't sit it. Won Seuk ended up just not knowing there was a test since his attendence rate to Maths is pretty much like mine, although he studies way too much at home so he's like one of the good as students in the class. So he started writing notes to me on his hand telling me we should go to Music, but Botting's another one I avoid as much as possible now since I'm meant to hand in at least some evidence that I've started my research assignment. Oh, and Stowers would kill us if we decided to ditch Maths for Music. So we sat there doing nothing and it was real boring. At least the period finished quickly so me and Callum caught the bus and then went to Chartwell. :P


Okay, excitement over. Yeah. It's pretty cool, the artwork on the inside of the booklet is really amazing, I'm always just staring at the pictures now. But seriously, they're awesome as. I'd scan them if I could but I'm pretty sure that's illegal so I won't. But it's awesome. :P

Oh, and Ayrton will in fact be playing at Raves at an Asado at the end of this year. We just now need to learn "Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!" by The Mint Chicks and another one or two songs. Adrian and Bill are suggesting Fall Out Boy and I won't mind that I guess, however I'll put my foot down if it's thatt really annoying song, I can't remember the name of it right now. I really wanna do a Bayside track, although we need a second guitarist and I really don't have enough time to learn the guitar right now. I could, but it'd take up all my time which is meant to be devoted to study and work. Yeah. But so far our songs are this:

"Wonderful World" by James Morrison
"Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!" by The Mint Chicks
"The Ides of March" by Silverstein

So all we need are one or two more songs. If only we could do The Mars Volta... I'd love to do that, but it's pretty hard and Conor can't sing that high anymore. *sigh* OH. Wait, now I remember. We could always try "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor. I remember Adrian got so annoyed when I suddenly said we should have done that song like 10mins before our performance since he said we could have easily done that. Oh well, we should do it this time. That'd be so awesome. :D

~ Jonny

Ricardo: Right, now can you remember the name of the Darkthrone album?
Callum: Uhhmm... * awkward silence* F--- Off And Die.

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We Are The Music Makers

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 15 September 2007 - 08:56 AM

One thing I really love about music is when you play it, you get such a nice feeling inside. It's always something along the lines of "I'm making such a beautiful sound and I like it" and you can't help but smile and really enjoy the feeling. :)

So today we had our annual Hamilton Community Centre of Music concert and umm... it was interesting. Let's just say I wish we had Neil Bruce back. Chris Hendy's really nice but this year was just a mess and everything was disorganized. It didn't help that Chris forgot his glasses and was the master of ceremonies for the whole night, so he was squinting to read what was going on and he kept calling out the wrong people up on stage and the programme just got muddled up. And he'd give a history lesson on either the instruments or the music being played and he managed to make up a completely wrong story about Danny's background. I knew most of Danny's background from when he told me and mum ages ago and I just raised an eyebrow and then turned to Danny...

Danny's face was great. He was biting his lip and was trying not to say anything. Apparently Danny's new birthplace is Vienna and he's a refugee who's been here for a decade now. I tried not to laugh. :D

Keyboard was uhh... well we were performing two songs, Sad Songs (Say So Much) by Elton John and Trish Trash Polka by some other person. Let's just say, me and Daksna's rendition of Elton John's song was... very sad. We kept making mistakes and at one point both of us didn't play for a bar because we didn't know it. Oh and my keyboard's rhythm (we were both plugged into the amplifier so everyone could hear us) went haywire and got out of time so I had to stop it and just play with the right hand only for the whole time. :sweat:

And GRR. One of the reasons why I dropped some instruments (aside from not much practice and pretty much sucking at the drums) was so that I didn't have to be in so many performances during the night. Like last year, I was only planning to be with the wind band on drums, keyboard for the jazz band and the keyboard section... I ended up drumming for the intermediate band and playing the marimbas as well, all because they knew I could play instruments and I was decent at most (apart from drums, seriously, I can only read sheet music so improvising is out of the question). And I wasn't even meant to be playing the drums for the wind band, I was meant to be playing the flute! But Danny decided to shove me on drums because he knew I could play them adequately (as in, keep time) and then Andrew grabbed me for the keyboard for jazz band since he knew I played for school. :sure:

The previous year before that, I was playing with the flutes, clarinets, keyboards, percussion section and violin section. That was a little too much... although lots of people afterwards were amazed at how many performances I was in. That's kinda why I cut it down to keyboard and clarinet...

But no! This morning during the rehersal, I was playing the keyboard and clarinet and was planning to leave during the intermission for once, since the groups I was in were at the very start. Yippee!! But then Danny spots me and pushes me to help out with the intermediate band on my clarinet (he failed to recruit me for drums this year, I insisted on playing the clarinet) and then Michelle knew about my musical experience and told me to join in with the orchestra. Great. Sight reading. It's a good thing I can actually sight read yet the orchestra pieces were a shocker for sight reading. But in the end it was okay. Although I hid from Danny even more that night because he was looking for me to play with the clarinet section and the jazz band. :icky:

And then my Theory of Music teacher spotted me and decided to recruit me for the Waikato Youth Symphonic Band. GREAT. I tried to decline but she insisted, since she knew I could play music pretty decently and she said that I was being invited to the best band in New Zealand, like actually the best. At nationals, they took out first place by miles and the judges said that if they could have gotten it, their second best song would have recieved second place and their third best song would have recieved third. I'm still hesitant...

