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Posted 21 November 2007 - 12:03 AM

Current Goal: Create a reliable, useful, and inexpensive robot used for defence.
Explanation: Trabia is currently very under protected at this time. Robots would be able to protect Trabia efficiently from an unlikely attack.

Model #1:

Basics: Model #1 has six thick legs to support it. Its eight arms (not all are pictured) allow it to fight against several attackers at once. The long stalk on the top is the eye, which allows it to see 360 degrees around without actually having to move. The bulb that makes the body stores the power supply, computer system, and pretty much everything else.
Problems: Model #1 is very heavy, requiring six thick legs just to support itself. This is a major problem in an area such as this where it could easily sink into the snow. The extremely thick arms also actually cause Model #1 to have difficulty grabbing things.

Model #2:

Basics: Model #2 is basically a lighter version of Model #1. It only requires four legs for support. The thinner arms also allow Model #2 to be much more dexterous. The eye is still on a stalk to allow 360 degree sight.
Problems: Despite being lighter than Model #1, Model #2 is still quite heavy and may still sink in fresh snow. Model #2 is also wider so it has more problems trying to move around in tight areas. It has also been noticed that neither Model #1 or Model #2 had enough shielding to protect it from anything other than small arms. Single eye stalk is also a weakness.

Model #3

Basics: Model #3 is the smallest so far. It is much lighter that its predecessors and has thicker armor to protect it. Model #3 has four legs and ten arms (not all visible in picture). Each hand has also been given a third finger. A second eye stalk has been added as a fail-safe.
Problems: The eye stalks on the Model #3 are still very vulnerable. It has been pointed out that Models #1-#3 have a very alien appearance and could be seen with fear by outsiders and Trabians alike. This is something to be considered due to the defencive robots must not be seen as unsafe or fearful.

Model #3.2

Basics: Model #3.2 is the same design of Model #3. The only real difference is the smile painted on the shell to seem more friendly.
Problems: The eye stalks are still vulnerable on Model #3.2. The smile does not really make it any less threatening-looking; some suggested it actually looks worse.

Model #4

Basics: Model #4 has replaced its eye stalks with eyes that are fitted into the shell. Unfortantly, these eyes can not see in 360 degrees individually, causing Model #4 to need eyes all around the shell. Model #4 is marginally heavier, but this is not enough to be noticeable.
Problems: As stated above, eyes are need all across the shell. This model is still somewhat threatening-looking.

Model #4.2

Basics: Model #4.2 is Model #4 with a slight differences in cosmetic design.
Problems: The smile does not work on this model either.

Model #5

Basics: Model #5 has only two front facing eyes. Model #5 is light enough and dexterous enough for current standards. Each of the ten arms have a small eye on it to provide a wide range of eyesight without solely relying on eye stalks. The ten arms/eyes allow Model #5 to defend against several attackers at once and be able to function with damage.
Problems: Model #5 may still be seen as threatening. Shell is still vulnerable to large arms.

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