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JGJTan Icon : (05 July 2018 - 10:07 AM) So this has been a while! It's @jgjtan and @leftyy here having a nostalgia trip. We hope you all have been having a great time so far! Miss you, be back in another 5-10 years. (Or find me on social media -- it's not that hard.)
MoldyRaven Icon : (07 November 2017 - 10:03 AM) Back again after 14 years! Good to see this still up.
X Zolon Icon : (22 October 2017 - 04:54 PM) Polo.
MA-53 Icon : (13 October 2017 - 09:42 PM) Marco
ticktockclok Icon : (08 October 2017 - 11:26 PM) Just thought of this place, and figured I would try to log in. I last posted 10 years ago. Hello to anyone out there - especially those from way back!
Res Icon : (06 October 2017 - 03:11 AM) As well as things can be, good to hear from you all :D!!! Much love all around.
X Zolon Icon : (05 October 2017 - 05:02 AM) Strange. I was thinking about it around the same time. Just didn't come back until now. Hope everyone is well.
Glammeress Icon : (16 July 2017 - 12:48 AM) Just thinking about this place, like out of nowhere. Hope everyone is well.
Rylkan Icon : (09 July 2017 - 04:07 PM) Not bad. Just finishing up grad school. Which means I am looking for distractions from writing. :p
Phieta Icon : (09 July 2017 - 05:06 AM) Still flying, so to speak. How goes with you?
Rylkan Icon : (09 July 2017 - 02:42 AM) I am even more amazed someone replied to this in less than a few month timescale. Hi! How goes?
Phieta Icon : (08 July 2017 - 09:43 PM) He does log into GW every month or so to retain leadership, so that's something
Phieta Icon : (08 July 2017 - 09:42 PM) There are several of us! Several!
Rylkan Icon : (08 July 2017 - 06:33 PM) I was actually hoping to get in touch with Cspace since its been forever. But it looks like our old leader is lost to the void.
Rylkan Icon : (08 July 2017 - 06:29 PM) In a moment of pure nostalgia, I remembered this site. Seeing any shouts from this year is insane.
asyluman Icon : (17 January 2017 - 02:45 AM) i only JUST started playing FFVIII
asyluman Icon : (17 January 2017 - 02:45 AM) woah are people still here
Phieta Icon : (13 January 2017 - 09:05 AM) Apparently I joined SeeD 14 years ago today.
Dragonman Icon : (10 September 2016 - 02:29 AM) Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven
x.. Icon : (13 July 2016 - 01:14 AM) idk. both of those are complicated questions.
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I Got A Feeling

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 19 October 2007 - 10:36 AM

So today was a really nice day. Well, semi-nice. There were lows but everything became good shortly after. Like for instance, Mr. Hall (clarinet/saxophone teacher) was away today and I really wanted a lesson because I didn't want to go to Maths so I asked Mr. Botting if I could hang around and watch the Year 11 Music performances (since Regan wanted me there) and he let me so that was awesome. :)

I really liked Alex's group performance despite the fact it was screamo. It was actually a good screamo song and they'd composed it themselves which was even awesomer. Really, it sounded good as! And it was kinda funny because after the performance, I double high-fived Alex and then just chatted and stuff and he said he had a majorly bad headache because of the performance and I was like "OMG!!" because it just so happened that I'd stocked up my panadol supply in my bag and I gave him some!! I felt so awesome, yet it was kinda weird for others since I had panadol in my bag. :P

And it's kinda funny, because I don't just hang out with Year 12s, as in people of my age. I'm friends with a number of Year 13s and quite a lot of Year 12s so I hang out with everyone when I can. It's why I kinda like the Music department at school, (mostly) everyone's really nice and easy to get along with so if I ever feel like a change, I can just hang out with some of them. But it doesn't help that it looks like everyone's older than me since I'm so tiny. I constantly have to remind newcomers (if they haven't seen me or know me already) that I am in fact 17 which is kinda amusing but also frustrating at the same time. And it was hilarious in Physics today. At the end of class, people were measuring how tall they were by the rulers taped to the doorframe. So I just was like "OMG MEASURE ME!!" since I'm like a foot shorter than heaps of people in class...

I still haven't grown for a few years. I'm still 159cm. :cry:

Next week's going to be so awesome!! We got a day off on Monday since it's Labour Day, Wednesday is a half day due to the PPTA Union meeting in the afternoon (teachers striking because their contracts have expired for decent wages and now they've gone back to being crappy) and then on Friday it's mufti day. Yay I'm so excited! :)

But I really REALLY want to hang out with mates now. I'm still not used to not having everyone around at night or doing stuff all the time and it's driving me insane. I want to go out walking or just relaxing with mates late at night yet I don't think many would even like the idea, since it wouldn't involve alcohol or parties. I just feel like relaxing and conversation without anything else. I miss everyone. I miss Jackson's hair-flicking, Cam's constant guns jokes, Edward's... just him? Matty's raging hormones... Sean, Cory, Macky... everyone really. I miss being able to be with everyone for days even though I know I'd be sick of it after a while. I at least talk to Hayden frequently and Sean seems to be hanging out with Conor and Solomon now so I always see him around, but it's still lacking in people. :(

That's why I like to rush out of English as fast as I can now, because the Year 11 Spanish class is on when I have English so if I'm quick enough, I can catch everyone leaving. I enjoy saying hi to everyone, shaking hands, dishing out high-fives and giving people hugs. It's nice. :)

~ Jonny

Mr. Matthews: *after Mark's speech* That was very good, however there's one thing I must point out. Devolver means to vomit, alongside to return an object. So it made for an interesting sentence. So you enjoyed the restaurant a lot... and wanted to vomit.