Because this is my fourth invitation to an orchestra/band. The first time was several years ago with the Waikato Youth Symphony Orchestra. They wanted me on the violin but I declined saying I was already busy with heaps of other things (languages and other musical instruments) but persisted and asked me the year after that, but again I declined. Then a friend of mine tried to recruit me on the clarinet for some other random Waikato Youth group so I went one day but the music was REALLY boring (I mean classical is great but this was crap classical) so I didn't show up ever again. And now I'm wanted for the Symphonic Band... I might try it out, but it's on Fridays which means I'll have to give up tennis. :(

Oh and I desperately want to say something but I can't, because it's embarrassing and silly. :P

Man I can't wait to sleep tonight!! I'm looking forward to it so much. I was dead tired after practice this morning since I didn't get back 'til about 1.30pm and I didn't rest but I lay down for about 20mins before having to go to music at 4pm. And I slept in this morning and nearly couldn't get out of bed. My bed looks SO comfy now...

And where's that darn Jake? I haven't seen him online for a few days now and it's getting frustrating. :sure:

~ Jonny

Whaea TeRees: Wow Jonah, that's a beatiful pendant you're wearing. Good greenstone pendants are so rare and hard to find but you have a magnificent one right there. Where did you get it? Is it a family heirloom?
Jonah: It's made of plastic miss, I got it at the $2 shop.

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Smashed Into Pieces

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 13 September 2007 - 11:14 AM

BAD DAY. I'm basically in a foul mood at the moment and it's irritating and I hate everything. Yeah.

Y'see, I can always tell when I'm going to have a good or a bad day. Today was definitely bad. When I was gonna go to school, my car started being a cow to me again and the lock system wasn't being obedient. So I got annoyed and then it worked, so I drove to school. Then when I got there, NO ONE showed up until about 8.25am and that was Lillis for Biology and I got to school at 7.45am since I thought Norton and stuff would be there since he's got Biology as well. But NOO, only Lillis showed up then, and then everyone started turning up from 8.35am onwards. GRR.

And I felt silly because I was the only one waiting for Music. I could just imagine it, as soon as Mr. Robinson would call out "13 Music line up here", only I would be there and it would look weird because I'm only Year 12. But then Auryn turned up. YUSS. I didn't feel as lonerish anymore, so we just talked about the test and stuff. Like we were thinking it wouldn't be too bad since the practice exams were fairly straightforward enough, just identify chords and words every now and then. So Mr. Botting came to see us and tell us where our papers were so when Robinson called out for our class, it had grown in numbers. But both of us still felt silly because there were massive class lines on either side of us. :P

So we walked in and then sat down and started the test when everything was ready... seriously. I actually felt like crying during and after the test. There were three papers... ALL of them were nasty ones, since Mr. Botting said he was going to pick real hard ones. I thought he was being sarcastic and joking though... but he was telling the truth. Only the last paper was anything like what we'd been practicing with and even then, I spent 10 minutes trying to work out what the hell A, B, C# and D# could have been (in the end I settled for B7add9... so freaking obvious) and then moved onto the next chord which was even worse and the chord I thought it could be (after another 10 minutes) wasn't even an option, since it's a multi-choice paper from about 12 different options.

But for god's sake, those papers are NASTY. We had to even write our own harmonies for the pieces based on the chords and a few lines of the composer's harmonies for other bits of the song. And some of the chords they used were just insane, seriously, who the hell uses Bm-add11 to Em7add9 to Em-sus4 to D? We had to write two harmonies per piece and there were two papers for that... and then we had to write a melody for another bit and then identify the chord modulations and cadences. I HATE Music. I nearly did cry once I finished it. The first paper took me just over an hour to do and the second just as long...

And then when I got home, dad asked how the test was. So I told him how hard it was and how I almost felt like crying and how Mr. Botting told me once I asked about leaving early (see previous posts for reasons why I thought the test would be easy) that he'd make the test super hard. Dad just told me it serves me right for being cocky. Rage. I just RAGED it. I know I was being overly-confident over the test but that was because the only paper I'd had practice on was the last paper about chord recognition but Mr. Botting gave me easy ones to practice on and he saved the NASTIEST for the test. Holy crap, my dad can really be a dick sometimes. He then told me I should have kept my mouth shut, but I can't keep quiet if something seems easy, the teachers tell us to tell them if it seems to easy and to ask for more challenging things. Ugh.

So when MUM got back and I told her the test was a nightmare... "Oh no. Well, next time don't be over-confident." JESUS. I just spazzed it at my pillow. I told her the exact same thing as I told dad and she managed to understand, but then got all annoyed because I got angry. My god, sometimes I feel like hitting the wall or something. I'm only over-confident because I know I can do these things because Music's one of the few things I'm good at. Of course I'll have a breakdown if I can't do something I'm good at.

Seriously. Music was harder than Maths. That's how mean Mr. Botting decided to be.

