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Neolumin Animate

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Posted 25 July 2008 - 06:40 PM

Name: Neolumin Animate
Race: Ekuwyn
Primary Class: Druid
Secondary Class: Monk
Tertiary Class: Arbiter
Leader: Konadar the Unseen

Appearance: Neolumin is built and lean, with an unnatural tan for his race. His face is free of wrinkles or marks, and he carries himself like a man who knows where he's headed. He has a rough cut of medium length white hair, and eyes with no pupil. His hair is usually worn loose with a headband underneath. More often than not he wears stitched cloth pants and a vest with scattered pouches. On his back is an extend-able stave with many notches, and he carries a small pouch near his waist.

Personality: Goals are random and often misleading, but always tries to help others in any way possible.

Strengths: Very powerful druid abilities, experienced in hand-to-hand, knowledgeable in most situations.
Weaknesses: Constantly hunted by his counter-part, has no way of making money or traveling in most cases, wears no armor, druidic powers ebb and flow, unreliable at times.

Background: Little is known about his history, though there have been sightings of him periodically in the past decades. His experiences in fighting the dark arts have proved invaluable in many cases, especially when dealing with his counter-part. His main goal is to preserve the order and balance in the universe, and is therefore not allowed to kill Cacodaemon Hemoian, if even possible.
Darkstorm Character Profiles:
Neolumin Animate
Cacodaemon Hemoian

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