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F2p Pking Guide

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Posted 04 March 2007 - 09:15 PM

The F2P Pking Guide

Written By: Me(Moo)


Pking is short for the term, "Player Killing" which occurs mostly to the north of Runescape. (Otherwise in the Edgeville Dungeon) There are "levels" in the wilderness ranging from around 1-48 (on free play), it is where you can encounter in a fight with other players, where you risk losing your valuable items but there are also chances you will be able to win a fight and defeat the other opponent, here is a guide for better pking, plus better knowledge of Pking.


The right equipment is essential for pking, you can PK is three different types of styles. (Warrior-Melee, Mage, Ranger) Below listed are also recommended Stats and equipment for Pking.


Here is the recommended equipment for warriors: Full rune kite, diamond ammy, any cape is fine, rune skimmy, boots, and dragon vambs.

The weapon is interchangable for Rune Longs, Battleaxes, or whatever. But these three weapons are the recommended ones to Pk with. Jagex Talks about Warhammers being very effective against plates, which they're not, so please don't. They hit very slowly and are not as effective as the manual says. The amulet is also changable for a Ruby Amulet of strength, of course, you want to hit more often. Not a 20 followed by 10 consecutive 0's, so using the power amulet is highly recommended. Bring a Rune 2H, I'll tell you why later.

Recommended Stats for Warrior:

60 Attack

60 Strength

60 Defence

34 Prayer (Incredible reflexes, trust me they work well)


Here is the recommended equipment for Mages: Magic ammy, air staff, wizards hat, wizards top, monk robe(bottom), any cape would do, boots, and gloves

Magic Amulet is a must since it has a +10 Magic bonus, Runes for Blast Spells, plus bind runes, which holds the enemy for 5 seconds, good for team Pking. Bring a Rune 2H as said before.

Recommended Stats for Mages:

59 Magic-Fire Blast

60 Defence

43 Prayer (protect from Melee, mages extremely vulnerable to Warriors attack)


Here is the recommended gear for Rangers: Rune full helm, diamond ammy, full greek dragonhide, boots, any cape is fine, maple short-bow, and 200 addy arrows

Of course my arrows arent recommended, change them for Mithril or addy arrows. Rune Helm also recommended as Dragonhide is still vulnerable to Warrior's attacks, and it only minuses around 2 range attack bonuses. Still Bring the Rune 2H. About the coif, the range bonus it adds is mediocre, and the defence bonus is just as in-effective, Full Helms are highly recommended by me.

Recommended Stats for Ranger:

70 Range

40 Defence (Dragon-hide body)

43 Prayer (protect from melee, as it is still vulnerable)

Pk Locations:

Nowadays in the wilderness, you really need a team to Pk with, Solo Pking has basically died out, so join a clan or go with your friends (Around 5 People at Least), below circled are a Range of popular Pking Locations.

Lvl 1 Varrock Wild:

Purely for people who dont want to lose their gear and just to fight for a bit of fun, ideal place for pures to team and zero in for an easy kill, not very good for individual, non-pure fights.

Kill rating: 1/5 (Pures 3/5)

Hill giants/Chaos temple:

Located around lvl 16-20 Wild, this place is ideal for quick teaming and huge fights with lvl 60-80's often with around 20 people at peak times, although in the end, everyone ends up teleporting, it's usually fun to be in the midst of a huge fight, but again, no real kills.

Chaos temple located opposite Giants, is a place usually for Organized DM's (Deathmatches), check this place out if you want, but don't expect to find anything good.

Kill rating: 2/5 with hardcore teaming, you may expect 1 or 2 good kills.

Dark Knight's Fortress:

Another highly popular Pking area, just like Hill Giants, you can expect great fights in and out of the castle, same thing, everyone ends up teleporting, at the entrance of the castle, it is a non-multi zone, people usually use this to their advantage when being teamed, or using it for solo fights to see who comes out on top.

Kill rating: 1/5, again not very good.

Bone Yard:

Relatively good pking spot, as there will be no teleporting and you can pick off lingering noobs who are trying to level their prayer, expect a few kills, but not as popular as other spots.

Kill rating: 2/5, average.

Chaos Dwarves:

This is a great place for Mini-wars and encounters with noone teleporting, so you can expect to get a few good kills here for clan run-ins, of course there is just as much of a chance as you dieing.

Kill rating: 3/5, above average place, decent.

Moss Giants:

Noobs often come across this place for Free Chaos runes, there is a distance to run to tele-zone, so kills can be easy with a team, although not as popular as other spots, kills here are pretty much secured with a good team.

Kill rating: 2/5, average.

Rune Rocks!: (recommended)

Excellent camping grounds, but have to wait at least 20 minutes until someone shows up, but then the riches will be great, rune miners are easy to Pk, especially with a team, even solo (watch out for clans), an excellent place to Pk. Rune ores are roughly 11.5-12k each.

Kill rating: 4/5, can be tedious and boring.