What's even more annoying about today? Carl didn't get my text messages about how I can't have people staying overnight after drinks tomorrow because I have classes first thing in the morning on Saturday and my parents are having a garage sale. So then all our plans for drinks just collapsed so I tried to fix things up by finding a different place but Blair (lives down the road from me) can't have it tomorrow because he's gonna be out then. And there's no other place. UGH.

So yeah, I'm PRETTY annoyed right now. I even had the guts to ask Gary if he could get me two bottles of wine. GREAT. Now I have no one to drink them with.

Sometimes life's a {expletive Chuck Norris'd by Cspace} like that. I hate having bad days. When will my good days come long?

~ Jonny

*halfway during the exam, Mr. Botting checks up on us to see how we're doing, smiling happily*
Mr. Botting: How's everything going? Finished already, Auryn?
Auryn: *smiling and shaking his head* I think I answered about half the paper. Nasty piece of work you've got there.
Me: I hate you sir.
Mr. Botting: I know you do, I love this test so much.

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This Fire

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 11 September 2007 - 08:49 AM

Holy crap, sometimes I forget how much I love some songs or bands... I was just all happy while singing along to "The Walking Wounded" by Bayside, then all of a sudden "Tir Nan Og" by Alcest came on and I just got such a surge of happiness inside and it made me feel even more happy than I was while listening to Bayside. I love Alcest so much... I think I'm going to create an awesomeness playlist a-- OMG. And right after that... "11 Dreams" by Mercenary. *dies* I swear I'm in heaven at the moment... :D

Ahh I can't stop thinking about these songs now... I'm definitely going to create an even cooler playlist than I currently have up now. And I'm going to listen to it for ages and ages and never stop listening to it... and I'm getting all warm and fuzzy on the inside about it. :)

And I just had a funny conversation with Peter. He's "studying" which is quite not like him, or so I'd think anyway. But he'd study. Anyway, so we just were talking and then he mentioned how I'm going to Argentina shortly and I got all excited... but then I got annoyed because I'd miss the WoWathon in the holidays. Yeah... that's pretty sad. But it's addictive. :(

Fail song. "Ides of March" by Silverstein isn't as good as everything else. Oh wait, it's "Smile in Your Sleep", my bad. Actually, it's a good song, I take back my previous comment. All of Silverstein is good. :P

The Maths exam today was SHOCKING. I thought I was going to do pretty average since I could answer a number of questions, including some hard ones, but then I missed out a whole page on Calculus because it was just too much for me. I thought I got the rotation of a curve around a line to create a solid question right... but now that I think about it, I think I got the formula mixed up. Although it was a pretty good effort I must say, since I don't even have the notes on it and I only remember the formula from Sam mentioning it one time in class. :sweat:

Oh and I handed in two of my Music practice papers to get marked... I got ONE question wrong in the first one, achieving 95% all because me and the teachers were confused about one chord. I originally said Bb9sus4 or something but we were shakey on it since it was a weird chord, but then I changed it after the teachers started explaining some stuff... and it ended up being Bb9sus4. ARGH. And then the second paper I got 75% all because I mixed up one chord and that threw off four other questions. I hate bursary sometimes... :sure:

"Be My Escape" by Relient K is pretty good... but the list has been thrown off by "Fragile" by Lacuna Coil. I like the song but the introduction which kinda sounds Egyptian always makes me wince. I like the rest of the song though, it's really awesome. Actually, I like this song too. Just not the intro. :P

I'm SO tired though. I told mum Maths went bad and she got all worried, and now she wants me to study EVEN MORE for Physics because it's my weak subject, but I've already studied heaps for it. I can't exactly study 24/7, I'm not like that. :sweat:

Argentina is going to be SO AWESOME. Although Ashley just told me that Aerolineas or whatever we're traveling on doesn't have screens in the back of the seat... only one gigantic screen at the front for each part of the plane. Great. So now I might actually have to take my iPod along, although I'm worried I'll lose it or it'll get stolen or I'll drop it over a waterfall since I'm that clumsy. I might take my small 256mb mp3 player if I have to, although listening to the same songs over and over again could get really irritating. But we got our GBAs for Pokemon on the plane so it won't be too bad!! Actually, I'll probably just talk for most of the flight since I LOVE talking and planes and small places are best for talking. Although I'm claustrophobic and have trouble breathing while adjusting to different altitudes so I might be out of commission for the first 20-30mins. :P

And GRR. I'm so annoyed. I think I got home too late because I haven't seen Jake and I feel I need to talk to him! :sure:

Speaking of teddy bears, I haven't talked to Camille in a while. I think I'll text her tomorrow between my Spanish and Physics exams. :)

Gosh, there are so many things I want to say but I really can't say them!! *whinges* I've been whinging a lot more than usual which is fairly odd, I have no idea why to be honest. It's just really odd. Oh and I saw Tom during the Maths exam today!! Although I don't think he noticed me when I blurted out a "TOM!!" and walked past. :(

Oh. And I tried not to laugh when one of the answers I wrote for Maths was <3. Although afterwards I realized it was wrong and had to change it to <-3. :(

~ Jonny

*while playing WoW, I listen to other guild members talking*
Tams (leader): I'm so annoyed at Nick! It's our one month anniversary after getting married and he's celebrating it by PvPing. Without me!

