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this is a blog?

Posted by delta_3mo  Icon, 03 December 2008 - 01:33 AM


so, the Breast Cancer Three-Day walk was last weekend. i didnt walk or anything, but alotta old ladies did.

they were all walking down 6 mile, which just so happens to go right past my sub-division. and because i live on the corner of 6 mile and Bell Creek Ln.[my street] ALL the old ladies were staring at me.

its reeeaaaally creepy. eek7.gif

for those of you who have never tried to skateboard with a bunch of old ladies walking down the street giving you the old person eye, its hard.

y`know, the old person eye. its that look grumpy old people give you, and you just know that if you could here their thoughts, they would be talkin about
how your hair is to pointy, and back in their day kids who looked like you were thrown in jail for being a commi. you know what im talking about.

so imagine like amillion of these everytime you went outside, for a whole weekend. then every once and a while one of the walkers would yell somthing at me about how i shouldnt be wearin a black shirt [cause i guess its pro-breast cancer], or skateboarding is bad for society.

and im just thinking, dude chill. most of my shirts are black anyway.

o.k. thats it.

im running out of words now.... blog terminate. borgsmile.gif

this IS a blog!

Posted by delta_3mo  Icon, 03 December 2008 - 01:33 AM

Alrighty then! So this week some friends and I went to Stratford Ontario (its only a 3 hour drive from MI.) to attend the Stratford Theatre's performance of Hamlet.

IT KICKED MAJOR BUTTOX TO THE 10TH DEGREE!!! thumb.gif I mean seriouslly, I was not at all surprised when I found out that its considered the best Hamlet in 25 years. It was pretty sweet. The tickets were like 80 bucks, but it was worth it. It turns out that the director had just spent 20 years directing the Royal Shakespearian Theatre in Eangland.

So my friends and I drove to Canada, ate lunch at a pub, went to the show, then drove home. But when we were crossing the boarder my friend Daniel was playing Call of Duty 4 on the laptop we brought, and the security guard is really looking at us funny cause theres a bunch of gun shot noises and people dying coming from the laptop. So he just stares at us for a while and then lets us go.

The moral of this story?

1) dont bring Call of Duty 4 when crossing a boarder (or at least mute it)

2) Canadian Shakespear rocks


3) if I go missing, its because Daniel got me put on a terrorist watch list and I've been abducted for questioning

`tis all. Blog terminate. borgsmile.gif
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