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Cacodaemon Hemoian

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Posted 11 July 2008 - 01:05 AM

Name: Cacodaemon Hemoian
Race: Wraith
Primary Class: Demonicist
Secondary Class: Shadow Hunter
Tertiary Class: Affinitor
Leader: Konadar the Unseen

Appearance: A slim, shadowy figure when passive and moving. With shadows wrapped securely around it's body, not many details can be seen. It stands about mid-height and is human in shape. When aggressive or angered it loses shape and detail, with grotesque shapes expanding outward from it's core. Shadows from the surrounding area tend to gather around it, regardless of light sources.

Personality: Goals are random and often misleading, but uses the dark arts to create suffering and destroy people's lives. Simple.

Strengths: Resistant to most common attacks and normal weapons, can shift planes with ease, adept at shadow-walking and assassination, uses summoning abilities when confronted with powerful enemies.
Weaknesses: Plane shifting and shadow-walking null in bright light, cannot use weapons or armor, does not develop allies, when pressed with a goal will pursue until completed and think of nothing else, reckless at times.

Background: Was created as a counter-balance to Neolumin Animate. Has been creating chaos since first separated from it's twin.
Darkstorm Character Profiles:
Neolumin Animate
Cacodaemon Hemoian

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