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These Are The Days

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 04 September 2007 - 10:46 AM

Y'know, I just realized, but it's really hard to remember if I've used some of these songs as blog entry titles already. So I think I'll change this one... since it sounds like one I'd have used quite a few times and I'll check afterwards. :P

Anyway, I'm getting REALLY excited about Argentina now!! Got something like 15 or 16 days to go (according to the countdown in our Spanish class) and today during Spanish we had a major discussion (more like major stalling of Mr. Matthews so we didn't have to do any work) about the trip and everything which would be happening. :)

Ashley went home and brought back a set of bags which we would each have and would use while over there. They're small. I couldn't stop complaining because I was trying to imagine how I'd fit all my clothes into that tiny little travel bag but Mr. Matthews said we wouldn't need so many clothes... but I'll need them since I can't stand constantly wearing a set of clothes for more than a day. And Callum did an awesome job strutting and displaying the travel packs along the catwalk in class, 10/10 performance. But I'm still annoyed because they're really tiny and I won't be able to fit everything I want to take, so I'm probably just going to do what I did (and always do when travelling) last year for Vanuatu and wear extra layers when going there and upon arrival, strip off all the extra layers and just either stuff them into my bag or just carry them in a plastic bag. :P

Oh yeah. Mr. Matthews must have been talking crap today or something, but I'm seriously annoyed. Apparently we have to pay an EXTRA $300 because "the dollar's dropped" which is pretty much bullcrap since last time. So now everyone has to pay an extra $300 for all the money which has been lost due to the changes in price and he won't even give us a letter to take home to our parents since "they already know" about it but at the last meeting, he said it was a possibility but unlikely to happen. So now everyone's getting pretty pissed off about it. :sure:

We had our Maori presentation practice today during interval for Argentina!! No one knows the actions to the Kamate haka and me, Callum, Norton and Cameron were the only ones singing the Spanish version of Whakaria Mai thanks to me having a copy of the words... in the end it was basically me singing since I was the loudest and everyone just turned around to watch me sing and it was pretty scary. :X

Oh yeah!! Something funny happened in Music today. Well, more like frustrating. So I'm doing practice for my harmony and tone recognition exam which is coming up shortly and Mr. Botting finally gave me a practice sheet to do... I completed it in half an hour. I think I blogged about it yesterday. Well anyway, he marked it today. I got one mark taken away from my total... ONE question wrong. All because they didn't physically show a key change in the piece towards the end, and even Mr. Botting said it was a nasty one, since the accidental added in the end chord progression was present throughout the extract and that was hardly obvious. :sure:

Basically I just got one mark wrong out of the whole test which was something like 40 or so marks... I asked Mr. Botting for my grade since I wanted him to write down Excellence... but he wrote down Merit saying "full marks for Excellence" and then walked away saying "Ahh I love being a teacher" and I nearly threw my pen at him. But he was just messing with me and told me it was all good. :P

And then he gave me another sheet to do and this time it was really annoying since half the terms they used I had to guess (thankfully I got them right) but at one question, I got really annoyed (hint: only read the next few paragraphs if you're a Music Theory freak like me) and had to ask him for help. The question went like this:

From the extract above, where it is marked x, y, z, identify the notes in the chord which are unnecessary. The first two were pretty much straightforward (x had the Emin chord, root position, with the missing dominant and two unnecessary passing notes, while y had Emin again but in the first inversion with another unnecessary passing note) however z was confusing. At a glance, you'd think the passing note would be disregarded, however it makes up the A flat major 7th chord, and generally you need to keep the 7th of the chord to display it. From all my theory knowledge and teachings, I've been brought up to keep the 1st, 3rd, 7th and 9th notes of the chord if I have to neglect others.

Now, z happened to involve A flat, C, E flat and G which forms the A flat major 7th chord. So I wrote down that E flat was unnecessary and went to ask Mr. Botting if I was right, however he said it seemed like the G was completely unnecessary, but I pointed out the fact it made up a 7th chord so he stopped and looked. Then he asked Mr. Chaplain (Music student teacher) what note to remove and he said the G, but then looked again and said the G made the 7th chord and that removing it would make it not sound complete, however the dominant (5th, E flat) was constant through the extract and removing it would cause a gap. So Mr. Botting went to his trusty harmony theory book to look for information about unnecessary notes...

Nothing. The book told us nothing. So now I'm stuck because Mr. Botting and Mr. Chaplain's answer contradicts my knowledge of theory. And then Mr. Botting told me to trust my Theory teacher more than him because he was bad at harmony. So basically I don't really know the answer and Mr. Botting's lost the answer sheet. But if I think about it, the G is only a passing note therefore it won't have as much significance on the chord, however you can't ignore the fact that the chord is on the first beat of the bar so the G has more of an impact. Argh... I love Theory because I'm good at it but sometimes it just drives me insane. :icky:

Mr. Botting said he'd help me out with it tomorrow and we'd look it up and discuss it all and then go over other important bits of Music. :)

Although he and Mr. Mayall were amazed at my ability to read and score out figured bass and told me that figured bass was unnecessary and only needed for girls, people who play harpsichord and for cellists of music from about the 18th century period. :sure:

I love Tuesdays though!! I don't have Maths on Tuesdays!! Although I got Maths first period tomorrow which'll be lame, Wednesdays are like my worst days, although I have Music between interval and lunch which is awesome and Classics after lunch, so it's not too bad I guess. :D

Oh yeah... I still haven't forgotten about him. Today David looked at me and with a grim look on his face, said:

"Morrinsville are in our division for 5 aside soccer."

