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Army of Me

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 25 October 2011 - 11:07 AM

Holy jesus, not gonna lie. It has been WAY too long. Well actually, it's more like I nearly completely forgot about this blog altogether. It wasn't until last weekend when we were celebrating the (alleged) 20th birthday of Elly that Hadleigh brought up my blog out of the blue at dinner (I actually can't remember why), and then Callum and South chimed in, and then next thing you know all I had going through my head was the need to blog. So for the past week... more like several days ago, I went and re-read this whole blog. And can I tell y'what?

My god I had the best high school years EVER. Also, jesus christ I was an emo kid.

It's actually like buried treasure when you stumble across something like this. I couldn't stop but keep on reading and commenting aloud to South about all the exciting times I had back in high school and all those memories I'd forgotten about, tucked away inside my own private time capsule. Honestly, this'll be something to show the kids and friends when I grow ancient. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, I've stopped referring to time as being a mid-life crisis now. And by ladies and gentlemen, I mean the crazy voices residing within my subconscious. And the OVER NINE THOUSAND (quite literally) views which this blog has accumulated since its last entry. Seriously guys, back when this blog was actually popular and I wanted to keep track of how many people from my school actually read this blog religiously, I created a notepad document containing a list of all the blog titles (so I wouldn't forget) as well as a view counter to compare and contrast and stuff...

The view count has doubled since the very last few entries. Seriously guys, nothing's been going on here and yet a whole bunch of people feel the need to traverse through the caverns of my mind-on-paper. I feel quite honoured and yet at the same time stalked. Usually I'm the one who stalks! NO. Stop stalking. Otherwise I'll attempt to stalk you back. Now where was I...

Oh! A quick update on my current situation. I'm still working at the good ol' Bunnings in town, and I'm still living in Wellington plodding away with my never-ending university degrees. For some reason, work trusts me with the maintanence and upkeep of the Paint and Lifestyles departments now, so I'm the guy who sells you paint and (quite ironically) outdoor furniture and plants and stuff. That was a lot of 'ands'. But yes, it's quite fun really. I'm loving work like no tomorrow... I actually spend more time at work than I do at uni, and I'm enrolled as a full-time student.

Workaholic? Yeah that's pretty much me. This year (as well as last year) I've done four papers per semester, and on top of that I work at least 24 hours per week on average. I just get bored easily when I'm not doing something... but then again, I never really go to uni apart from my music classes and tutorials, since they've got mandatory attendance in order to pass the course.

Obligitory university degree update!

HIST217 (US & Global Power): B
MUSC234 (Vocal Music): A-
MUSC331 (Performance Styles in Instrumental Music): B+
POLS262 (Moral and Political Philosophy): B+

Current grades for subjects awaiting final grading/exams to sit:

HIST235 (The Terrible Wonder of Modernity): B+/A-
MUSC248 (Popular Music since the 1950s): A-
MUSC344 (Approaches to the Study of Music): A-
POLS238 (Power and Bureaucracy): B+

I'm gonna be taking two papers during summer school, which are Troy and the Trojan War, and War and Propaganda in the Twentieth Century, alongside working at least 32 hours a week. Haha this is going to be fantastic. But the best part is during January, I'll be getting a visit from Matty! He's gonna be staying with me for two weeks so I'm gonna basically just show him around EVERYWHERE. I've like planned to roadtrip around the north island with him to show him all the places and stuff. I am SO freaking excited you have no idea.

What else is new... oh! Me and Jem broke up like a week after our one year anniversary, so around the start of May this year. It was pretty upsetting, but it was for the best. We were... really good together, actually, but we kept on fighting and it just got to the point where we were sick of it all and needed to call it quits. But it was kinda ironic because as soon as we decided to break up, we had a week of fantasticness (yes I'm going to make up words now) after that instead of mourning, since we were still living together but everything was good after that. I think I took a whole month to finally move out, but they all moved out and split as well so yeah. And then there was a loooong period of getting back together, then avoidance, then getting back together etc. Currently it's in the avoidance stage, but I'm only doing it because I know it'll be good for our relationship. I want to remain friends, but so soon after such a major relationship (seriously, a year in gay terms equals at least two or two and a half in normal timekeeping) is just going to be detrimental in the long run. I won't go into too much detail at the moment since this is a brief summary of my life to date this year, so maybe another entry.

