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The Consolidated "How To Start A Faction" Thread

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Post icon  Posted 10 March 2007 - 09:26 PM

First and most importantly...

FACTION: A division of the Order, organizing Arbiters who play a common game or for a common purpose. Simply put, a faction is like a guild of its own within the Arbiter's Order. We're a guild of guilds, not an alliance of guilds.

How is a faction better than a standalone guild?
  • The more successful factions we have, the more successful every faction would in turn become. Being a part of a multi-game guild, Arbiters are likely to join more than one faction if they play more than one game.
  • Your faction would be a part of an already established community, so you aren't starting from scratch and you will have a lot of support.
  • If you have friends in one faction, you can easily interact with them in other games alongside that one.
  • We're fairly easy-going and won't impose many requirements (apart from our guidelines, which aren't much to ask). This is different than a lot of multi-game guilds where members don't have much freedom to get creative.
  • Having a faction here will make your guild more resistant to conflicts with other guilds. In some games where guilds are more ruthless beyond the game itself, this can be important for an up-and-coming guild.
  • You will have an easier time organizing a guild with players you know.
  • If members of your guild stop playing the game, they aren't as likely to actually disappear from the guild.


Ok, so now you know what factions are and why we have them. So how do you start one?

Really, just organize a few members who play a common game or for another related purpose. You can call your group a faction even if it doesn't yet qualify for a forum.

... But I'm sure you'll want a forum. thumb.gif

For the following, a "game-centered" faction is one tied to a specific in-game guild. A "general" faction is one tied to no specific game but focusing on something else relating to games in general. For older members, think of a general faction as a "Garden" (which can be the basis for one such faction).

How To Receive A Forum For A Game-Centered Faction:
  1. Check to see if there is a conflict of scope. If you are trying to start a faction in a game and server where we already have a faction, your faction may not receive a forum.
  2. Start a thread in this forum related to your faction.
  3. Find five members to join. They don't need to currently be Arbiters. However, they must at least post in your thread so we know they exist.
  4. Contact me with a link to the thread, if I had not already posted in it.

How To Receive A Forum For A General Faction:
  1. Contact me for approval or specific requirements.
  2. Really that's it. bluetongue.gif


Do you have a guild that you'd like to join our Order as a faction? While it won't work out for everyone, feel free to contact me to see if something can be worked out. Due to the nature of our system you won't need to "merge" and ultimately lose your guild, we're modular and can accomodate a guild while allowing it to keep its identity as any faction can.

The following are some conditions that will be taken into account when it comes to a decision:
  • Your guild's initial size. It should be large enough to qualify for a forum, but also shouldn't be unnaturally large from our current standpoint.
  • Whether or not your guild is in a game (and server) where we currently have a presence. In some circumstances there may be conflicts in scope, and we don't want to fight for support among ourselves.
  • Conflicting ideals.


Some Important Notes:
  • You can create a site related to your faction, but you cannot maintain outside forums. The entire purpose of the factions is to promote interaction between factions, and that cannot happen if we don't interact in the same place.
  • If there's a strong need for subforums, just ask me.
  • All factions are free to create their own channels with our chat applets, if desired. This is technically the case for everyone and everything here, but it makes sense for factions to do this so I thought I'd mention it.
  • Faction-specific positions, uniforms, organization, and customs are all up to you.
  • Faction-specific events should still be posted in the Event Board if you want Arbiters to come.
  • There are no longer naming requirements within reason.


Hope this helps, if you have any questions feel free to ask. bandit.gif
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