YUSS. NATHAN!! Although I just have to hope that he's actually playing on Saturday. :P

It's funny, Carl cured my grumpy mood today by surprise hugging me and just whispered into my ear "Nathan!!" and I was all cheerful again!! I was grumpy because me, Callum and Souvik were having an intense debate on something like equality or something, brought about by South and Mr. Hassall during Classics which led to quite a nice philosophical discussion on morals and religion and whatnot for the last half hour of the class. :)

~ Jonny

*35mins of the period wasted by discussion about Argentina*
Mr. Matthews: Ahh yes ok now boys, you had homework from last night. Bring that out now.
Matt: *whispers to me in a panicking voice* Quick Jonny, stall him some more! Show us what you're made of!
Me: *hand shoots up* Sir! Uhh... what's the inventory actually going to be like now that we've finalized everything?
*no work gets done for the whole period as I constantly as questions for the rest of the hour*

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Had Enough

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 17 August 2007 - 11:50 AM

I can't take it! This song will drive me crazy. Curse you Rat for making me do this. :P

"Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care" by Relient K is a song which lasts for 12 seconds and the lyrics are, "I've just wasted 10 seconds of your life". I have it on repeat, it's only been a few minutes and I'm already sick of it. :P

Anyway, today was pretty average. Not a good day and leaning towards a more bad day. English was first up and me and Carl didn't have a chance to write out the good copy of our film reviews... she just talked for the whole period and got us to focus on the pretty crap Julius Caesar essays we wrote ages ago. I made mine have exactly 666 words since I was bored. But I got into Band 3 (14-17) which was pretty good since last time my other essays were in the band below that although she said that because mine was more like a narrative, it barely got the mark it did although I'm still happy since it's the best I've done with her teaching. :P

Spanish was booooring. I just had to write out my good copy and that was it. I sat there doing nothing for ages and I ended up reading some Spanish grammar books but gave up on those pretty quickly so just sat there twiddling my thumbs for a good half hour. Ashley texted me from across the room during it with his quirky message of "finish early if you're gay!" and I tried not to burst out laughing. And for god's sake this song sucks.

Third period was great since Adrian organized another band practice so we didn't have to go to Maths. Although I ended up having to go to my saxophone lesson since Mr. Botting made me and then sent Bill, Tim and Conor back to Music class and Adrian just sat in the studio having a jam for ages until I finished my lesson. And then we just looked at the scores and silently practiced to the music, then came to the conclusion we needed to practice our parts individually before coming together as a group. :P

Jazz band was good as! Especially our performance this arvo, we rocked! We did this awesome last-minute prank with Sacred Heart College. The event was like a musical festival or whatever and there were judges grading each performance and whatnot. Sacred Heart happened to be doing a song which we were going to play as well called Inside Out so Mr. Mayall (he also directs the SH jazz band) suggested that while they finish their performance with Inside Out, while they're playing our jazz band will slowly file onto the stage playing the song and then they'll leave, so it'll be a transition between bands and the judges would be extremely pissed off at us because they won't be able to grade them properly. Mr. Mayall was in fits over it and we decided to do it. :P

So when we got there, we set up and went on stage and the swap which we thought would become a major disaster (especially changing over with the drums and the bass guitar) but everything actually went smoothly and I could hardly tell when the drummers swapped sticks and seats. Once we finished Inside Out, Mr. Mayall apologized to the judges while trying not to laugh and then we played all our songs. Me and Peter did our awesome solos and in the last song, as another last-minute thing from our saxophone teacher, we shared a solo. We both stood up when the solo came along and we'd alternate every two bars and sort of "fight" over the music. It went REAL well and no one actually made a major stuff up, I even played Blue Train real well but I did warble the last note in my Reach Out solo but the rest of the band covered that so it was ok. :D

Oh and I got my school blazer today!! I had mine tailored for me since the shop didn't have any my size (discriminating against short people!) and it was delivered today and it's so shiny and new! It'll be awesome to wear to Argentina, we'll all look real smart in our number ones. :P

And mum got me a neat new shirt. It's like a t-shirt but with sleeves which are a different colour to the rest of the shirt. I always liked those kinda shirts since they look pretty cool, although I need a dress shirt over it since that always makes a nice look... I'll have to work out what I'll wear with it for tomorrow. Because...

