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Piercings, plates, maille and tears

Posted by skenasis  Icon, 13 May 2007 - 11:49 PM

So, as some of you may or may not know, I finally got my oversized labret ring changed to a smaller (size and guage) one. And I don't have the old one, so y'all miss out on seeing it bluetongue.gif If I can be bothered taking a picture of the current one, along with my other ones, I shall do so.

OH! And I forgot to mention, I had the wrong name for my cartilage piercing. Because of the placing of it, it's actually called helix, not pinna. Thank the lord for BMEzine. That ain't the home page, but it's got the main menu for lookin' up stuff. Be warned though - most of the pages on piercings have pictures, and not all of them are pleasant. Really.

So, my ones are: earlobe. I have only one in each side.
Helix. I have only one, in my right ear. The top ring in the top right picture is roughly where mine is, although I have an amethyst stud in at the moment that I seriously doubt I'll ever change. And finally, what quite possibly could be my favourite one: labret. It's done with a CBR, though mine is smaller than the one in the picture (yes, I can tell). It looks to be smaller, but about the same thickness as my old one. The old one was blackish and the current one is silver. I've only had the labret in for a week and not quite a half, but so far it's coming along well, with no signs of infections.

My problem, as I may have mentioned, is when the ring tears my lip slightly and starts bleeding. The fortunate thing is that it doesn't hurt, and I generally only notice when I can feel the blood going down my chin. The crusties aren't nearly as bad though, which is a blessing. They also seem to be less prone to ripping off skin than the crusties from the old one were. Despite that, I've found myself taking a packet of cotton tips and a small airtight container of a sea salt and water mixture, in the likely event that I find myself needing to clean off the crusties when I'm out. For instance, even though I cleaned it about three hours ago, I can already feel that there's some crusties a-lurking. Hopefully it'll clear up in a week or two. In the meantime, it isn't too bad, so I'm not worried about it. That doesn't stop it being painful, though.

So, in other news. The fruits of the my three weeks of labour is finally visible - I have an almost complete coat of plates! Or, in other words, plate mail. Looks nothing like in the games and movies, trust me. I've done everything that I needed to go to the workshops for, and all that's left is a minor bit of gluing material to canvas so it'll stick and stay stuck. It's certainly usable until I get around to fixing it, fortunately, so I'll be able to use it tonight at reenactment. It's funny - I've earned a few nicknames. 'Hobbit', because I'm a shortass bluetongue.gif 'Grape', because my gambeson and arming cap are red, with a hint of purple. Wait 'till they see that my coat of plates is red too bluetongue.gif

I hopefully get to learn how to knit maille tonight! One of the guys at reenactment (the one person who actually responded positively from the get-go - see below paragraph) is giving me all of the links he has for me to knit the maille that's gonna go on the backs of my gloves (oven mitts, actually bluetongue.gif), on the condition that if I figure out how to do it properly, I'll do his too. Since I like crafty sorta stuff (although I completely and utterly suck when it comes to art, like drawing and sculpting), I'm hoping that I'll enjoy knitting maille. If I do, it would be a useful hobby, since folks at reenactment will pay to have someone knit them maille stuff since they hate it so much bluetongue.gif The only problem with it is how long it takes to do. If I enjoy it, though, it'll never become a problem for me. And if I do end up enjoying it enough to make a hobby out of it, I'm thinking of experimenting with small linked maille wristbands. See, there's different colours of links, though silver and black are the most common of them. Using them, I'd incorporate designs into wristbands, using small clasps to keep them on while being worn. I think they'd look awesome. And even better, they'd be completely unique! Y'all need to lemme know what you think of the idea.

Although, I have to admit. I was considering not turning up to reenactment tonight, maille or no. Not because I'm getting bored of it. The likelyhood of me getting bored of it is about the same likelihood that I'll come to hate Pokemon with a vengeance. It was because of the overwhelmingly negative response I got about my labret piercing last week. Now, I'll admit that I had the stupidly oversized ring in at the time, but that's beside the point. Keeping that in mind, along with the fact that everything said at reenactment has to be taken with a large dose of proverbial salt, I managed to keep composed all during reenactment, going outside when people were going at me. Afterwards, when I was heading home, I broke down into tears. Really not useful when you have to drive along a highway and a freeway at night. But anyway. Once I got home, my mum instantly noticed that I was upset and asked me what was wrong, causing me to promptly break into tears again as I was recounting the general response of the reenactment folks. Folks I talked to on msn may or may not to be able to attest to how upset I was, I don't know. Mighta been a 'you have to see it to believe it' kinda deal. See, I really like the folks at reenactment, for the most part. So to have such an overwhelmingly negative response with the most polite (I won't say positive, cos it ain't so) being that I looked like I'd had an accident with a nail. Make no mistake though, I'm sure as hell gonna bring it up at the general meeting tonight. I'll probably get laughed at or told to build a bridge. If so, I'll not mince words, believe me. Not that I mince words as a general principle anyway, but I would really let them know what I think of them if they dare.

And since I have to slowly start heading over to a lecture theatre over at the edge of the campus for my first lecture of the day, I shall toddle off now.
And I just realised I already mentioned pretty much all of this yesterday. Oh well, too bad.

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Ratty Icon

14 May 2007 - 12:18 AM
Mehehe, grape =P

Have fun with knitting maille =P Don't let anything those meanies at HR say tonight hurt you. Don't make them maille... or overcharge them, lol.

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