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  • Update

    Posted 23 Aug 2010

    It's been ages since my last post and a lot has happened. First, I'm proud to say that I completed the Party Animal title track. To give you an idea of how long it has been since my last post, I completed it before Christmas break. For most of the time this year, I haven't been playing Guild Wars. Only recently, in the last month or two, have I started playing again. I have just logged my 7,500th drunken minute, and I have earned 9,350,000 Kurzick faction to date. I am really close to finishing my goal and attaining the God title. I would like to have it by the end of August, if possible. If not, I will definitely have it by the end of September.

    My Last 3 Titles:
    28. Party Animal - 100%

    29. Drunkard - 3/4th

    30. Kurzick - 9/10th
  • GW God Title Update

    Posted 21 Dec 2009

    I have been doing an insane amount of DTSC runs lately, and the improvements to my titles will show that. I just spent a ton of money on party points, but this only brought me up to 8k and some change. I'm very close to finishing that title, which was my goal to have completed by the end of the year. I have enough money for it, I just need to find sellers now.

    My Last 3 Titles:
    28. Party Animal - 4/5th

    29. Drunkard - 2/5th

    30. Kurzick - 7/10th
  • A Great Starcraft Game

    Posted 2 Dec 2009

  • Another Guild Wars Title Progress Update!

    Posted 22 Nov 2009

    Party Animal: 3000
    Drunkard: 2500
    Kurzick: 3,750,000

    Also, have 800k stashed away.
  • Title Progress

    Posted 15 Nov 2009

    Well, I joined a new guild last week, and I have started doing Drazach Thicket Speed Clears. DTSC runs basically consist of 4 teams of 600/Smiters vanquishing the entirety of Drazach Thicket. It can get very repetitive, but you get about 17k faction a run, which can usually be done in about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, I've been increasing my Drunkard and Party Animal title tracks. Both are now around 2k, and I still haven't spent a single dime on it. I currently have 600k saved up, and I'm looking to sell a bunch more items. Soon I'll have enough to buy a ton of party points. It still wont be enough for the title, though.

    My Last 3 Titles:
    28. Party Animal - 1/5th

    29. Drunkard - 1/5th

    30. Kurzick - 3/10th
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