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Study Hall

This is the place to discuss anything from academic subjects to recent events to paranormal sciences.

  • 218 Topics
  • 1,977 Replies

Operation Mi'ihen

This is the main forum for Mi'ihen. Here you can discuss contests, site content, and other similar things.

  • 9 Topics
  • 69 Replies

The Cafeteria

Come on in and hang out a while. This is the place for idle conversation and light discussions. We don't serve spam here, but be sure to get in line before Balamb Garden's world-famous hot dogs run out. You won't be sorry.

  • 2,614 Topics
  • 30,100 Replies

Recruit/Request Forum

This is where to post your name if you want to join (or recruit someone), or post any rank/name updates.

  • 266 Topics
  • 690 Replies

SeeD Emblem Claim

Post here to obtain SeeD Emblems for things you've done for our clan. No reply is required to add the Emblems to your profile, though all posts are reviewed. Post all applicable information and proof with your threads.

  • 153 Topics
  • 573 Replies

Council of Telan

All discussions, propositions, and ideas relating to factions or possible games for factions should be posted here. Also if you wish to establish a faction, this is where to do it.

  • 124 Topics
  • 664 Replies

Character Profiles

This is where to manage your characters' profiles to free up space in your signature. From now on this must be up-to-date for everyone, and the profile signatures are optional asides to it. This is also our new character registration page.

  • 46 Topics
  • 23 Replies

Crescens Has Been Defenestrated

This forum is reserved for Baseballl, Death Snake, Ryoko, Alpha, and no one else. This is basically an exception from the normal rules where flaming rules are relaxed a bit.
- Nothing here is to leave this forum with the threat of banning, because we do not wish to start conflicts with Crescens. ;-)

  • 6 Topics
  • 63 Replies

GM Grotto

The official GM forum. This is where GMs can discuss their quests, their ideas, and any unofficial systems that are required for them to work as intended. This forum is open to the public so everyone can discuss the stuff that goes on in DStorm.

  • 23 Topics
  • 159 Replies

Council of Luscartia

The Order is most rewarding when its Arbiters realize their capabilities. This is the place to discuss leadership and guilds in general, as well as discuss missions and other related topics.

  • 55 Topics
  • 321 Replies

Clans And Guilds

Have a clan or guild sponsored by CurvedSpace? If so, you may have a forum provided to you here if you are lacking one elsewhere.

  • 4 Topics
  • 17 Replies

Faction Forums

Forums for our factions.

  1. Inactive Factions
  2. Legion of Aderon
  3. Gunblade
  4. The Eranara Construction Company
  5. Knights of Arcturus
  6. Forgotten Order of Taris
  7. Af†erma†h
  • 305 Topics
  • 1,615 Replies

Cspace/SeeD Newspaper

This forum is based on Supernova's CurvedSpace/SeeD Newspaper and can be used to post ideas, tips, and suggestions. Please PM actual articles to Supernova for submission.

  • 3 Topics
  • 3 Replies

Site Promotion Tracking

If you have submitted CurvedSpace, SeeD, or links to content within our community to a search engine, toplist, or anything else, please post it here.

  • 4 Topics
  • 19 Replies

General Shooters: SeeD Faction

No Leader; Faction For All Shooters Without Specific Factions

  • 8 Topics
  • 28 Replies

Transfer Forum

Working at school or work on an assignment? Don't have a disc to save your work, and afraid to access your email? Feel free to post it in this forum on a temporary account and retrieve it later. No replies are allowed.

  • 195 Topics
  • 29 Replies

SeeD Survivor

A surprise event from XZ and the leaders. Come on in to see what's happening!

  • 10 Topics
  • 232 Replies

Suggestions and Ideas

Have a great idea that you think will improve SeeD or CurvedSpace? This is the place to post it, everything here will be reviewed and considered.

  1. Junior Innovators Inc.
  2. Innovators Inc.
  3. Veteran Innovators Inc.
  4. Master Innovators Inc.
  5. Published Ideas
  • 273 Topics
  • 1,559 Replies

Garden Discussion

This is the place to come to associate with others in your Garden. Every Garden has a forum of its own.

  1. Balamb Garden
  2. Centra Garden
  3. Esthar Garden
  4. Galbadia Garden
  5. Trabia Garden
  6. Winhill Garden
  7. Cactuar Island
  • 311 Topics
  • 2,154 Replies

Balamb Garden

No Current Headmaster

  • 40 Topics
  • 314 Replies

Clan/Guild Center

If you have a clan or guild sponsored by CurvedSpace, you will be provided with a forum here. Even if you already have a website, this will be provided to allow for your clan or guild to participate in our gaming community.

