SeeD is a casual Runescape clan that has been around since 2001. We are centered around member leadership, where almost everything can be organized by our members. Not only does this provide a lot of freedom... But if our members participate in leading our guild by organizing events, shops, and other aspects of our clan, SeeD in turn provides everything that our members want! We have a friendly and open atmosphere, and in Runescape we do some of everything. SeeDs are always planning for parties, PKing, and whatever else we feel like doing at the time.

What we especially have, that seems to be increasingly rare in Runescape, is a solid community.

If you're a friendly and mature Runescape player who is seeking an established clan, then come join us! All you have to do is introduce yourself in our forum.

Useful Links

CurvedSpace Home - Our main site. Once you join, you'll probably want to go through CurvedSpace instead of this page.

CurvedSpace Forums - The primary forum for CurvedSpace and the Arbiters' Order.

Member List - Our current member list.

Clan Chat - Every member should use this.

Leaders - Our current leaders.

Roles - Volunteer positions for SeeDs.

Allies - SeeD's current allies.

The Market - The place to buy and sell.

Mercenaries' Lounge - Our PKing forum.

About the Arbiters' Order

The Arbiters' Order is a multi-game guild that was originally established in 2001 as a Runescape guild. In 2005 we expanded into other games, dividing our guild into various factions which are like guilds of their own. Our guild is one of these factions, but if you also play other online games, be sure to check us out!

CurvedSpace is a general gaming community, and home to the Arbiters' Order. If you like your games with a side of insanity, then CurvedSpace is your site! Be sure to check out the Arcade, Blogs, Gallery, and of course the Forums!