Yeah, updating a whole year and more into one entry is just ridiculous. Expect ridiculously detailed entries in the next few installments on specialized topics. What else...

Oh! Two really annoying things. First of all, my personal trainer is leaving back home to England, that evil person. Well, I'd consider him a friend over a personal trainer, since the times we trained it was always just casual and chummy (despite the fact he'd send me home murdered after one session of just pure death... but I appreciated it!), but for all documentary purposes I'll refer to him most of the time as a trainer, or my PT. But yeah, started training with him around April/May and now he's finally returning to England just after the finale of the Rugby World Cup, to which I might add YAY GO NEW ZEALAND!! That was a freaking intense match. Stephen Donald, ranged/carry much?

But anyway. Yeah, so PT's abandoning me to go back home. Our last session was on Friday and it was pretty upsetting. He left to Auckland the day after to go and watch the RWC final at a bar somewhere up there, and then his flight's on Thursday but I have no idea what time. I'll have to find out. But yeah, it's pretty sad since he's been a solid friend throughout this whole year and I'm gonna miss him hard out.

Second annoying thing. Nick, my super cool manager (well actually supervisor, but I still call him a manager) at work, is leaving us to go and work at the Lyall Bay store! Grr. Well, they do need the help over there, and Nick's gonna do real well over there since his skills'll hopefully whip the place back into shape, as well as the fact that it's a good promotion for him and stuff. GAH. Fully going to miss him though, since he's been like the coolest supervisor ever.

Lame. I totally don't want to end this entry on a bad note. What else is interesting in my life...

Oh! It's actually weird living by myself now. Well, has been, I should say, since it's been like months since me and Jem split up, but now I'm finally getting used to it. It's nice having my own personal space, and like being able to sort things out however I want and being able to look around the room and say that I do in fact own everything there. I got some real freaking awesome branch lights which I've set up on my wall in a fan-like display (since I have no vases) and it looks freaking fantastic. Only need those two sets (since I've set them up on one side of the room by my desk and bed) on at night to give a nice ambient glow, while helping to illuminate everything.

Oh yeah, I also managed to fill my quota of travelling once a year by heading over to Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand during June/July! The whole point of the trip was of course to see Nick (my other friend Nick, not my brother or my supervisor) who is still living over there. He's doing really well! I couldn't go see him last year due to all the riots of course, but it was fine this time around so I decided to visit! Mum came along of course, since she wanted to travel and was intending to go over and see all the relatives anyway, so she went to Malaysia first while I had all my exams, then I flew over to meet here and then we proceeded to travel like there was no tomorrow. I think that's another entry in itself. Actually, there are so many potential entries I'm going to have to take note and post a lot over the next few weeks to essentially keep this blog up to date on my whole life.

Sad to say, there isn't as much drama as I'd like in my life at the moment. As Hadleigh said, there was so much drama in my life when I was in high school and in my first year of university. Well actually, there's a few points I could note down but I'll keep them a secret for now, because I promised. Currently it's all just preparation for my exams, soon-to-be summer school on Mondays and Tuesdays, work and drunk bingo alongside organized dinner dates every Wednesdays (which is tomorrow, yay!), work on Thursdays (ridiculously hungover/still drunk due to going out for bingo the night before, and having to work at 7am on Thursdays), and then indoor soccer in the evening with drinks before/after, work on Friday with gym in the afternoon (would be with PT but he's gone now... evil), work on Saturdays, then rest and recovery on hangover Sundays. That's pretty much going to keep me busy for the next few months and I'm looking forward to it! Well actually, that's pretty much been my life for the past half year, taking away work on Thursdays and adding uni to Mon-Thur with the not-really-going-to-class applicable to Mondays and Wednesdays. Still passing freaking well though which is amazing. But Politics is going to be hard.

I'd better stop now. This entry is starting to overflow and I should save stuff for the next few weeks where I barrage this blog with an army of posts. I'll remember more when the time comes, but for now I've at least plotted out a basic outline of what I have to cover in the entries to succeed this. Peace out!

~ Jonny

Me (while ridiculously trolleyed): *holds up a $10 note* I'm Kate Sheppard... *flips note over to show ducks* quack quack!

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