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Here's How You Can Build Your DS2 Profile!

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Posted 17 February 2008 - 07:17 PM

I'll provide an example here which could be handy for some. This is not the only way to do it! However, with all the moving parts in the new system, I figured that it would be a good idea to provide one that can be used.

Also note that the content of this example is completely arbitrary. The point system is very likely to be tweaked further, and since DS2 isn't actually live yet, there's no reason to make this "correct". The layout is all that matters in this thread. bluetongue.gif

Lastly, anything in [brackets] can be considered a comment.


Entarcus the Indomitable

The hero of Entarca. Once a gladiator in the kingdom of Cercarii, the so-called Marble Kingdom, and eastern of the Five, he escaped the kindgom during the rebellions of the Second Age. Events would bring him to eventually form a great legion from all of the Luscartian kingdoms, and with it he brought peace to the entire continent. The warring factions were defeated, and from the Five, a great empire would be founded. This Empire would eventually become known as Entarca, named after its champion. Followers of Entarcus have a reputation for being great warriors.

[Of course, this story came from the DS2 website. Your character's story can actually be long, detailed, and even updated during his or her journey. It's up to you and how far you want to take your roleplaying.]


Vital Information

Race: Human
Home: Cercarii
Leader: Entarcus the Indomitable [He is already a leader, so I guess he follows his own will]
Origin: Earth (3) [Earth FTW]

Dependent Stats

Health: 25000
Mind: 25000
Stamina: 25000
Affinity: 25000

Base Stats

Vitality: 5000 (+1000)
Will: 5000 (+1000)
Endurance: 5000 (+1000)
Arcana: 5000 (+1000)
Constitution: 5000 (+1000)
Strength: 5000 (+1000)
Accuracy: 5000 (+1000)
Understanding: 5
Devotion Bonus: 1000 [This is only affected by the Glyph slot]

[I broke the base stats between two numbers for your own convenience. It will make it much easier to keep track of your allocated stats, and those which are affected by equipment. This way you can appropriately update your base stats as the Storm grows stronger, without having to add up your equipment effects every time.]

Conflict Alignments

Galactic War: Corrorian Rebels [Out of nowhere! eek4.gif ]
Ten Century War: Indifferent [Say something like this if you won't be involved, or just leave the conflict out]
War for Earthia: Entarca [Obviously]


Class Progression

Total Class Points: 6000 (+1000)
Points Currently Available: 100

[I broke the "Total Class Points" between the number given to everyone, and the bonus given by your current Glyph. This makes updating your class information very easy. If the first number is incorrect because the Storm became stronger, you have more points to add. The "Points Currently Available" field is just for your own convenience.]

Adventurer (Master): 500

Warrior (Master): 1500

Myrmidon (Master): 3000

Phalanxeer: 1000
| X | _ | X | _ |
| X | _ | X | _ |
| X | _ | _ | _ |
| X | _ | _ | _ |

Light Adept: 900
| X | X | X | X |
| X | X | X | _ |
| X | X | X | _ |
| _ | X | _ | _ |

[You DON'T want to list your abilities in DS2! You'll have so many that it will destroy your character's profile. You also don't want to worry about updating your profile every time the classes are updated. Just list mastered classes and blocks in whatever way seems convenient to you. In the above example, you don't need to add anything else.]



Main Hand: Claymore of the Indomitable (Two-Hander; 600 Damage)
Off-Hand: Occupied

Head: Helmet of the Indomitable (Vitality + 100)
Body: Hauberk of the Indomitable (Vitality + 100)
Legs: Grieves of the Indomitable (Vitality + 100)
Arms (1): Bracer of the Indomitable (Vitality + 100)
Arms (2): Elbow Guard of the Indomitable (Vitality + 100)
Fingers (1): The One Ring (Arcana + 100)
Fingers (2): The Great Ring of Power (Arcana + 100)
Fingers (3): My Precious (Arcana + 100)
Fingers (4): Empty [I'd recommend that you flag an empty slot instead of leaving it out]
Hands: Gauntlets of the Indomitable (Vitality + 100)
Feet: Boots of the Indomitable (Vitality + 100)
Charm (1): IPod (Will - 10,000) [I wouldn't recommend that you equip this]
Charm (2): Spare IPod (Will - 10,000) [I wouldn't recommend that you equip this either]
Neck: The Great Ring of Power... On a Chain! (Arcana + 100)
Shoulder (Shoulder Guard): Spiked Plate of the Indomitable (Shoulder Guard; Vitality + 100) [This slot can either be used for pauldrons or a shoulder guard]
Back: Cloak of the Indomitable (Vitality + 100)
Tome: Small Tome (4 Pages)
Glyph: Glyph of Ancient Wisdom (Devotion + 1000)


Page 1: Second Age Prophecy (Will + 100)
Page 2: Words of the Trees (Endurance + 100)
Page 3: Planar Reference (Arcana + 100)
Page 4: Blank


[All the rest of your stuff goes here! thumb.gif ]
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Posted 18 February 2008 - 05:04 AM

So... is this... how we're supposed to do the profile format and stuff in DS2? bluetongue.gif

“In the valley of hope, there is no winter.”


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Posted 18 February 2008 - 06:34 AM

It's just an example. You can use your own format if you'd like.
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