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Knowledge Base (will keep being updated)

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Posted 27 August 2004 - 12:38 AM

I will keep this thread updated with information as it becomes available. Some aspects cannot be revealed yet however more will become public as time goes on. I will reply every time I add new content to this post.

Note: Anything listed here is an "as of now" plan for the game. Even when actual development begins anything here is subject to change up until a certain not-yet-defined date.


Technical Information:

What is the name of the "real" DarkStorm?
DarkStorm 2: Age of Arcana - The Land of Epochs
("The Land of Epochs" is a subtitle and would not be formatted like the above, the actual title is "Age of Arcana")

Is This Going To Be Text-Based Like The Current Forum?
No, it will be a complete MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game).

When Will It Be Released?
No date has been determined yet, as of now I would estimate it to be sometime in 2007. This is obviously a massive undertaking.

Will It Be Free?
There is likely to be both free and subscription versions. The differences and pricing will not be determined until the launch date is near. The free version, as of this point, will not be a trial but would instead be very playable.

Will It Be Available In Stores?
No, at least we have no plans for it unless possibly on a limited availability. We plan to have a download available, though it will be very massive. For those who do not wish to download we plan to ship CDs or DVDs with the game for a small price.

Will Characters Be Transferred From The Forum RPG To DS2?
No, while the games are based in the same world we will not be able to transfer them. It would not work physically with the game nor would it make sense in the plot. Some characters are likely to be mentioned in the upcoming game however, though only if they have unique names. This means that your character could have a place in the history of the game.

The Game:

What Classes Will Be Available?
We do not plan to have a set class system (unlike the current game). I am not able to explain what we plan to do yet but characters will have more personally identifying classes. This means that upper-level characters will all be unique, however as I said the system is not yet released to the public.

Will The Game Be Based On The Earthia We Know?
Not really. DS2 will be set in the future and some things would have changed. The name "Earthia" has been lost over time and it is now known as Arcana. Other than that I cannot explain the changes for they may spoil some of the current DStorm. Only after the current game progresses a bit will I be able to explain the upcoming world.

Will The Game Be PvP (Player vs. Player)?
Yes and no. There will be specifically PvP areas (free-for-all) and there will be a PvP system. This system, if you personally wish to participate in it, will allow you to attack and be attacked anywhere by others using it (will not be a free-for-all though, it will be faction-based). There will also be a dueling system independent of the PvP system. If you do not wish to be vulnerable everywhere and wish only to use the PvP areas for player combat you can turn it off for yourself. You will never be immune in any way when in a PvP area. The rules of each area could differ as well.

Will There Be Day, Night, And Weather?
Yes, that is in the plans.

- Stay tuned for more updates! -
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Posted 27 August 2004 - 01:11 AM

Uh, could you give us SeeD peoples the subscription for free? bluetongue.gif

Sounds great, can't wait biglaugh.gif

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Posted 31 August 2004 - 01:11 AM

biglaugh.gif LOOKS GREAT!...I'd prefer no subscription fee though.. sad.gif I'm poor as dirt...Especially with the Runescape fee.

---Ruckus the Rogue

Darkstorm Characters: Scaffard Crimsonflame , Zikora Yooki

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