Demonic Ruins: (Highly recommended with team)

By far, the most dangerous and rewarding places to PK, it is not recommended you come alone, Great clans usually hang out here, waiting for another clan to run in for a good fight, the riches will be awesome, although you risk dieing also and teleporting will be another 20 lvls to run, but by then you'll be dead. At peak days, Saturdays and Sundays, this is Pking heaven. Great clan wars are almost always held here, great fun for all.

Kill rating: 5/5, extremely dangerous, but if successful, you may find yourself with mint armour and weapons.

Tactics and stratergies:

Rune 2H Trick:

As mentioned before, this may be the only way to K.O you're opponent. Before you do, find out the Max Hit you hit with the Rune 2H and you're prepared to go into wild. This is great for teleporting areas (lvl 20 and under) where you can actually score a kill. Fight your opponent with the scimitar or weapon of you're choice, once the enemy is reduced to Half the max hit of your rune 2H he/she will probably eat a lobster and start running out of the wilderness, then this is where the 2H comes in, draw it out as fast as you can and pray it hit's your max hit and the enemy will soon be sent to lumbridge, this has worked once or twice for me, but this is probably the only way to k.O your opponent in low-level wilderness. You can hit over 22's with around 70 strength potted as I have tried in an experiment. This is recommended for all combat types regardless.

In a team, a mage knowing how to bind is a great addition to the number of pk's you get. I recommend assigning a mage simply for binding, wait around at greaters with your team of course, and when someone pops out the mage starts binding like crazy, while the person cannot move, the rest of the clan will finish the player easily, it worries them and sometimes they'll be frozen to the spot they'll not even know what to do, excellent move, works relatively well.

DeathDot (DD):

You and all your team stands in 1 place looking like you're only 1 person, this misguides the enemy and immediately charges down on 1 player, when that happens, the entire team will attack, causing confusing and thus eliminating the enemy. A common stratergy that is used by most clans and teams that works effectively. Tip: Use the minimap when clicking on the location you want, it makes a perfect square unlike when clicking the option "walk here" which actually makes more of a hexagonal shape than a square deathdot, thus giving your surprise advantage away.

Login attacks:

Stand near a popular Pking spot, when everyone's ready, everyone goes to a designated world and logins at the same time, using a chat system, although this is very hard, considering everyone's internet connection speed, if done at the right time, can be very good for surprising and getting quick kills. You can also move away from the actual position of the site, then when everyone has properly logged in, jump and surprise the opponent.

Important notes:

Always listen to the commands of your leader, if he/she decides to stop attacking someone then you stop, dont go on expecting to get a kill, A disbanded group will be easy preys for organized clans, and they will pick you off one by one. It's better to stay together and do what the commander thinks is right, even if the decision sounds pathetic, it is best to do what the commander says.


Allow no time for the enemy to discuss tactics, spam the chat box with the names of the target you want to kill, everyone then will go for the target and killing him/her, start with the strongest person first, a group with no leader will lose coordination and run.


This is very important, if a leader tells you kill someone, then everyone helps! This way, you'll be able to secure kills more easier, plus dont do it for your personal glory, if for example you run into a clan at Greaters and someone you're killing decides to run, there is not much chance you can kill him on F2P so dont start chasing him all through the wildy, instead go back, you never know if your teammates might need you.

Final Note:

I hope this guide has helped improve your Pking skills and hope you have learnt something from it. As a side note, I'm not going to flame about tele runes, just do what makes Runescape enjoyable for you and have fun PKING.

P.S All of this is for F2P pking so I highly don't recommend pking in F2P...the pure pose of this guide is to show you what is needed to bring mainly for wars and such so I hope this will give you a heads up before you bring anything that would get you killed fast...will post some images in a sec because imageshack isn't working for me atm =\

-Thank you

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Posted 05 March 2007 - 01:08 AM

Pking is too risky unless you have a main thats good at smithing cause mages most oftenly kill warriors, I think.

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Posted 05 March 2007 - 04:02 PM

Not really, if a warrior can get close enough to acutally attack then mages armour is gonna be no use at all.(Allthough that is rather hard with all the binding spells mages use) And no, you dont need a main that is good at smithing, you just need money. And also, never pk with stuff you cant afford to lose.


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Posted 06 April 2007 - 08:11 AM

How to have the most fun you ever had:

Make a new account called "1337 pk3r ph34r m33"

Get full bronze including all the f2p weapons.

Make your invetionary full of meat.

Go to the ol' Wildyness and have some fun. TheSmile.gif

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Posted 22 June 2007 - 02:42 AM

when you go to sites like or and create a dynamic signature and it has something called "warior: (number)", is that simply the umber of player fights you have participated in? becuase i did that earlier today and it said my warrior was 14, i think i've participated in 14 pks.

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Posted 22 June 2007 - 04:04 AM

Nope; that's your combat level, calculated as a Warrior (as opposed to a Mage or Ranger).

And it's probably wrong.

(Last time I used one of those things it kept thinking I was a level 30-something Mage, because even though I'm a 60-something Warrior, my melee skills are too low to show up on the hiscores...)
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Posted 22 June 2007 - 05:08 PM

ah, well i found a place that allowed me to manualy put in my scores. check the signature

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