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Zamorak's Attack Quest By Hyperfried

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Posted 27 October 2003 - 10:56 PM

Zamorak's Attack Quest
By Hyperfried

Requirements: Prayer Level of 43, fairly high combat level (not actually required, but needed to complete quest)

To start quest, go to the second floor of the Monastery and talk to the "Servent of Saradomin"

Servent of Saradomin: I see you are a great worshipper. Do you worship the Great Saradomin?

You1: Yeah... Well, who cares what you think; you're crazy! (Ends conversation)
You2: Of course! Every civilized person worships the Great Saradomin! And I just happen to be one of the Great Worshippers of Runescape!

Servent of Saradomin:
Oh good. Because I have a quest for you.

Oh. I'm not interested. (Ends conversation)
You2: Bring it on. Quests are my life.

Servent of Saradomin: This quest would put you in mortal danger, though if you succeed, you will be greatly rewarded.

You: Danger is my middle name. Tell me about this quest.

Servent of Saradomin: Well, the world of Runescape is in danger.

You: Really? How so?

Servent of Saradomin:
Zamorak, the evil god of Runescape, is building an army to conquer all life in the world of Runescape. The Great Saradomin is unaware of this, and by the time he finds out, it will be to late for him and Runescape. I have tried summoning him, but it is no use.

You: Oh my! Is there any way to summon him? I know that Saradomin is our only hope.

Servent of Saradomin:
There is a way, but it would put you in great danger.

You1: Oh. Well, I'd never put myself in the way of danger, so, see you later. (Ends conversation)
You2: As long as it will help Runescape, than I am willing to do it.

Servent of Saradomin: To summon Saradomin, you must gather three powerful magic artifacts. First, you must find the sacred Wine of Saradomin. Next, you must find the Robe of Magic. Last, you must find the Magic Sword of Saradomin. All of these items are well guarded, and I do not know exactly where they are. You must search all of Runescape to find them. Good luck. (Ends conversation and starts quest)
  • How to find Wine of Saradomin

Go to the Chaos Temple. There, you will find the normal Monks of Zamorak. But, once you enter the Temple, each Monk screams, "Servent of Saradomin! DIE!" Then, they meld into the, "Super Monk of Zamorak", a giant Monk of Zamorak (Level 100)
After you kill it, that's not the end. It screams, "I shall not yet give up!" and reincarnates. (He comes back) You must kill him one more time for him to drop the Wine of Saradomin. (Green wine)

  • How to find Robe of Magic

The Robe of Magic is found deep in the wilderness. (About level 46) Right in front of the Greater Demon house, you will find a ladder. Climb down the ladder. But before you can do so, five Evil Hellguards, creatures that look like a zombie made of lava, appear! (Level 90) As soon as they appear, the first one screams, "For Zamorak!" and attacks you. This happens every time you kill one, until they are all dead. You cannot run from any of them, because of their evil power. Once you have killed the fifth one, you must climb down the ladder again. You will be able to do it this time. You end up in a tiny room, with just a chest. Open the chest, and you have the Robe of Magic. Also, once you pick it up, you are instantly teleported back to Varrock, with all stats restored.

  • How to find Magic Sword of Saradomin

The Magic Sword of Saradomin is also found in the wilderness, though not as deep. Go to the Dark Warrior Fortress, and proceed to the room with the chaos and body runes. Climb down the ladder in the room. You end up in a room, surrounded by a circle of eight dragons! They are Milraths, evil servent dragons of Zamorak. (Level 90) As soon as you come in, they yell, 'No mortal shall destroy the plans of the All Mighty Zamorak!" and attack you. You can run, but the dragon you were battling will chase you until it catches you, and you cannot climb back up the ladder. Once you have killed all eight dragons, unfortunately, you are not yet finished. After the eight Milraths are dead, the Milrath King (Level 195) appears! Kill him, and he drops the Magic Sword of Saradomin. As soon as you pick it up, you are teleported to Varrock with all of your stats restored.

Once you have all of the items, return to the Servent of Saradomin with all three items in your inventory.

Servent of Saradomin: Well done! Oh yes, well done! Now, stand back as I summon the Great Saradomin!

The monk chants and mutters
The room grows white with a blinding light!
Saradomin appears!

(Saradomin appears as an old man)

The Great Saradomin: Thank you for alerting me (Character name)! Now, it is time to put an end to Zamorak!

You are instantly teleported to outside the Monastery.
Saradomin has dissapeared, and you hear a thunderous cry.
Saradomin reappears.

Saradomin: Thank you, (Character name), for helping me stop Zamorak's attack on Runescape. Here are two gifts for your efforts.

You have completed the Zamorak's Attack Quest!

Rewards: Magic Sword of Saradomin (Requires 65 attack to wield, and has 82 Aim, 82 Power as a two-handed sword), Saradomin's Grace Prayer (Level 43, and allows you to keep stackable items as if they were un-stackable if you were to die when you had the prayer active. Drain rate: 140), 5 Quest Points.


Content: 4/5 It had a lot of detail, but it still could have had a bit more information, and a bit more "realism".

Feasibility: 5/5 I think this is a very simple thing to implement, just a few people, items, and places, absolutely out of the way, and it's very reasonable. Also, Magic Swords would go on the market well TheSmile.gif

Creativity: 4/5 I myself, have never seen a quest involving a Runescape god (Other than Zaros), and have to give credit for that. It looks like a lot of effort was put into this, though a little bit more could have gone into to make it better.

Focus: 4/5 Never strayed off topic. Ever. It could have had an okay amount of detail added still, but it's still a good 4.

Overall: 17/20
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Posted 03 November 2003 - 01:18 AM

Content: 4/5
Could have had some more detail and description, but is still did pretty well in this category.

Feasibility: 2/5
In my opinion this would be pretty difficult to implement. First you have to defeat a level 100 monk tice. Then you have to defeat five level 90 monsters that you can't run away from. Also, when you haved killed one you are instantly attacked by another, giving you no time to eat any food. Lastly you need to defeat eight level 90 monsters and then one level 195 monster and you can't escape. This seems nearly impossible. You would have to be well over level 100 to complete this quest. It's much too hard for a f2p quest since there aren't special potions, poisions, etc. in the f2p worlds like there are in the members worlds. Also, all of the monks in the Chaos Temple forming together wouldn't work out too good because you are instantly attacked by a level monster when you enter the Chao Temple. There could also be low levels wandering there and suddenly get attacked by a very high level monster. You should have a certain thing you must get through (involving other skills which you need a good deal of experience in) to reach it (looks at my suggestions below for more about this). Also, new of the needed items are in the wilderness, so you'll have to get past pkers and other random monsters. Also, if you just try going down a ladder, you're pretty much dead because you have five level 90 monsters continuously attacking you that you can't run away from. A sword so powerful should also be untradable (especially because of everything you have to go through to obtain it).

Creativity: 2/5
Sorry about the low score for this category, but obtaining each item involved defeating extremely high level monsters, nothing else. There also aren't many choices when speaking with the Servant of Saradomin. Responses in the conversation could've been a little more creative too.

Focus: 4/5
Didn't see you stray off topic at all. Yet you could have added some more (like what would happen if someone else was in the Chaos Temple when you enter and the monks form into a level 100 monk).

Total Score: 12/20
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Posted 02 December 2003 - 01:47 AM

Woaw feasibility 5/5 hyper? bluetongue.gif That isn't easy bluetongue.gif


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