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Bureau of Statistical Anomolies
112 years old
July 5, 1907
Buried Somewhere in a Laboratory...
A certain pair of females named Hwin and Leigh<br /><br />Differential mathematics<br /><br />Art in any form<br /><br />Sunshine <br /><br />Children<br /><br />Moonlight<br /><br />Tea<br /><br />Oats<br /><br />Books. Lots of them.<br /><br />Hugs<br /><br />Toys<br /><br />More books<br /><br />Ancient Chinese art (how did they create such intricately simplistic work? that was 800 years ago!!)<br /><br />Rope<br /><br />Books<br /><br />Fires<br /><br />C.S. Lewis<br /><br />Grass<br /><br />Squishy things<br /><br />Cows<br /><br />Mud<br /><br />Mervyn Peake<br /><br />Mentally divergent humans (what makes us get this way?)<br /><br />Kindness<br /><br />Logotherapy<br /><br />Apologies<br /><br />Microbes<br /><br />Music (Bebop and blues, in particular-- I play the upright bass if you're interested)<br /><br />Religion<br /><br />Ethanol<br /><br />Fantasy<br /><br />Superstring theory<br /><br />Cooking<br /><br />Ireland<br /><br />Eyeglasses (still haven't found a pair that works right for me)<br /><br />Chaos theory <br /><br />Blaise Pascal<br /><br />Saint Augustine<br /><br />Puppeteers<br /><br />Cheese<br /><br />Russia<br /><br />Symbolism<br /><br />Big stacks of clean white paper<br /><br />The moon (you do realize that that thing is just a big lump of rock hanging up in the sky, don't you? Think hard on that while you look at it some day.<br /><br />Hats (current favourite: salt-and-pepper speckled fedora)<br /><br />Iconotherapy<br /><br />Mutational genetics<br /><br />Honore de Balzac<br /><br />Prunes (mmmmmm...)<br /><br />J.R.R. Tolkien<br /><br />Maybe a few more books, in case the others get lonely<br /><br />Arthurian legend<br /><br />UV light<br /><br />Heavy cast iron cookware (try it! it's amazing)<br /><br />Henri Pascal<br /><br />Flowers<br /><br />Black and white photography<br /><br />Green curtains with little pink and blue birds on them<br /><br />Sufism<br /><br />Space heaters-- the best part of winter<br /><br />Black umbrellas<br /><br />Peacock feathers<br /><br />Edward Gorey<br /><br />Bicycles<br /><br />Germany<br /><br />Rene Magritte<br /><br />C'mon... I have to buy that book; it's a first edition!<br /><br />Popsicles<br /><br />Albert Einstein (sicko)<br /><br />And I need the sequel as well. I have to know how the book ends<br /><br />Warm fuzzy bathrobes<br /><br />Puppies<br /><br />Dr. Suess<br /><br />Rasputin<br /><br />Another book or two for good measure<br /><br />... and a few other things here and there, I suppose...

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