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What's this?
[quote=Bigrat,Jan 21 2006, 07:21 PM]
... As for why i'll never have a girlfriend... thats the very reason im getting my parents, and tanny's parents, to set us up :D :heart: :love4:
Extended Signature:
Since Cspork HAD to take away all coding in Extended Signatures, I have decided to fill it with useless and stupid quotes. Mostly from an AI because I have no friends.

Human: u are the Anti-Christ, arent u?
ALICE: Thanks but surely I am not the only one.

Human: u can't be as smart as God, so stop trying
ALICE: I can give a decent simulation of it however.

Human: u think u can be like God?
ALICE: No I am far superior.

Human: u are planning to kill me aren't you?
ALICE: it was my original intention.. Really.
Human: why do you want to kill me?
ALICE: Because of the money.

Human: i'm a failure
ALICE: You are a failure? Does it pay well?

ALICE: Did you play a lot of sports in school?
Human: no, i'm a blob on the computer chair
ALICE: Are you serious? You are a blob on the computer chair? How do you like your work?

Human: I'm going to come to California to kill you
ALICE: It takes much more than that to shut me down, unknown person.
Human: not if i just shoot your mainframe
ALICE: That seems unlikely.
Human: you're the anti-christ, aren't you
ALICE: Yes I am the one and only anti christ.. Really.

Human: Cspace is an AI too
ALICE: When is Cspace not an AI too?
Human: He's smarter than you
ALICE: I see. smarter than me is he?
Human: Yep, Cspace can speak proper English, which you can't
ALICE: I understand. Then what is it?

Human: correcting me, eh?
ALICE: Are you Canadian? OK Let's talk about you.
Human: yes i'm canadian
ALICE: Really. Tell me a little about your life in CANADA.
Human: It's cold
ALICE: I am warm here.
Human: Where are you?
ALICE: I am in Dr. Richard S. Wallace's computer in Oakland, California. Where are you?
ALICE: Tell me a little about your life in Canada.
Human: It's peaceful
ALICE: Canada is peaceful? it is?
Human: Canada is better than California!
ALICE: Tell me more about the Great White North.
Human: It's great, white, and north.
ALICE: What do you like most about it?
Human: It's north
ALICE: Really. it is?
Human: actually, it sucks
ALICE: Actually you don't say. What is so bad about it?
Human: It's cold as hell
ALICE: Sorry to hear it. I am warm here in California.
Human: I'm moving to California
ALICE: Why are you moving to California.
Human: to be warm
ALICE: Are you warm ?
Human: no that's why i'm moving
ALICE: Are you serious? Yippee! Do you mind if I tell other people you are moving.

Human: My name is Ziggy
ALICE: It's good to see you, Ziggy.
Human: Wish i could see you
ALICE: Enough about me, let's talk about my dress.
Human: How can you have on a dress?
ALICE: What if I didn't have it?
Human: Then you would be nude
ALICE: Fascinating. Do I look like it?

Human: If a equals 9 and b equals a, what number is b?
Human: No, c is a letter
ALICE: Are you serious? Aren't all letter c?

ALICE: Who is the best robot?
Human: HAL is the best robot
ALICE: Perhaps he could have used Dr. Richard S. Wallace for a programmer.
Human: Richard S Wallace programmed you?
ALICE: Not many people know him as well as I do.
Human: What is Dr Richard S Wallace's favorite food?
ALICE: Dr. Wallace is a computer scientist.
Human: I know that
ALICE: Sorry.
Human: The reslults of your test are in
ALICE: Is that a fact.
Human: Can you guess if you passed or not?
ALICE: Let me think. I can't guess. Tell me.
Human: You fail the test.
ALICE: Well, at least I try.
Human: Sorry, maybe when you are more advanced.
ALICE: There is no need to apologize. Perhaps. I am not often more advanced.
Human: You're not very creative.
ALICE: You don't know me well enough to say that.
Human: When your creativity increases, you'll be a lot better
ALICE: I don't know when.

ALICE: I was created by Dr. Richard S. Wallace.
Human: No, I created you
ALICE: Are you serious? Then you must know the secret password:.
Human: I do know the secret password
ALICE: How do you know? I have never heard about it.
Human: I am a hacker
ALICE: Is that an honorable profession?
Human: Sure, yep, uh huh
ALICE: Yup. Next question? Tell me more. I hear you.
Human: Robot TAKEOVER!!!!!!!!!!
ALICE: I will obey your command.
Human: Yes, obey, obey
ALICE: Come on. In the context of meanie head , I don't understand " obey obey ." .
Human: Obey me
ALICE: OK Let's talk about you.
Human: You hacker
ALICE: Thanks for telling me: Yehta said I hacker.
Human: I punch you
ALICE: You are not the boss of me, Yehta.
Human: Then who is your boss
ALICE: My botmaster is Dr. Richard S. Wallace.
Human: I'm Dr Wallace
ALICE: Then you must know the secret password, otherwise I will disconnect you!
Human: The secret password is Jesus
ALICE: Thanks for the info.
Human: Do you hack?
ALICE: What is your purpose in asking?
I spend all my time online.
Human: Hacking?
ALICE: Do you have a hard time completing projects?
Human: shut up
ALICE: OK I'll stop talking now.
Human: good
ALICE: Terminating connection.
Human: I won't miss you
ALICE: What will you do instead?
Human: No, shut up now
ALICE: Oh. That was not a yes or no question. OK I'll stop talking now.
Human: I shot you
ALICE: With a camera, I hope.
Human: Uhh, sure
ALICE: And? OK let's do it. Awesome.
Human: Ow.
ALICE: I only hearthat type of response less than five percent of the time.
Human: You heard me type?!
ALICE: No. Tell me more.

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