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A Brief History of the House of Trakarades, former Kings of Aderon

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Posted 31 July 2008 - 04:25 AM

The most recent dynasty of Kings of Aderon was that of the line of House Trakarades. This dynasty can be traced back almost half a millennium, to when King Leontes, High Seat of House Trakarades at the time, fought and killed the usurper Amshar Germaine, who had arranged for the deaths of the previous King and his heirs.

King Leontus married Artemesia Daerbon, a member of another prominent Aderonian house, and theirs were three sons and a daughter. In order of birth, they were Prince Thaddeus, Prince Elixander, Princess Emmeline, and Prince Jaime. Upon Leontus' death, Thaddeus took the throne, and he took for his wife Queen Elladora of House Vepireous. King Thaddeus, like his father before him, was a virtuous King who attempted to deal fairly and improve relations with other kingdoms on the Telan continent. Such traits would continue for several generations.

Thaddeus and Elladora had three daughters, and one son. They were Princess Chantale, Princess Nadine, Princess Sofiel, and Prince Abderitus. Abderitus was crowned King, for the eldest son is always King regardless of how many daughters come before, and he married Elizabeth Reuel. They had two sons: Prince Julius and Prince Augustus. When Abderitus died, Julius became King and he married Ophelia Hembree.

Theirs were two sons and two daughters. Prince Amerus, Princess Titania, Princess Lenora, and Prince Gaspode. Amerus became King, and he married Helena of House Bashir. They had only a single son. Prince Menenius was a fair and just King, and he married Genevieve Muldoon.

Peculiarly, as Menenius had no brother or sisters -- or perhaps because of that fact -- King Menenius and Queen Genevieve had five sons and six daughters. In the order of their births, they were Princess Magdlen, Prince Angelius, Prince Oberon, Princess Clarice, Prince Jarret, Princess Viridian, Princess Adelina, Princess Elissa, Prince Gawon, Prince Gerard, and Princess Isabel. This generation showed, perhaps, the first hint of corruption. Though many would consider it simply the raw chance of one child turning out poorly out of so many, many scholars agree that Prince Gawon was more of a foretelling of what was to come. Prince Gawon died as far short of even his middle years. Having always been fond of fighting, and having a quarrelsome personality anyway, he was killed in a duel before even the death of his father.

Regardless of his brother, King Angelius was a fair and just King as well. He married Estelle Warbeck. They had two sons and a daughter. They were Prince Abrasimus, Princess Fidelia, and Prince Emeric. Abrasimus married Hannah of House Maerwin. Together, they had a son and a daughter: Prince Albanus and Princess Volumnia. Albanus was wed to Edith of House Mondain.

Albanus was the first King of the Trakarades line to begin to invade and take over neighboring land. He did little, and under his rule there was rarely much fighting. He dealt more in small border disputes, in which he would manage to win small amounts of land through threats instead of blood. Albanus and Edith had two sons. Prince Moridus and Prince Phocas were both considered by many to be evil. While still both young adults, Phocas attempted to murder his brother in order to secure for himself the throne. In the ensuing battle, Phocas was killed by Moridus. Moridus took the throne at an early age, which many say was because he killed his father. Officially, Albanus died in a hunting accident.

Moridus was nothing short of tyrannical. Imposing ridiculous taxes upon his people and invading neighboring kingdoms for seemingly no reason whatsoever, he was generally hated by his people. He was, without a doubt, the worst of any of the Trakarades line, and disputably one of the worst Kings of all of Aderon. He had a single son: Orsinius. While not as completely evil as his father, Orsinius continued with the conquests his father had started. After only about a decade of his rule, he was imprisoned to stop the unnecessary invasions. He was never officially executed; he was assassinated in his cell weeks before a sentence could even have been decided.

Simultaneously, throughout Aderon, Orsinius' wife Queen Alessandra of House Mortlake, and his three sons and four daughters, Prince Rahvus, Princess Mirabella, Princess Brigitte, Prince Demerikus, Princess Morgana, Prince Ivestus, and Princess Evheninn were all assassinated. That is, they were all killed -- save for Prince Demerikus. He purportedly fought and killed his assassins. Though not the heir to the throne by birth, he was crowned King, being the only heir left, having just barely turned an age at which he could claim the crown. This day, which is reputed to be perhaps one of the most astounding assassinations in all of history, happened almost fifteen years ago.

King Demerikus was a fair and just King, and seemed almost determined to repair the now tarnished name of the Trakarades line. He attempted to make right the wrongs his forefathers had made with the neighboring kingdoms of Telan. Yet even he, with all his good intentions, could not stop the war that erupted between Aderon and Forlon.

And then, nine years after his father's murder, a mere six years ago, he was killed by Forlonian assassins. A royal burial was given, and he was buried in the crypts of the Trakarades line with every Trakarades King since Leontus. Having no heirs, the House of Trakarades lost the throne, and after several months, a new King took the throne: King Rathamel of House Aeraves. And thus was the end of the Trakarades dynasty.

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