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JGJTan Icon : (05 July 2018 - 10:07 AM) So this has been a while! It's @jgjtan and @leftyy here having a nostalgia trip. We hope you all have been having a great time so far! Miss you, be back in another 5-10 years. (Or find me on social media -- it's not that hard.)
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X Zolon Icon : (05 October 2017 - 05:02 AM) Strange. I was thinking about it around the same time. Just didn't come back until now. Hope everyone is well.
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Phieta Icon : (08 July 2017 - 09:42 PM) There are several of us! Several!
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Van Ascard Secondary Character

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Posted 05 June 2007 - 03:49 AM

Van Zenedithriam Ascard


Name: Van Zenedithriam Ascard
Gender: Male
Race: Human
1st Class: Necromancer
2nd Class: Monk
Hometown: Forlon
Alignment: Evil
Devotion: The Fallen
- Nemorok's Legion (Dark)
- Forlon's Brigade

Humans: The most balanced of all races, they possess no real strengths or weaknesses. They are, however, looked down upon by many Elves, who's homeland has been destroyed by man's pursuit of conquest in the past.
- Vitality Effect (per stat point): Increases your hit points by 50
- Strength + 4
- Intelligence + 4

% Necromancer: Necromancers surround themselves with death and can bring the dead back to the world to do their bidding.
- Intelligence Effect (per point): Decreases EP consumption of abilities by 10
- Strength Effect (per point): Normal attack DP + 3
- Starting Affinity: 2
- Starting Constitution: 2


As of PC: 4750 (9500 On Main)
Stat Points: 200 (190 Base +10 Starter Bonus)
  • VIT: 100 (90 Base +10 Faction)
  • STR: 12 (0 Base +7 Faction Bonus +4 Racial Bonus)
  • INT: 30 (16 Base +7 Faction +4 Racial Bonus +3 Equipment)
  • CON: 3 (1 Base +2 Racial Bonus)
  • AFF: 8 (8 Base)
  • DEV: 100 (85 Base +10 Faction +5 Control Bonus)
Health: 5000 (5000 from Hit Points (50 per) +0 from Equipment
DP: 58 (36 from Strength (3 per) +95 from Equipment)
EC Bonus: -300 (-300 from Intelligence (-10 per))

Combat Information:

HP: 5000
DP: 128
EP: 4350

Energy Cost - 300
DP Recieved - 10%
Minion Limit: 2


Cinii: 0
Credits: 0


Primary Weapon: Staff of the Dark Necromancer (DP + 25; INT + 3; Two-Handed)

Head: ---
Body: ---
Legs: ---
Arm(Right): ---
Arm(Left): ---
Hands: ---
Feet: ---
Neck: ---
Shoulder: ---
Back: ---
Charm(1): Medusa's Eye (+70 DP, also applies to spells.)
Charm(2): ---
Finger(1): ---
Finger(2): ---
Finger(3): ---
Finger(4): ---

Van does +25 DP for physical attacks.
Van does +70 DP for physical attacks and spells.
Van Has +3 Intelligence
Van can summon two minions at a time.

Other Items:



The Caeriu Hills: > Summon Caeriu Scout (0): EC=0; Effect = Summons one Caeriu Scout (HP = 200; DP = 15 per attack): Summons a Caeriu Scout, who can assist in battle or move independently of the summoner.
The Badlands: Survival Instincts (0): EC=0; Effect = Regenerate 20 HP per minute while motionless and out of battle, according to when you post the ability thread: Knowing how to survive in the wilderness can be an important skill for any adventurer.
The Whispering Wood: Your side's controlled regions are cursed to enemies. It will take the other sides an additional five minutes to take control of any regions that your side controls.
The Desert of Maldenar: With the people of Maldenar on your side, they will bolster your side's favor of the deities, providing Devotion + 5.
The Shores of Izkaldan: The merchants of Izkaldan favor your side, providing the ability to call merchant vessels to traverse the ocean. These ships have 4000 HP and can transport up to three characters, but cannot mount any weapons.


Weapon Abilities

Staff of the Dark Necromancer
A powerful weapon that once belonged to a powerful necromancer. It grants you several abilities.

- Special Ability: Double Summon (4000); Persistent Effect = Allows up to two and only two creatures to be summoned at any one time. The second creature can only have a max post count requirement of your post count minus the post count requirement of the first creature.

- Special Ability: Drain Life (2000) EC=0; Effect = Drains the life of the target, granting the stolen health to the caster (DP = 100): Calls upon the powers of Necromancy to steal your enemy's lifepower to heal yourself.

->> Special Ability: Call the Unholy Dead (4000) EC=500; Effect = Summons one Burning Dead (HP = 700; DP = 100 per attack): Summons a burning skeleton from the underworld to fight by your side. Does not count towards minion limit.

Necromancer Abilities

- Can only have one summoned undead spell in effect at any time. At no time can you have more than one summoned undead companion with you. All summoned beings can travel with you or independently. Summoned undead automatically absorb damage directed at you, and their turns in battle are independent of yours (you can cast a spell and the servant can attack in one turn).

-> Summon The Decaying (0): EC=0; Effect = Summons one Decaying Skeleton (HP = 50; DP = 5 per attack): Summons a brittle skeleton to fight for you at any time.

- Dismiss Servant (0): EC=0; Effect = Dismiss current summoned undead: Dismisses your summoned undead.

