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Garin Ormon Primary Character

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Posted 14 January 2007 - 12:27 AM

Garin Ormon

Character Info:

Name: Garin Ormon
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Primary Class: Soldier
Secondary Class: Monk
Birthplace: Corroria
Hometown: Corroria
Alignment: Technology
Devotion: Agnostic (Temporarily)
Corrorian Navy (The Execution)

Race Description:

Humans: The most balanced of all races, they possess no real strengths or weaknesses. They are, however, looked down upon by many Elves, who's homeland has been destroyed by man's pursuit of conquest in the past.
- Vitality Effect (per stat point): Increases your hit points by 50
- Strength + 4
- Intelligence + 4

Class Description:

> Soldier (of the Technology alignment): Soldiers are highly capable of using technology and are able to use equipment unusable by other classes - some very powerful. What a soldier lacks in abilities is made up by his/her wide selection of unique equipment and weapons.
- Intelligence Effect (per point): Decreases EP consumption of abilities by 2
- Strength Effect (per point): Normal attack DP + 7
- Starting Affinity: 0
- Starting Constitution: 0

Secondary Class Description:

A Monk is one who strives to maintain balance between one's self and mind. Highly disciplined and experienced in this art, a Monk is capable of many difficult feats.

Base Stats:

as of 2596 posts
Stat Points: 112 (102 + 10)

VIT: 47
STR: 64 (50 + 4 race)
INT: 8 (4 + 4 race)
CON: 5
AFF: 0
DEV: 0

HP: 2350
VIT x 50

DP: 448
STR x 7

ECR: 16
INT x 2

Combat Information:

HP: 2350
DP: 510
DP: 72(pistol)
EP: 2596

DP Recieved -10% (-10% monk)
DP Recieved -50 (shield generator)


Cinii: 0

Credits: 30,000


Primary Weapon: Type 1 Neutronium Field Blade (+62 DP)
Off-hand: Type 1 Positron Blaster (72 DP per shot; requires no ammunition)

Head: Rebreather (Effect: Allows entrance into airless regions):
Body: Stained white T-shirt
Legs: Worn cargo pants
Arm(Right): ---
Arm(Left): ---
Hands: ---
Feet: Boots
Neck: Slightly tarnished silver chain
Shoulder: ---
Back: ---
Charm(1): Personal Shield Generator (Effect: DP - 50)
Charm(2): ---
Finger(1): ---
Finger(2): ---
Finger(3): ---
Finger(4): ---

All Equipable Items:
* Equipped

*Type 1 Positron Blaster (72 DP per shot; requires no ammunition)
*Type 1 Neutronium Field Blade (+62 DP)
*Rebreather (Effect: Allows entrance into airless regions; Head Slot):
*Personal Shield Generator (Effect: When equiped, recieved DP - 50; Charm Slot)
*Worn cargo pants
*Stained white T-shirt
*Slightly tarnished silver chain

Flashlight (Radiate Light) (+0 DP)
Type 1 Positron Blaster (72 DP per shot; requires no ammunition)

Echo Flare (Ranged DP = 100 to all enemies in location; Two-Handed; Tech): A strange device that uses concentrated sound pulse explosions. Requires air to use.

Echo Recharge (1000): EC=500; If the Echo Flare was used the previous turn, this attack does double the damage done before (stacks).

Wave Compression Format (2000): EC=1000; All spellcasters cannot use abilities.

Gamma Ray Burster (5000): EC=5000; DP=1000; Does 1000 damage to everyone (including yourself and allies) within the location in which this attack is used.

Misc Items:
A flash drive capable of storing Eddie
A hologram device capable of displaying Eddie

Vehicles and mounts

Elite Corrorian Starfire: (Navy ship)
Name: "Hydra"
HP: 2,200,000
Weapon Slots: 3 Pilot-Fired Weapons
1.) Standard 100,000 DP Plasma Weapon (naval issue)
Equipment Slots: 2
Passengers: 1



- Use Technology (0): Provides the Soldier with the ability to use technologically advanced equipment and ships (continuous ability).


- Meditation (1000): Effect lasts until cancelled or broken by battle, movement, or another ability: EC=0; Recovers 100 EP Per Minute Of Meditation: In order to set one's mind at peace, a monk may choose to meditate and let go of the troubles inhibiting his/her concentration.

- Damage Mitigation (2000): Persistent Effect = Decreases physical damage taken by 10% of the attack's DP: An experienced monk is able to mitigate any physical attack which hits him/her.

- Feign Death (3500): EC=2000; Effect = Unless one has more than twice the monk's post count or is also a monk, he/she cannot attack the monk; Effect cancelled when ability is used or the monk moves; Cannot be used in battle: When in a tight situation a monk is capable of almost stopping his/her metabolism to give off the appearance that he/she is not alive. With this image, the monk is not likely to be attacked.

- Advanced Conditioning (5500): Persistent Effect: Total HP + 250, Constitution + 15: Through conditioning one's body, a monk is able to make himself/herself stronger and more resistant to damage or harmful states.


Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 200 lbs
Age: 18
Hair: Brown and somewhat long
Eyes: blue
Skin: White with a farmer tan

Garin Ormon has had a difficult past. At the age of 8, he and his family was attacked by unknown fighters in the Trifid Nebula. The only survivors from his family was his father Grigori Ormon who died 5 years later of a strange disease, his older brother Grigori Ormon II, and himself.
After his father died he and Grigori were left to fend for themselves. They worked odd jobs for a few years until his brother befriended an Aphorite, the owner of a bar in Corroria, who took the two boys under his wing.

Lately he has been seen traveling around with a highly advanced AI construct known simply as "Eddie". He keeps his mouth shut about how he "acquired" one of the most advanced AI constructs ever seen, but since he has been seen hanging out in bars typically associated with smugglers and space pirates all his life. Most people simply assume that he stole it off of a dying Corrorian Cruiser. Though, nobody knows how he pulled something like that off.
Although he is a rebel sympathizer he is in the employ of The Execution (Corrorian Navy). No one is completely sure of why he chose to do this but some of his closer friends suspect that it's a scheme to get his brother Grigori out of prison.

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