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Posted 12 August 2008 - 05:15 AM

Hanako (?)

Gender - Female
Race - Eumidia
Class - Savant
Profession/Trade - Alchemist
Leader - Arielina of Euphrascia
Hometown - Frionia

Character Profile

Age - 18
Eye Color - Blue
Hair Color - Brown
Height - 5'2''
Unique Features - Small, fairy like, blue wings

Hanako's Past
A victim of the Ten Century War, Hanako knows very little about her past. As the War had progressed, Nemorok conquered the lands of the Eumidia Race, and her parents were lost in the fighting. A small child at the time, Hanako followed others to a refugee camp called Euphrascia, in Luscartia. Learning the arts of healing from her respected leader, Arielina, she journeys today to help anyone hurt by the current wars. Always remembering what the Eumidia stood for, she follows the light to the best of her abilities. She now lives in Friona for protection from the empire of Valeron. She hopes that someday, with the help of the kingdom of Friona, she will be able to regain her beloved parents' home from Valeron.

Hanako is always bright and optimistic, trying to cheer up others when they're down. Being very specialized in healing techniques, she will help anyone whenever she is required. She carries a small silver dagger and a blanket she made into an unhooded cloak, given to her by her parents. She detests being alone because of strong senses of nostalgia for her parents and the peaceful, safe times -- but in today's world friends are hard to come by.


Savant's Arcanum (reference)

Light's Healing - A savant's specialty... The ability to quickly heal injuries by using the power of light.

Regeneration - An induction that gradually heals a target over time.

Stellar Healing - If a target is infused with light, this ability is a more powerful variation of Light's Healing.

Prevent Death - To a certain extent, a savant can keep a dying character alive.

Put to Rest - This instantly defeats most undead minions.

Purge Sickness - This allows a character to quickly recover from sickness or disease.

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