- Creeping Death (50): EC=50; Effect = Prevent target's movement to another location for 30 seconds; can still attack and use abilities: Engulfs the target in conjured sludge, preventing movement to another location for 30 seconds. Can still attack.

-> Summon Skeletal Servant (200): EC=50; Effect = Summons one Skeletal Servant (HP = 100; DP = 10 per attack): Summons a skeleton to fight for you at any time.

- Frenzy (400): EC=300; Effect = Summoned undead's DP + 3: Fills your summoned companion's eyes with madness, improving it's strength as long as it is in the same region (no longer in effect once you leave).

-> Summon Skeletal Soldier (800): EC=250; Effect = Summons one Skeletal Soldier (HP = 250; DP = 15 per attack): Summons a sturdy skeleton with a rusty sword to fight for you at any time.

- Disease (1000): EC=500; Effect = Gives summoned undead 50 HP/ Causes 2 points of damage to enemy for every turn during the battle: Heals your undead servant, though diseases an enemy target (not from the same spell).

-> Summon Barbed Skeleton (1400): EC=400; Effect = Summons one Barbed Skeleton (HP = 400; DP = 25 per attack): Summons a skeleton with barbs and a rusty sword to fight for you at any time.

-> Summon Zombie (1400): EC=400; Effect = Summons one Zombie (HP = 600; DP = 15 per attack): Summons a zombie to fight for you at any time. It is more defensive than a skeleton, though is not as strong with attacks.

- Consume Dead (1500): EC=0; Effect = You recover 400 HP from a fallen enemy: You recover health from a nearby corpse.

-> Summon Ghoul (1900): EC=600; Effect = Summons one Ghoul (HP = 800; DP = 20 per attack): Summons a stronger zombie to fight for you at any time.

->> Summon Banshee (2400): EC=0; Effect = Summons one Banshee (HP = 700; DP = 15 per attack; Spell: [Death Sentence: Will automatically defeat the target if he/she does not leave the region in five minutes]): Summons a physically weak spirit to fight for you that can cast Death Sentence on a target once every two minutes (it cannot be dismissed during this two minute period since it's energy is needed to complete the spell).

->> Summoning of the Great Skeleton (2700): EC=1000; Effect = Summons one Great Skeleton (HP = 1000; DP = 35 per attack): Summons a powerful skeletal warrior to fight for you with a dark sword.

->> Summon Dark Hydra (3600): EC=1500; Effect = Summons one Dark Hydra (HP = 2000; DP = 35 per attack): Summons a creature of the same power of the Great Skeleton, though it has much greater defense.

->> Summon Dark Chimaera (4500): EC=0; Effect = Summons one Dark Chimaera (HP = 2000; DP = 55 per attack): Summons a fire-breathing monster from the underworld to fight for you.

Monk Abilities

A Monk is one who strives to maintain balance between one's self and mind. Highly disciplined and experienced in this art, a Monk is capable of many difficult feats.

- Meditation (1000) (2000): Effect lasts until cancelled or broken by battle, movement, or another ability: EC=0; Recovers 100 EP Per Minute Of Meditation: In order to set one's mind at peace, a monk may choose to meditate and let go of the troubles inhibiting his/her concentration.

- Damage Mitigation (2000) (4000): Persistent Effect = Decreases physical damage taken by 10% of the attack's DP: An experienced monk is able to mitigate any physical attack which hits him/her.

- Feign Death (3500) (7000): EC=2000; Effect = Unless one has more than twice the monk's post count or is also a monk, he/she cannot attack the monk; Effect cancelled when ability is used or the monk moves; Cannot be used in battle: When in a tight situation a monk is capable of almost stopping his/her metabolism to give off the appearance that he/she is not alive. With this image, the monk is not likely to be attacked.

- Advanced Conditioning (5500) (11000): Persistent Effect: Total HP + 250, Constitution + 15: Through conditioning one's body, a monk is able to make himself/herself stronger and more resistant to damage or harmful states.

Devotion: The Fallen

The Fallen: The lord of the undead, necromancers, and sometimes wraiths. The Fallen's goal is to consume the living world and bring about an age where the dead rule the living. The Fallen requires sacrifice from its followers to aid in this goal... After all, what do they have to fear in death? In turn its followers will gain necromantic power.

Effect of Devotion Points: Summon Disciple of The Fallen: EC: 200; Effect: Summons an undead disciple of The Fallen (HP = 15 x Devotion Points; DP = 4 x Devotion Points): The follower of The Fallen summons a lesser being to do his/her bidding.

Effect if Devotion Points are at least 5: Illusion of the Rogue Spirit: EC: 0; Effect: Changes the form of the caster: The Fallen provides its follower with a mysterious and frightening illusion of a dark spirit.

Effect if Devotion Points are at least 10: Illusion of the Lesser Reknosk: EC: 0; Effect: Changes the form of the caster: The Fallen provides its follower with the frightening illusion of a Reknosk, a type of undead demon. Since this is an illusion the caster does not actually obtain the powers of this great beast.

Faction: Nemorok's Legion

Nemorok's Corruption (0): EC=0; Non-Stacking Self Effect = Devotion + 10, Vitality + 10, Intelligence + 7, Strength + 7: Nemorok lends his power to the legions of Valeron.
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