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Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 11 October 2007 - 08:24 AM

Photos of Argentina are up!! Check them out on my Bebo at - just scroll down to my photo albums. :P

So I didn't blog yesterday because I went to sleep at 6pm and didn't wake up until about midnight and then crashed until 4am when I woke up and couldn't sleep. Yeah. It was a little crazy, but not dumb. DAMN. That would have been the ultimate blog entry title... and I think I'll change it to that. *changes* Well anyway, I needed the sleep, despite it being pretty erratic. Yesterday I just had a chillax veg day to recover from the "jet lag". Well, I was actually pretty sick so I had an excuse, unlike everyone else whom I saw online either through MSN or Bebo which was amusing. :D

I ended up watching the new season episodes of House, Desperate Housewives and Heroes which my dad got so I was pretty happy about that, and I got up to date with my Bleach and I downloaded (yes, I'm ashamed but I'll buy it as soon as I can and it's available somewhere close) the newest Nightwish album entitled Dark Passion Play!! OMG. SO EXCITING. But like, it wasn't as awesome as I hoped, yet still awesome. Still good as though, yet it seems kinda weird how they've shared out the vocals more. But it's still good, I ain't complaining... much. :P

Today was my first day back and school and MAN was I pretty much over it after the first 10mins in the morning before school. Me and Norton looked at each other and we were like "school sucks, why did I come?!" because that's what we felt like. Although I went to school today because we had Spanish first period and Mr. Matthews would have thrown a psych if I didn't turn up. And it was the most pointless lesson EVER because we watched a terrible video on the San Ignacio ruins... seriously, the cameraman should be shot. He would have gotten a Not Achieved under the NCEA system and would be given the sack immediately. The amount of times he zoomed in and out was just insane and he couldn't even keep a steady hand... *shakes head*

I ended up looking forward to Maths which I shouldn't have, because apparently Mr. Stowers got quite annoyed when he found out I was in Argentina because I decided I wouldn't tell him because if I did, he would have given me homework. So I went to Maths... and he was calm. Amazing! And he only had a go at me once, which was him telling me that I should be worried! AMAZING! But then he told me to attend the Maths tutorial at lunchtime so I could catch up on the notes which I missed out on so that kinda killed it. My god, I hate Maths so much. Mainly because I suck at it, but also because it's SO frustrating! GRR. The numbers never add up properly and then there's always some crazy formula to go with it to make it even harder. :X

Anyway, Physics was funny. Mr. Hardaker called out a group of people to speak with him privately outside and I was waiting for my name to be called out, since you could tell the list of names was of all the people who weren't doing so well in Physics. But then my name wasn't called out and I was sure there was some mistake, so I called out to Hardaker but he'd already walked outside. Then Narayan turned around to me and said that my name wasn't called out, most likely because I was dropping out of Physics. And it turns out he was right! The people whose names were called out were being told they "did not have the capacity" to continue with the Cambridge course next year and could only do the normal NCEA course. I was pretty much partying. :P

BUT OMG. Speaking of parties! Mr. Stowers told me to cancel all appointments and functions I had planned between now and Wednesday because he said I need to study hard out since our major exam (Pure Maths - worth 60% of the course) is on Wednesday. And I planned on being out all Saturday with mates since apparently there was a get-together for all those who went to Argentina! ARGH. I'm so pissed off, it was paintballing too. I do need to pass Maths though so I'll have to give it a miss this week and tell them to organize something in a week or two, whenever Labour Weekend is on. :(

Oh yeah, me and Callum went to Chartwell as we usually do afterschool when we don't have anything like work on. Holy crap Chartwell is small compared to shops and malls in Argentina. Like, it would have to be about a block or two, in total (all the shops) and a block in Argentina is 100x100m, it's insane. I miss Argentina *sigh* I don't have to shorten jeans when I buy them unlike here in New Zealand where the average height definitely isn't me. But I managed to buy The Mint Chicks album Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! since we were going to play the song of the same title for our Argentina band but pulled out an hour before it started because Tim and Bill couldn't play it. But the song's awesome so I bought the album because of that. And I bought the book Night Watch for half price at $14 because Whitcoull's was having a real awesome discount voucher week and I got it because I need a book to read (mainly to distract me from study) and I didn't want to wait for Callum then Cameron to finish reading the book. :P

Yay! Tomorrow's the last day of school this week, thank god it's Friday! I love Fridays. Although I think I have to go to Symphonic Band practice in the afternoon which'll be lame but fun... I think I'll just "forget" about it and go next week, I'm way too lazy right now. And I think I might go start reading Night Watch shortly after some "study" to show I've done something. -_-

~ Jonny

Schedule we scribbled on: Raves on a Plane! Featuring DJ Onny, MC Dougal and Ayrton "RAVE"ns-Clyde!

