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Hiiii ;D

Posted by Charlie  Icon, 23 August 2009 - 03:51 AM

Good evening/afternoon/morning, but as I'm in the UK, evening!

Woah, I haven't updated this blog for like..6/7 months? Long time bluetongue.gif Should of updated sooner but, meh what you gonna do bluetongue.gif.

So, Thursday was AS Results day ;D Was so so so so so so nervous this year, I couldn't eat at all the previous day and found it hard to ear even after I got them.

Believe me the tests were -haaard-. I was doing a hell of a lot of revision for them, even more then I did for my GCSEs (and that was still a lot -.-).

But in the end it was worth it. 4 Bs and a C ^_^ Not too shabby bluetongue.gif

Apparently not one person actually got a A, but thats just hear say. Maybe we're all just really stupid or the tests are getting harded (they soo are, no matter what everyone else says >_>).

Kinda disappointed that I got my C in History, thats the one I revised the most for :\ Oh well, least its a decent pass.

Well, I'ma gonna leave it at that. See ya!

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Ratty Icon

23 August 2009 - 09:20 AM
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