  • 9 Topics
  • 33 Replies

SeeD In Other Games

- Temporary forum until next version of the forums is stable -

  1. EverQuest 2
  2. Star Wars Galaxies
  3. Diablo 2
  4. Final Fantasy XI
  5. Ultima Online
  6. Warcraft 3
  7. Starcraft
  8. Unreal Tournament 2004
  9. Counter Strike
  • 58 Topics
  • 506 Replies

SeeD (Featured)

Game: Runescape

  1. The Market
  2. Mercenaries' Lounge
  3. SeeD Veterans' Lounge
  • 3,880 Topics
  • 18,363 Replies

Legion of Aderon

This is the official forum for the Legion of Aderon: Runescape's alliance of clans against rulebreakers and other malicious players.

  • 58 Topics
  • 497 Replies

Inter-Clan Relations Board

Are you the leader or member of another clan? Post here to discuss alliances or anything else related.

  • 156 Topics
  • 912 Replies

The Galbadian Legion

Interested in joining SeeD's legion to protect SeeD, promote peace, and bring down rulebreakers? Here is the place for that, and also feel free to post reports regarding 'destroy-them-all' clans and other malicious forces which may be of interest in protecting innocent clans and individuals.

  • 41 Topics
  • 576 Replies

SeeD Survivor Progress

A forum for those working on making the event possible. When the new forums are ready this will be moved into the main SeeD Survivor forum.

  • 3 Topics
  • 16 Replies

Mock War Forum

For all discussion regarding the possible "Mock War" competition.

  • 25 Topics
  • 344 Replies

Trabia Garden

No Current Headmaster

  • 26 Topics
  • 226 Replies

Nexus of DarkStorm

Discuss anything related to the actual game of DarkStorm which the CurvedSpace Staff is creating. This will be a 3D graphical multi-genre MMORPG set in a twisted world of conflicting times and dimensions.

  • 9 Topics
  • 78 Replies

Conquering of a Land Forum

Discussion relating to the proposed Conquering of a Land event.

  • 16 Topics
  • 252 Replies

Galbadia Garden

No Current Headmaster

  • 29 Topics
  • 214 Replies

Suggestions Board

This is the place to post suggestions for the site and to discuss others' ideas.

  • 180 Topics
  • 1,876 Replies

UFForia (Winhill Garden)

Current Headmaster: dokimos0rg

Description: A Garden formed with the ideals and organization of the United Freedom Fighters.

  • 603 Topics
  • 9,152 Replies

SeeD Suggestions Contest

- Information will be posted inside -

  • 16 Topics
  • 14 Replies

Sub-Garden Discussion

Discuss anything with other Gardens or within your own. Every garden has its own sticky topic for events and information to be posted.

  1. The Steel Dragon Army
  2. Air Wings
  3. The Assassins
  4. The Fire Knights
  5. Esthar Elite Guard
  6. Ardougne Garden
  7. Entrana Garden
  8. The Dark Legion
  9. Catherby Garden
  10. Elite Black Knights
  11. Eternal Flame Garden
  12. The Bearded Dragons
  13. Blood Demons
  14. Yanille Garden
  15. Manetheren Warriors
  16. Ninth Inner Sanctum Circle
  17. Elendil Garden
  18. PKing Group
  19. Garden of Rogues
  20. Falador Knights
  21. The White SeeDs
  22. The Gladiators
  23. Balamb Garden
  24. Templar Knights
  25. Trabia Garden
  26. Galbadia Garden
  27. Roman Legion
  28. Knights of Hyrule
  29. Orange Star
  30. Varrock Garden
  31. Black Demons
  32. Falador Garden
  33. Phoenix Flames
  34. Fire of a Dragon
  35. Taverley Garden
  • 462 Topics
  • 2,582 Replies

Hosted Forums

  1. Sports Page
  2. Joke Forum
  3. Roleplay Forum
  4. Mythology Forum
  • 328 Topics
  • 2,898 Replies

The Great Library

- Secondary Location -

Come here to read a variety of books and texts from all ages. One must be silent here so others would not be disturbed in their study, so posts are disabled here.

  • 20 Topics
  • 1 Replies

Dimension Zero

Spikeout's CurvedSpace/SeeD Newspaper

  • 0 Topics
  • 0 Replies
  • {lang:icon} --
  • In: ----
  • By: ----

Mafia Headquarters

Here the Mafia plots its next game move.

  • 2 Topics
  • 13 Replies

Moderator Warzone!

When moderators turn evil.

  • 7 Topics
  • 30 Replies

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