SOCCER TOMORROW!! Need I say anything else? :P

~ Jonny

Mr. Mayall: Conor, do you think you're some sort of cool guy with that camo hat?
Conor: It looks awesome.
Mr. Mayall: Oh no Conor, I can't see your brain because it's camouflaged! Oh wait, even without the hat no one would be able to see your brain because it doesn't exist! Oooh burn, see what I did? I managed to mock your hat and the fact that you're stupid all in one sentence. *uncontrollable laughter* AHHH I'm so funny! *starts crying from laughter*

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Getting into the Jam

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 16 August 2007 - 09:32 AM

My god, I can never say this enough times but I HATE BUSES. Seriously. They get too crowded, the kids on it are so darn loud, annoying and obnoxious and disrespectful to the general public. While in line for the bus, kids were just pushing and shoving everywhere and it was just insane. I let some non-schoolkids through but they just got pushed to the side and I got annoyed, so I made sure that when I got to the front of the queue, I just pushed against everyone so that the poor little kids could get on the bus. When the bus came, there was this old lady at the front thanks to some nice people. But as soon as the bus stopped, she got shoved around and nearly fell over. Only her scream stopped the masses and I got really pissed off. I hate annoying schoolkids so much, their kindness to the public is absolutely shocking. :sure:

Anyway on a lighter note, I had a super great day!! I always seem to enjoy tutor group, since I get to mix and mingle with people from different year levels and those whom I'd not normally hang out with. Then again I'm always friendly with those of different year levels and people know me so I just talk to whoever. It's nice being recognized in school and well-known... although I think it comes from the jersey. I've got the most faded maroon jumper in the whole school... it's basically pink. So people notice me from far away but thank god they know me for my face and personality, not just the jersey!! :P

But anyway. It's really cool getting to talk with everyone from different year levels. Although nearly all the Year 9s are taller than me, only Caleb's shorter. That's so darn unfair... I need a growth spurt. But it's kinda cool since people say hi to me or part ways for me when I walk by since I have some authority and respect from heaps of the Year 9s and 10s. Not so much from the Year 11-13s though, respect in a joking sort-of fashion since they'll joke but respect me which is also nice. Although from a lot of students I'm also known as a Music slacker which is hilarious. Everyone keeps asking me if I actually have Music class or am just wagging since I'll be sitting around in the Music Department heaps listening to music. :D

Ugh. And it was so annoying, for the whole week Carl's been trying to get me to go to the social. I'm completely over them and Carl was like "you know you want to go to the social, Jonny!" and even said he'd pay for my ticket but I kept refusing. I have yet to find out the reason why he wants me to go... it'd be nice but I don't have as much free time as I used to... and I'm just lazy. ;)

SPANISH ASSESSMENT. Is lamecore to the max. I've finished it now but it's sooo boring and annoying. I ended up writing down a list of what I need to include in my paper with all the tenses and it was nearly impossible for me to add the future tense. I managed to get obscure awesome ones like the pluperfect though!! Our question was on a famous New Zealander of our choice to be represented in the "Personalities of the World" committee in Spain and we had to write about that person, the reason why and what they've done do deserve it. I chose Kate Shepard since she allowed the women of NZ to be given the right to vote like last century and I can't really talk about her in the future tense... plenty in the past, but it's hard when the person's dead. :P

Jazz band tomorrow!! I'm totally excited. We're performing at the cultural festival, although it'll be in the afternoon for once which is really odd. Usually we go during lunch or whenever but it seems this time the Gypsy Pickers will be going during school time and we have to go afterschool. I think it's at the university but I'm really not too sure... it'll be fun though!! I really need to learn my solos though. :sweat:

Oh and we had our very first Argentina band meeting today!! It was during the most awesome of times, since me and Adrian were working out the tabs and scores for the music and stuff and I was also trying to study for my Classics test the next period over. Amazingly enough, the Music student teacher was a pupil of Mr. Artus, the man who wrote the Classics textbooks we use in class! So I got him to help me with the test and it was awesome, but I got sick of reading and revising after a while. And then 5 minutes before next period, Adrian got a text from Tim saying that he, Bill and Conor would be coming to Music for band practice!! So we just listened to the songs and worked out stuff which was neat as!! And I gave Conor singing coaching for his extremely insane high vocal bits in one of the songs. :eek:

It's kinda amazing though. My highest note that I can sing is one of the lowest notes that Conor can sing (D normally, E flat on a good day when warmed up) and he can sing insane high. Although he's unsure if he'll be able to sing the song well enough and high enough when we get to Argentina since he says his voice is breaking which is hilarious. But our vocal ranges are pretty amazing. We can both nearly sing two octaves (me F to D/E flat, Conor C to B), both short by about a tone or two. And yet they're well apart which is neat as. :P

I can't wait 'til we put the songs together, it'll be mean as! Although "Son et Lumiere/Inertiatic ESP" by The Mars Volta will be the hardest since they stretch each musician's talents to the max. Mine not so much since my part ain't as hard as everyone else but it's mad insane. Conor can barely sing the chorus and can't reach the highest note (D) so I'm going to have to write him a new vocal line for that bit, Tim's drumming skills are going to be challenged hard out and Bill's going to go mad on the bass. Apparently he sucks at guitar according to Adrian so Adrian'll be doing the guitar. And it's challenging but not-so-much for Adrian... but if we pull it off, it'll make the crowd go wild. :D

Tomorrow is going to be mean as! Finishing off my English assessment, then my Spanish assessment, then another band practice so I don't have to go to Maths, then more practice papers for Physics which will be cruisy and then Music last period!! Then jazz band afterschool and mum comes home in the afternoon from Christchurch!! I'm so excited! :)

Oh. And I thought I'd save this last awesome bit for last... but...


