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In the Pretend World

Posted by JGJTan  Icon, 17 October 2007 - 09:54 AM

Getting lost in your imagination is possibly the most fun and terrifying thing ever. It's so great to imagine so many things which could happen, yet then your mind can wander once you think of a bad thing and then it's all downhill from there. But it's a nice feeling, to be able to create your own outcomes from your actions and to not care. I like it. :P

So I think I'm starting to get lazy with blogging which is quite alarming. It's turning into once every second day, rather than everyday if possible.

Gosh. There are so many things I want to write but I know I can't and I'm not too sure how many times I've said it, but I know I'll keep saying it regardless. It's true though. I had a nice day and I'm pretty sure that's why. Gah. I want to talk about it so bad but I can't! It's just irritating! Someone mentioned it the other day and I felt like talking about it but I knew I couldn't because that would be silly and weird. But it's nice. It's nice. :P

Wow. I actually did not worry this morning about the Maths exam when everyone was fretting. I think it's because I knew I wouldn't get a good mark, let alone be assured I'd pass, so I was like "there's no point in stressing over something which I can't prevent" so I just went with the flow, and honestly, it was probably one of the best feelings I've ever had in a while. It ain't the thing I want to talk about of course, that would be silly. But it was great. Although I feel bad for some people who just worried so much. I didn't worry though, I just glanced over some things I wasn't sure about and then didn't care and it was good as. Came out knowing I did shockingly but it's all good, if I don't pass I don't pass. :D

And today was surprisingly relaxing. It was actually pleasant. Physics was probably the only real boring thing. Hardaker made us work in silence but it was okay, I just looked over my Spanish speech. Music I had a nice veg-out time in as I lay in the corner listening to my iPod and dozed off for a bit. I slept in Classics because we were watching that boring video on the Colosseum again and then English was surprisingly not bad, we talked about Katherine Mansfield for the period. Well, Katherine Mansfield's pretty boring but the lesson wasn't boring so it was real good. :)

One of the nice things happened during English anyway so that made me real happy. I guess also interval and lunchtimes are real nice as well because of the little things I seem to enjoy, like greetings with people or just having a nice laugh. I dunno, it's good to be happy I guess. I haven't been this happy for quite some time. Oh, the other nice thing happened after the Maths exam while I was walking to Physics. It was pleasant. I liked it. And yes, I'm just being annoying by speaking in a tone of voice like a character from Katherine Mansfield's stories. Oh, and The Bothersome Man, that's just plain awesome. :P

Man, being happy is awesome. I really REALLY haven't felt this good for quite some time. I can SO imagine I'll have like a major low in a day or two or something, it always happens. But I'll enjoy this for as long as possible, seriously. Oh crap. Damn. I just realized it's a Thursday tomorrow, which is like the worst day ever. Like half my mates bugger off to Future Problem Solving during lunch which irks me off since some of my happiness comes from there. And there's no English on Thursdays which makes it even more annoying. But at least next year I'll have History... UGH. I am such a mess. And desperate. But it's awesome. :P

Ahh I'm feeling so great. :)

~ Jonny

Connor: What do you think Jonny's weapon of choice would be if he had to kill someone?
Daniel: I reckon he looks like a knife person.
Me: Nah, knives are way too close and it's disgusting.
Ross: Pepper spray. It suits him. It's abstract, small, simple, and definitely would not kill someone.

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