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Welcome Home

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 09 October 2007 - 02:55 AM

Gosh, it feels weird to be home. My nipples feel deprived as there's no Matty Cameron around to constantly grab them. Haha, jokes! Well, sort of. He does have a darn good nipple radar installed in his brain, it's pretty scary. :P

So it's great to be back in New Zealand again! I really don't know where to begin or what to say really. I had an awesome time but it's damn good to be back. It was super awesome and everyone was happy and excited at the start but towards the end, everyone was pretty much getting crabby at everyone (sorry Callum!!) and itching to see and hang out with other people. Really, you could see people who were the best of mates at the start of the tour end up hanging out with other people and hating each other yet still being good friends. I definitely had rages at others throughout the tour, none were very pretty. Some were even at Mr. Steel and Mr. Matthews, directly to their faces. :eek:

I took some pretty mean photos! Once I organize them, I'll upload them and post them somewhere. I won't post some photos of people just to be nice to them (even though they have no idea my blog exists) but I might if the photo is majorly awesome enough. Apart from Adrian. I ain't too sure if he still reads my blog and if he does... STALKER. ADRIAN, YOU'RE A STALKER!

We encountered so many funny things on the trip though. Even without leaving New Zealand, Callum found a vending machine selling "Nobby's" with the ever-so-stunning catchphrase "Nibble Nobby's Nuts!" which definitely earns hilarity points. Other interesting things such as a giant billboard with the word FAP on it and an ice-cream called Touch Me. We also managed to pass a police station which was a tiny little excuse of a building and Hernan, the best tour guide in the world. He says the most funniest things, one of which was a comment about the driving skills/tactics of Argentineans. "Does anyone feel like playing a game of Tetris?" :D

Speaking of terrible driving, holy crap. I now have respect for my mother's driving skills. People in Argentina are TERRIBLE. The taxi I was in one time didn't stop for red lights and kept on going and when he slowed down to brake (which was rare), he would put on his hazard lights and forgot to turn them off half the time. My host mum wasn't any better, she nearly drove on the wrong side of the road at one point and her method of braking involved changing gear to neutral (most cars in Argentina are manual, I never saw an automatic but apparently there are some but they're way too expensive) without slowing down and slamming on the brake at the last minute. And she completely ignored red lights and stop signs, even if cars were coming. :eek4:

Oh and DULCE FREAKING DE LECHE. My god. That stuff tastes really nice at first but after a while, it's so damn rich and sweet it's disgusting. I wouldn't mind eating it every now and then but seriously, it's EVERYWHERE in Argentina. You cannot avoid it. It's basically what the name is: sugar and milk. But it's like caramel and stuff. Nice but deadly. Nearly everyone was sick of it after the first week, if not the first few days. :P

Although it kinda sucked, because I went to Argentina with a cold and then lost it after a few days, but then gained another one the night before going to Mar del Plata and I'm pretty sick now. I bet I caught it from Matty, I knew I shouldn't have been with him the night before. I mean, whoops, you weren't meant to know that. Haha jokes! Although Matt's pretty dodgey sometimes, like REALLY dodgey and it's gross.

I made a heap of new friends from the class below us though. Like Sean and Cory and Hayden (already knew him before the trip though) and Edward and Matty and Patrick and pretty much everyone. Apart from Nathan, I tried to avoid him like the plague. Not soccer Nathan, creepy Nathan. He creeps me out. He looks like freaking Freddy Kruger and he has the evil stare to go with i. Seriously, there must be something wrong with him. Conversations with him make one shudder or just make one want to hit him or glare and his awful leather jacket and hat don't suit him at all. And that day while he wore his raincoat... my god, his stare could have made little children cry and be scarred for life. Oh and he has disgusting night habits. His room smells, enough said.

But the main lessons I've learned over the duration of the trip are these:

1) Argentineans will put anything on billboards, everywhere. From smokes to ham, they'll advertise it by streets, abandoned buildings, pamphlets and along the river bank. Oh and the kerb on the roadside.
2) Clutch your nipples in fear when Matty's around. Even if he's a few metres away, he's fast and can grab your nipple and get it 100% bang on in a flash.
3) Never go anywhere with only Mr. Matthews, there's a very high chance you'll get lost and/or get annoyed at his organization skills.
4) You cannot hide from Dulce de Leche. It's everywhere. If you try to avoid it, you'll end up eating without realizing until after having taken a bite.
5) Toilets suck in Argentina. There's a high risk you'll clog a toilet if you take a dump and you're from New Zealand. Seriously, on the 11th day me and a group of mates worked out we'd clogged about 14 toilets at that point in the trip.

So yeah, Argentina was great and I'll post pictures later on when I upload them. They'll most be just ones I think look really cool so yeah!! :P

~ Jonny

Hernan: Here you can see Argentinean drivers to the right. Does anyone feel like playing a game of Tetris? Driving here is a lot like that.
Mark: But Tetris has rules!

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