~ Jonny

Student teacher: Got scissors? I need to open these seasoning packets. Oh yes, your Classics test...
Year 10 student: Umm sir, aren't you meant to be looking after our class?
*sounds of screaming and crashing can be heard next door*
Student teacher: Nah, they're not up to anything. My god these noodles are good!

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Already Dead

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 31 July 2007 - 11:55 AM

I can just imagine the production on opening night which is this Saturday... seriously. We're still needing prompts for lines (I'm afraid to admit for my first dialogue I got completely lost and had to ask for prompts twice) and sometimes even whole passages. We had 3 hours to practice today and somehow we only managed to get through Act II and a few scenes of Act I. If we can only get through one act in two and a bit hours, I might as well be already dead. :eek:

Anyway, I had a really great day or two, I can't remember. All I know is I had reason to blog about something since I was thinking about it when it happened and all I can remember now is "wow, I need to blog about something which made me feel really happy" but I can't remember what it is so I'll try think of happy things. :(

Work was surprisingly awesome on Monday. I felt quite special when Naomi was like "I only like working on days Jonny supervises and Saturdays because Saturday nights has the awesome crew working" and I fel-- OMG. THAT REMINDS ME. Apparently there's a new U18 (under 18 years of age) club opening in Hamilton or something which is going to be so much fun! Michelle and Naomi want to take me clubbing to that place which'll be a tad scary but it'll be awesome to go to! I can't wait for it to open! :D

Oh yeah, me and Adrian are discussing songs for which our band for Argentina can perform. Adrian wants to do some songs which are pretty cool like some from The Mars Volta, Incubus and Bayside and I just want to do "Discovering the Waterfront" by Silverstein. We have to put into account that Conor's going to be singing so we can't do any growling or really low vocals and if it involves two guitars, it's gotta be an easy guitar part with chords so I can learn it quickly since I'd be on piano/keyboard otherwise. I wanted to do "Harvest" by Opeth but Adrian said the guitar part would be too annoying so we're canning that one. :P

BREAKING NEWS. I'm really scared... my Physics teacher Mr. Hardaker, the one with the terrible puns such as "Jonathan, stop cos-ing that sound. It's a sin to my ears" and "Jonny, stop going off at a tangent"... HE LIVES DOWN MY STREET NOW. It was even worse because he was like randomly during Physics today "Oh yes, I happen to be living down Jonathan's street now. If Jonny's parents are so well off to live where he does, then I must finally be going somewhere in life" which was quite embarrassing. And I saw him driving past my house on Monday as I was going to work. I'll be seeing him a lot now that he has to pass my house every single time he goes home or goes to school. :sure:

It's Cameron's birthday tomorrow!! He's gonna be 17 which'll be awesome and I got him a block of chocolate for his birthday. And crap, I just realized I should have gotten marble flavoured instead of dairy milk, everyone loves marble more. Cam's cjjones for all those oldies out there. Anyway he's turning the big 1-7 which'll be good as although if he has a party this weekend or the next, I won't be able to go because of damn production. Ugh. I hate production. But Cam's turning 17 omg!! :eek4:

And I think I'm slowly getting to Carl with my gothic rock. He said something very true about me the other day when I made him listen to Alcest. He was like "Jonny, you only like music which heavy backings and light vocals" or whatever. Come to think of it, did I blog about this the other day? I won't find out until I finish this post but oh well. Anyway, I made him listen to Within Temptation and he said he liked it quite a bit then I switched it to Lacuna Coil and he said he liked that as well so I'm getting somewhere!! But then we had a fight over my iPod because he saw Fall Out Boy and I immediately wanted to switch it to "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" since I got it stuck in his head ages ago. But then Cam stole my iPod so we traded for a bit and me and Carl sang to ABBA (it's amazing he had that on his iPod among all his normal stuff... I want the ABBA album now) while he changed my settings to Korean so it was impossible for me to understand and I had to use Callum's iPod to figure out how to change the language back. :sure:

~ Jonny

*while doing a ripple tank demonstration on waves in Physics*
Seung Kwon: So where's the tank?
Mr. Hardaker: *points to the tank holding the water* This is a tank. *in a serious voice but jokingly* It might be hard for people who speak English as a second language to grasp this idea. Do you know what a ripple is?
Seung Kwon: Ohhh I thought you meant a brrm brrm BOOM tank!

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The Ghost Of You

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 24 July 2007 - 12:13 PM

Sometimes I think conversations can be a tad amusing yet disturbing at the same time. Especially when they concern the dead... that just gives me the chills.

So today I had a music lesson for keyboard. Mum's forcing me to sit the Grade 6 exam this year despite all my protests and we've even had mean screaming competitions over it since I don't think I'm good enough. But today during school I had a go at practicing one of my songs and I ended up learning the entire piece to be able to be played more than adequately from nearly not being able to play the first page. However my main concern was the song Humoreske. I can't even play the first page and I can barely even play the first line. So when I went to my music lesson, my teacher immediately gave me an alternative piece to play which I am eternally thankful for. Seriously, I just sight-read the new piece perfectly fine and if I tried with Humoreske I'd fail miserably. So now I'm more confident about sitting my exam in December, all because I ain't doing that evil song!! But don't get me wrong, I like the song. :P

But after the lesson (which are usually meant to last for half an hour but my teacher's nice and we always talk so this one went over an hour) she told me and mum a terrible story of what happened the other day. Seriously, I was so shocked. She and her husband and two other friends were coming back from Cambridge when a driver on the other lane crossed over to try and overtake and rammed right into their car. If Danny (her husband) hadn't reacted by moving away, they'd have all been dead. :(

So that sparked a sudden conversation about dead people we've known and time periods where "friends have dropped like flies over a short period of time" as my mum and my teacher would say. Needless to say, I got quite agitated by this topic but didn't really say anything. Mrs. Roguski and my mum have had their fair share of deaths though I have to say, although Joyce was pretty upset when she found out how many I'd had since she says it's too many for someone so young. I believe I can count 7 since intermediate...

But mum mentioned something which made me feel so happy inside. It turns out that every single time I've had a death around me, she's actually taken time off work to keep an eye on me. Now I didn't even realize this but if I think back, I can actually remember her just being there instead of at work. Kinda nice really... :)

~ Jonny

Mum: Whenever Virginia came around, I always got worried when she would use the toilet. She would have been able to see all the dust on the skirting boards!

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Here Comes Winter

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 21 June 2007 - 10:54 AM

Holy CRAP it's getting cold now. Well not just cold, irritatingly windy and wet. I can't really bike around anywhere without getting blown over or struggling to move five feet with heavy wind flying against me. I'm probably going to end up catching the bus all the time now because of it whenever I don't have work afterschool. I got work right after and according to mum there's gonna be rain and wind in the afternoon so I'm pretty much screwed since I have to bike if I want to make it on time. And I can't take the car because we just found out (after I drove to production rehersals) that the darn Warrent of Fitness has expired, along with the one for my dad's car. So I'm gonna have to put up with my darn bike. :sure:

In extremely amazing news, this girl I know through production likes the same music as me. We were just sitting down doing nothing during rehersals and I pulled out my iPod and started to listen to music. Then Tahi came along to see what I was listening to and it was Flyleaf and he was like "Ahh Jonny!" in disgust and later on when people were acting out their parts and I just put my iPod away, Tahi and Rebekah were talking. Then all of a sudden Rebekah screams out and then asks for my iPod going "YOU HAVE FLYLEAF?! OH MY GOD THEY'RE LIKE MY FAVOURITE BAND!!" and just took it off me and started listening to it. Talk about a wtf moment. So she kept getting excited when she looked over all the artists I had and every now and then there'd be something like "omg you have Mudvayne!!" or "RAMMSTEIN!!" along with "omg no way I love Taking Back Sunday! And System of a Down!" and I just kept raising my eyebrow. She looked like the type to be into pop music... she would be a perfect cheerleader if we had them over here, she definitely looks the part. So now she can't wait to get her hands on my iPod at the rehersal on Sunday. :P

Oh yeah, I'm actually doing stuff in Music now!! Ever since I found out that figured bass is in the exams (we're not meant to do it) I've been doing all my theory exercises. Like the other day I spotted a Level 3 paper on Theory Knowledge and stuff and I had a flick through it but I didn't know a lot of the terms so I went to Mr. Mayall for help since he's really really good. But then Mr. Mayall was like "... Jonny Tan, go get me a musical dictionary. God damn this paper is hard." so we spent ages going over the stuff. Then we got to figured bass at the end after hardly getting anything else right and I was like "I can do that!!" but I found out that I'm not actually supposed to do that bit in the test since it's part of an either/or question and it's the hardest thing around. So it seems I can't do all the "easy" theory stuff but the hardest question I can actually manage with ease. Seriously. That's just a *little* strange. :eek:

In other words, I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THE WEEKEND NOW. I can't wait to go to Music classes on Saturday which is quite unlike me but now that I've actually done some theory exercises for homework I'm pumped up and ready for them to get marked!! Although Danny's gonna be picking on me again during band practice, he always like to do that which is funny. Like for this one song we're doing he was like "This piece requires soloists! It's gonna be a great blues piece so we need some strong soloists for this. Any volunteers? *silence* Thank you Tan!" and I was like "EHH??" and he goes "You blinked, that's good enough for me rang-a-Tan-Tan. Chop chop, everyone let's start from the top. Tan will play the solo first then..." and I was sooo annoyed but I actually pulled it off really well despite it being sight reading. But I need to practice for keyboard. I've gotten sooo slack with it and I can barely play Sad Songs (Say So Much) and Humoreske is just terrible. But after all my classes I get to walk to St. Johns for soccer!! I'm SO amped up!! :D

I think my weekend'll be awesome this time. Hopefully tomorrow'll be better than today. :P

P.S. The warmth!! And the smell!! The combination is so awesome.

~ Jonny

"Gentlemen, the historical accuracy of the movie 300 is just amazing. Dare I say, if you use the movie in your exam at the end of the year as your reference point, I shall see you in this class again next year, repeating Year 13 Classics." - Mr. Hassall

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